I Am Energy In Dc

You have read Fanfics on how one lucky or unlucky guy would get picked by some random omnipotent being to relive his life in another world. Well what if you were that R.O.B only less omnipotent [For now] and more immortal. What happens when a man is reborn as Energy in the world of DC Capable of using said energy to do anything imaginable.

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Chapter 79 Batman's Back

Looking at the alley with green blood splattered everywhere, I was slightly taken aback.

"What was that?"

A large amount of information appeared in my retina the moment I opened my....

Wait a moment, what exactly do I call it now? Never mind.

My eyes fell on the bloody bits, quickly locating the scattered pieces of its brain. Then..... I could see it.

The blood composition, the DNA structure, the forty-three years of its young life. For any human, it would be weird for something to be considered young at forty-three.

That wasn't the point, though. Analyzing its brain, I saw numerous pictures of several years, all digested and understood in less than a second.

A world unknown came to my mind, filled with numerous races and lots of vegetation. This was the first thing this creature saw on the day it was brought into existence.

The moment it was born, his mother left him with the rest of the horde of babies produced and went her way, similar to the thousands of other mother's in the breeding hole.

There was no socialization in its race. No social structure or economic structure of any kind. There was a hierarchy, though, and a very crude one at that.

No surprises, he was at the lowest level their race could go.

The fodder of its race had no language to speak of.

Majority of his forty-three years of existence was mainly spent doing four things. Resting, Hunting which included attacking human settlements. Kidnapping their females and bundling them up to return to the swarm, and of course, investing Its semen to continue to produce the next generation of its kind.

Ok, those part of the memories weren't pleasant to have to go through.

In few words, a proper laborer.

Summed up -

<< Name: ... >>

<< World: Karos [World Of Monsters] >>

<< World Specialization: Swords And Magic >>

<< Multiverse Connection: Fae Realms >>

<< Location: ..... >>

<< Race: Goblin..... >>

Forty plus years went by in a flash. I looked at the flesh pieces and fell into contemplation.

A breacher. That's right, this creature was an organism from another world. The dimensional frequency its body exhibited differed greatly from this one. The natural energy in its body also differed greatly from whatever this world possessed.

No only was this creature a breacher but it was also what the humans of this universe referred to as a goblin.

"What the hell is a goblin doing in DC?" I asked with amusement.

"Sir, you mean...".

"Yes Alice. Apart from the speedsters, we have our very first universal crossover event".

"Looks like the world of swords and magic is coming to earth". I chuckled at the AI's exaggeration.

"Maybe, maybe not. But Gotham is about to find itself in a serious pickle".

"Isn't that too much, sir? From my calculations, this creature is only as strong as a genetically enhanced super soldier. With special equipment, Batman can defeat it with no assistance".

"True". The wind billowed as the rain poured. My hair swayed with it as my expressionless face couldn't help but carry a tinge of emotion.

My enhanced eyesight had been pushed to the limit, instantly covering all of Gotham in three hundred and sixty degree visions.

"Sure enough". I thought to myself as numerous scenes played before my eyes.

In the shadows, they had appeared. Hiding, stalking, waiting...

"..... But these creatures have integrated the lesson of strength in numbers".

My words fell, and the first one attacked. Followed by the second, third, fourth.....

A minute later, I was still standing at the same spot, but Gotham had gone into pandemonium.

The Goblins rushed out of the shadows and invaded all human habitation. Houses, stores, streets in the slums with beggars taking shelter from the rain.

Rushing out, there were hundreds of them and the number seemed to be increasing with every passing second.

My eyes quickly locked onto the five breaches that I discovered in Gotham. Sure enough, three of them were bringing out a steady stream of Goblin forces, with dozens rushing out of the portals every ten seconds.

From what I had seen in the memories, although these creatures were scattered all over their world, even the small horde that the goblin belonged to numbered in the tens of thousands.

These breaches had brought with em a small army.

From the analysis of their physical composition, their strength might only be at the peak of human beings, but their skin was abnormally dense. Forget about weapons swung with human force, even pistol bullets would do nothing but give than a white scratch.

Unless the entire city was destroyed, this wasn't something the government could easily handle. Someone had to step up and do something....

I thought to myself. And then, under the heavy rain, I took one step forward and... Continued to walk away.

When the sky falls, there would be strong men to hold it in place. That wasn't me, though.

At least, that's what I thought at first.


Five minutes later....

"Ahhhhhh!" A woman let out a high-pitched squeal as she ran on her two feet as fast as she could.

She just saw her husband being butchered by these.... Creatures after they broke into their house.

Her instinct told her to flee for safety without delay. And so she did.

Unfortunately, she tripped in panic and fell down as she reached the stairs.

"Grggghaha". The weird laughter of the green skinned creature made her body hairs stand on end as she held her wrist that gave her much pain.

"Please... Stop. Don't do this.....".

She begged for mercy, her face filled with fear and panic.

The grinning goblin with flesh stuck between its teeth gave her an answer. It raised the sharp dagger in its grasp and swung down viciously.

After all, it wasn't mating season yet. Now, it was butchering time.

"Arghhhhh!" The high-pitched scream of something akin to a pig being slaughtered rang out in the vicinity. Too bad, it was covered up by similar screams happening almost everywhere else.

I stood on top of the Gotham Globe building watching everything spiraling below with a pensive expression.

The streets of Gotham had already been soaked with blood so thick that even the rain found it difficult to wash away. How many people had been killed in just five minutes, I could tell.

Eight thousand two hundred and twenty-three..... Forty-six..... Ninety eight.....

Nine thousand... And counting. It was horrific. Another five minutes and the number of deceased would quadruple, quite literally. More and more just kept shooting out of the breaches with no end in sight.

"If you do not do something soon, sir, Gotham will fall and your acquisition plan will be for nothing".

I frowned.

She was right. If something wasn't done soon, this would be as great a tragedy as Stepphenwolf's invasion. God knows how many people would die and how many loses Gotham would inevitably suffer.

This would be bad..... for business that is.

It had to come to a close. But... Would I have to do it myself?

This was what made me hesitate.

Call it stupid, idiotic, lunacy, ruthless, heartless, whatever you will, but I would rather not be the one to end it.

To continue to contemplate on such a useless decision when every additional second I hesitated meant the death of another human life, it was cold-blooded. I admit it.

But there were heroes for this kind of thing.

"Sigh! Where's Batman when you need him?" I said with an uncharacteristic sigh.

Oh! That's right. I put him in a coma.

Batman was the protector of Gotham. This tiring and tasteless job should be left to someone like him.

So I thought.

Then, my eyes caught something rise out of a lake in the forest far away and fly towards the city.

"You've got to be kidding me". I couldn't help but exclaim.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. For real, this time.

I could see the figure rested in the pilot's seat. Black bat costume, muscular body, stern facial expressions and a whole lot of gloominess to his aura.... That was Batman.

He's back?

I couldn't help but narrow my eyes. Batman came on the Bat Jet to solve the situation. Did this mean he already had a way to defeat the goblin army that was multiplying at a fast speed?

The jet quickly arrived in the city. The aircraft's targeting system was automatically turned on.

Seeing the chaos that was going on below, Bruce's face was particularly ugly.

"Parameters Set: All green skinned moving targets locked successfully".

The robotic voice called out upon successful completion.


The guns of the bat jet immediately opened fire. The numbers of Goblins emerging from the alleys on the road were numerous.

Sweeping past the skies of that area, the Goblins immediately received heavy fire. Many staggered and fell to the ground as the high caliber bullets collided against their arms, chests, or legs.

Others weren't lucky and were basically given headshots, with bullets landing on their eyes and other head areas, killing them effectively.

The bullets were sprayed, and the Goblins were shot.

I watched Batman perform his task as a superhero and shook my head. His approach was not efficient at all. The number of Goblins killed were too low. Not enough to keep up with the speed at which they were being replaced.

This was the main issue. No matter how many Goblins he killed, more would still appear and charge to their deaths fearlessly.

It would turn into a war of attrition with Bruce being the ultimate loser.

However, Batman wasn't to blame. He had already tried the best in his capacity.

I watched the Bat jet fly over Gotham, releasing bullets everywhere it flew for a few more minutes before ultimately deciding it was enough.

Things weren't going to work out like this.

Apparently, Bruce realized that as well. His ugly complexion grew even more u sightly as the results produced were far from ideal.

Just as I was about to intervene, I noticed something..... Interesting.

"The skin of these monsters are denser than most metals. Hard enough to tank high caliber bullets. Weak points consist of the eyes and head area. In addition, their numbers are too many". Bruce said, recording all this in the computer files.

He hesitated for a moment. Should he call Clark to take care of this situation? Honestly, Bruce felt unwilling. He just returned from suspension and the first thing he encountered were enemies he couldn't deal with.

Gotham was his city, and the thought of others helping to solve his problems made him greatly uncomfortable.

If he always had to call Clark whenever things were above his capabilities, then how would he be able to prove that you didn't need to have superpowers to make a difference?

These creatures were strong. Perhaps he could defeat them in a one-on-one situation, but they were too many. People were dying. He didn't have the time, nor circumstances, to accommodate these thoughts.

He would probably be swarmed the moment he got down from the Bat jet. This was also why he didn't use the Batmobile on this operation.

While Bruce was hesitating, the Bat Jet computer suddenly let out a warning siren. Bruce was stunned, quickly checking the rear camera only to discover that something was approaching at a very fast speed. It looked like..... A giant goblin?

The greened skinned creature that towered over its kind leaped into the air, eyes glowing red with ferocity and struck down on the Bat Jet with its battle hammer.

Bang! The hammer hit one of the thrusters, causing it to shake. With one of the thrusters damaged, the jet couldn't support itself in the air and began to plummet.

"Damn!" Bruce let out a cuss as he tried and failed to control the aircraft. Seeing that he was about to crash, he had no choice but to push the ejector button.

The glass top was disengaged, followed by the ejection of the pilot seat.

Falling from a high height, Bruce unfurled his cape, shaping it into bat wings.

The abandoned Jet was about to crash, but not on the roadside as Bruce was expecting.

"No". Seeing the aircraft heading straight towards a building, Bruce called out in a grave tone.

However, the moment his eyes flinched due to the supposed crash, the aircraft froze in the air.

Bruce landed on top of a building and rolled over. Staying on one knee, he slowly lifted himself up, his eyes fixed on the aircraft that didn't cause a sound and didn't move an inch.

As if time were frozen, it stayed stagnant in the air.

"Oracle, what's happening?"

Bruce eyes narrowed. What the hell was going on?

"Alright. I've had enough". Seeing that Bruce's bat jet had been brought down, I lost any other motivation to continue watching this.

Although the outcome of a fight between the caped crusader and the anonymous goblin giant would be thrilling to discover, I couldn't have this go on any longer.

And so, my mental power spread throughout the entire city in a split second.

"Freeze". I said softly.

And then it did. The chaotic mess that was now Gotham suddenly froze.

People who were running for there lives or were about to get slaughtered realized a few seconds later that their grinned skinned attackers had frozen in place, unable to move a single muscle.

My mental power didn't stop at Gotham but reached in through the dimensional portal to the other end. Lo and behold, what came into view was, quite literally, thousands of such creatures all gathering in front of the breach, ready to jump at the moment it was their turn.

I narrowed my eyes and with a single thought, they all froze as well as I hijacked their minds.

Telepathy pushed to ridiculous lengths.

Seeing the sudden quiet envelope the city, I let out a slight smile before raising my hand and putting two fingers together.

Then... I released my telekinetic force and snapped.





Tens of thousands of Goblins burst like water balloons.


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