9 Chapter 9 - Killing the Wolf's Boss

Alex once again focuses on the game. Right now, he cannot think about anything else. Once again, control the In-game character to go toward the portal.

He once again came back to the farmland. Fortunately, I did not see any other wolves right now. Because the boss of the wolves was awake.

He once again began to advance. Finally, when he reached the area between the forest and the farmland, he heard a loud roar. It was getting closer and closer to him. Well, the boss was now awake and Alex was ready to face that.

He did not enter the forest because it could hinder his movement. The farmland is the best. If he notices that the situation wasn't right, then he can easily retreat. He waited for that wolf boss to come. He was ready to use any of his skills anytime.


Alex's POV:

I am now controlling my game character through my mind. Where the boss of the wolves is getting closer and closer. But I am ready to use my skill anytime. The big problem will be that the Boss monster won't be alone. Those normals and the wolf commander will be with the Boss monster. This is one of the reasons killing a boss monster was very hard. Before I started fighting with that boss of the wolves, I needed to kill those normal wolves and the wolf commander. After I killed them, I could only focus on the wolf boss.

I did not have to wait that long. Because I can see those wolves coming toward me. 30 normal wolves, 3 wolf commanders, and in the end, the boss.

Just when those who came into my range of attack, I instantly attacked those with ground slam and Dragon slash. But I did not stop here. I keep attacking those with my lunge skill. I only stopped using the lunge skill, when I had only 500 mana left. Use that skill continuously 10 times. 30 air attack those wolves. That attack instantly killed those normal wolves and heavily injured 2 wolf commanders. But I can see that the boss of the wolves was not that injured. He only lost some of his strength.

I quickly brought out a high-level Mana potion and gulped it down. It will quickly recover all of my lost Mana. But at this time, to retreat. Well, it wasn't that he was afraid of, but he wanted to maintain a distance.

Because of the high-level Mana potion, his Mana began to recover. Once again he is able to use his lunge spell. So wasting no time, I quickly attacked them with lunge skill. This time, one attack was enough to kill them.

Finally, both of those wolf commanders finally died. Now I just needed to kill a boss monster and the remaining wolf commander. Previously, this wolf commander did not receive that much damage, so he was still alive.


3rd person POV:

But Alex instead of advancing, he began to retreat. He still needed some time to recover his full Mana. Well, he did not retreat from here, or his attacker won't be able to reach those monsters.

He just continuously used his lunge skill. The wolf commander was now dead. Finally, he just needed to fight with this boss. Once again, bring out a low-level health potion and a low-level Mana potion. He can't take any risks when facing the boss.

It has been 2 minutes, so you once again attack that boss using the Dragon slash. Instantly, the Dragon head was created by the air and went what that was. He just did not stop there and continuously used his lunge spell toward that monster. Like the previous time, he attacked that monster using his skill 10 times. So at least 30 air slashes hit the Boss monster. Well, it did damage that boss, because he lost 3000 health points. But the boss still has 9900 health points.

At this time, the Boss monster begins to run toward him. Alex wasn't first enough to watch that attack, but at the last moment, used a shield smash. The claw and the shield collided with each other. But that shield smash sent that boss wolf backward. But Alex did not waste any time, and activated his berserker mode. Instantly, using his new speed, he retreated very far away from that place.

When the previous attack was very powerful. Fortunately, he was able to deflect that attack using his shield smash. He quickly brought out a high-level mana potion and gulped it down. He needed to recover his full Mana quickly.

He was in berserker mode, and he did not want to waste this chance. So he instantly activates his Gion force and runs toward the wolf boss. Once again, he can use his ground slam and Dragon slash. Wasting no time, he used those two skills while running toward the wolf boss. But that wasn't the end, he kept using the lunge skill. This time he was only able to use that skill only 9 times. 27 air blades hit that wolf boss.

It really damages that monster. That wolf boss lost 5000 health points. Now he was angry and attacked Alex with his claw. Alex also did not retreat; he already was in his berserker mode and also activated his Gion force. He also swung his work toward the wolf boss. Alex right now did not have extra Mana to use any other attack.

Well, Alex tries to block that attack with the shield while he also slams the monster. But the force behind that monster attack was so powerful that it sent him flying. Fortunately, he already activated the Gion force. He doesn't want to imagine what could happen if he did not activate this skill. What could happen to him?

Once again, attack that wolf boss. This time, he avoids the attack from the wolf, then uses his shield smash to hit the boss. That attack sent that boss 5 steps backward. But Alex didn't stop here, he already has the mana to use the lunge skill. He once again began to use that skill continuously. He didn't recover his Mana completely because of this he was only able to use the lunge skill five times. 15 air slashes hit the boss.

The boss once again lost 2000 health points. Alex just needed to keep this up. Just a little more than the boss will be dead. He did not stop and kept attacking that wolf boss with his normal slash. And when he was recovering some of his mana, he used that to use his skill to hit the wolf boss.

5 minutes later,

The wolf was finally dead. His berserker mode and Gion force were already deactivated. After gulping down one low-level mana potion, he collects the loot. He then uses the teleportation scroll to return to the city. Wasting no time, he went towards the farmer. After finding the farmer who gave him the mission, he went toward him.

Finally, he was rewarded.


# Side mission

Details: Those wolf monsters appeared in the farming area. Because of this, the farmer wasn't able to farm. Now you needed to kill those who so that farmers once again began to farm.


Kill normal Wolves - 950/950

Kill Wolf commander - 49/ 49

Kill the wolf boss - 1/1

Rewards: 500 exp, mysterious seed, gain the main mission, 500 gold coins.

Penalty: Your reputation -10, Won't be getting any main mission.

Time: None.

Status: Complete. "

Instantly, the farmer gives him the main mission.

"Our family was a family of spiritual farmers. We had a farm that could grow anything. But a few years ago, some demons came to the spiritual farm. Many of my family members died. So Warrior, can you help me kill those demons?"

" #main mission

Details: Help the spiritual farmer to kill the Demons.


Kill demon's minion (Level 42): 0000/2000

Kill the Demon's boss (level 43): 0/1

Reward: 1000 exp, mystery scroll, 2000 coins, Reputation+100

Penalty: Reputation -100, won't be able to get any from the farmer. -500 exp.

Accept or Deny. "

Looking at the mission, he was startled at first. The penalty of losing 500 experience points and also losing reputation was a very harsh penalty. But then look at the reward: he will get 5000 experience points which will be very helpful to him. So, without wasting any time, he accepted the mission.

Well, after that, Alex stopped playing the game. He remembered that the principal of the Royal Academy wanted to meet him. Alex was also curious why the principal of the Royal Academy wanted to meet him. It's already afternoon. So he went to the bathroom to freshen up and then he went to the restaurant for lunch. After finishing his lunch, he will go to the Royal Academy.

It did not take him that much time to finish his food. Right now, he was in his car and going toward the Royal Academy. He also.....

To be continued… … …

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