I am in a new world, playing an offline RPG game Book

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I am in a new world, playing an offline RPG game


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Alex went to a new world with a game that he built in his previous life. In this new world, he could bring items from that game into real life. What can you say, it was a really exciting thing for him. He began to bring out those items from the games and he also became powerful that normal people won't be able to reach. But when he realized that he won't be able to use those powers because this was a completely normal world, he decided that he will stay low-key.  2 years after graduating from high school he decided he will go to Venus City for further study and complete a mission. But when he comes to the city his life will change. He will get to know that this is not your normal world like his previous world. He gets to know that many years ago portals suddenly appear in this world and monsters begin to come out from those portals. But at this moment humans also gain power and they are called fighters. Those fighters fight with those monsters. So, what will happen? Join his adventures to know more.  ___________ _______________ Well, guys, English wasn't my first language and I am not that good at it. But this would not stop me from writing. I just hope you all will like this novel. If you find any mistakes, please ‌tell me so that I can correct them. Also, if you like the novel, don't forget to review it, add it to your library, and share it with your friends. ------------------------ Hey guys, if you want you can also join my discord. https://discord.gg/C5kUjxVwMC


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