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You have read Fanfics on how one lucky or unlucky guy would get picked by some random omnipotent being to relive his life in another world. Well what if you were that R.O.B only less omnipotent [For now] and more immortal. What happens when a man is reborn as Energy in the world of DC Capable of using said energy to do anything imaginable.

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Chapter 54 Flash And Zoom

Kara's POV


Everything around me was different. Compared to my home world, it was unfamiliar, vastly divided, had almost no similarities.

Looking into the distance, I could see the bright lights, the automobiles, the buildings, the regular people walking around, going about their daily lives.

The lights were kinda ordinary and the buildings weren't anything special either. It could be given points for the novelty it brought me, seeing the designs.

Something new after all, but compared to Krypton, let's just say its beauty wasn't all that beautiful in my eyes.

But compared to the tranquility and orderliness of Krypton, this planet had its form of charm in the midst of its chaos.

It had something I rarely felt back home. Life.

In all that massacre and chaos and destruction that was almost overwhelming sometimes, I could feel the liveliness, the freedom of will, the desires that humanity had within them.

It does have its problems, though. Like really, really, really big problems. I could name a few dozen from the top of my head right this instant, but that's not the point, neither was it important right now.

The only thing that reminded me of Krypton was up in the sky. Gazing upward, I could see numerous twinkling blue lights in the night sky.

Stargazing. One of my favorite things to do before going to bed, back on my home world.

It was.... nice.

To be honest, the first few hours were hard. After the first day of grief, I eventually got used to it. Tried my hardest to bottle up all that sorrow somewhere and lock it up for as long as I could.

And subsequently, I soon got to see.... Countless things.

There was this machine. I believe "he" called it the cerebral transducer. Through it, I was able to learn a lot of things within one hour than I could have in months.

In the process of transferring so much information directly into my mind, I marvelled on so many new things on this planet.

Strange concepts that Krypton never had.

Like entertainment and industries outside the three major factions [Science, labor and security], different activities, though some were a bit weird but enjoyable nonetheless. Like romance, love and... Ok, let's skip that part. Apparently, I watched some things I shouldn't have.

Television, sports, book clubs, superstars, music, a whole new system of democracy.....

I saw some darker sides, but I also saw the light. From what I had discovered, these humans were honestly treacherous and deceitful, paranoid, greedy and.... they were a lot of things.

But they had something we Kryptonians never had.

A Future.

A Future that was up to them, to do whatever they pleased with it. They had hopes, dreams, light and so much life to fulfill those heart desires of theirs.

Whatever they may be.

Their lives weren't predetermined like Kryptonians and they had no idea what awaits them later on. But it was for this reason that their future was limitless, their free will always made sure they had room for growth, and as long as they didn't eventually destroy themselves, then they would continue to grow.

Looking at the people going about their lives, my heart thumped slightly. This was the life I wanted, the life that my cousin so desperately tried to protect each day.

I was shown everything he had done. He could see exactly what I could see, and he became a symbol for it. To protect that light... that hope, that freedom..... And now, just like them, I desired something more.

I wanted to live a life like any regular earth girl.

I fantasized a bit at that moment.

But a voice akin to a bucket of cold water brought me back to reality.

"So I guess this is where we part ways".

".... You knew?"

"That you were going to ask to leave, here and now? Yes. I've expected it when you asked to leave the Axiom".

He said flatly, his face and body language portrayed no expressions.

So this was it. Time to say goodbye.

He was right, I wanted to find Kal-El. After all, he was practically the only blood relative I had left. I had to meet him eventually.

At that moment, I felt a little reluctant.

"Well..... Who knows? We'll probably meet again sometime in the future".

That's what I thought.

But it wasn't a farewell. Something completely unexpected happened, something that took us on an adventure, travelling across universes.


General POV.

Same as last time, a streak of bright blue lightning rushed out of the portal and moved in the direction where the first lightning streak disappeared as well.

The portal closed, leaving a dumbfounded Kryptonian and a thoughtful Amari in the exact same position.

"... That... What was that?" Kara asked with surprise and curiosity in her tone.

To this question, Amari answered with four words.

"Unexpected and uninvited visitors".

"Visitors?" The confused voice reached his ears, but Amari paid it no heed.

"Well, this should be fun".

As he said so, he took several steps forward.

"Where're you going?" Seeing him walking away, she couldn't help but ask.

To which, he stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going after them"

"..... Them?" Kara was surprised before reacting. Those streaks of lightning were people?

"Yep". Amari shrugged his shoulders and replied in a nonchalant tone.

"Those lightning bolts were people, you're just not fast enough to see it".

"But that's irrelevant. What makes me curious, though, is why The Flash is being chased by another speedster into this universe".

His words didn't answer her doubts, but surely added more to the list.

Flash? The name wasn't unfamiliar to her, but that didn't mean she had extensive knowledge.

All she knew was that The Flash was a hero on Earth. How did it suddenly become an "unexpected visitor?" And what did "chased into this universe" mean?

The Justice League didn't make the general situation of the league public. All they knew was that Central City's resident hero, The Flash, hadn't made an appearance for the past week or so.

Amari paid no attention to the confused Kryptonian.

The thought of directly letting himself know what all this was about came across his mind, but he ultimately decided against it.

Lately, Amari had found the novelty of knowing everything as long as he wanted to, boring. It was interesting at first, but then the feeling gradually faded.

This was why he never directly exchanged for the ability itself. And to be honest, he was kinda glad he didn't.

Just stepping out of the Axiom, who would have thought something like this would happen? Completely out of his expectations and at the same time, gave him a new sense of anticipation.

A rare source of intrigue had finally made its way to his doorstep. Why would he ruin it on his own initiative?

Where was the fun in that?

"Fun, huh?" He chuckled to himself.

Squinting his eyes, his vision was altered and the scope of his insight intensified by several dozen folds as he activated enhanced vision to see the scene happening several miles away.

The surrounding space distorted as his body was sucked into another dimension.

"..... Huh?..... Heh! Wait....." Seeing him leaving, Kara quickly reached out to stop him, but was too late.

Seeing the space, Kara frowned a bit. Did he really just leave her here? He just left her here.

This wasn't the place. This wasn't Kal'El's residence. And currently, she was too far away from Metropolis.

Was she going to walk there herself?


Near a fountain, a blonde teenager let out her first cuss.

"Ok... Calm down... It's alright. It doesn't matter. Besides, you have Super speed, you can get there on your own. It'll just take a little more... Ahhhhh."

Kara, who was contemplating to herself suddenly, screamed as the area behind her distorted and a hand appeared out of nowhere, firmly grabbing her by her collar and pulling her in with one clean motion.

Peace returned to the area near the fountain, while chaos gradually ensued somewhere else.


United States, Rhode Island, Providence

The wind howled in the chilling night.

The streets of Providence, the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of Rhode Island, and one of the first cities established in the United States, had the run-of-the-mill hustle and bustle one would expect.

The city was particularly spectacular in the evening, alongside the lively atmosphere and dazzling lights.

"Daddy! Daddy! I want this one". A little kid pointed towards the picture of an ice cream on the display board of an ice cream truck.

"I want one too!" Another child shouted.

"Alright, alright, settle down". The middle-aged man standing behind the two children, admonished, with a happy smile on his face.

Looking at the two children, the first one whose eyes almost had ice cream shapes, while the other was already drooling slightly, the man felt slightly amused.

Turning to the fat boss sitting inside the ice cream truck, he raised his hands and signified.

"Three cones, two scoops of cookie dough ice cream on each".

"Everyone looks particularly happy today. Any special occasion?" The ice cream man asked with a nonchalant tone behind his friendly smile.

"A promotion". The male said, without elaborating.

"Well, congratulations then". The ice cream boss said with a smile before taking out three ice creams.

"Here you go. One for each of you".

"Thank you".

The man said as he lovingly gave the treats to his kids and took their hands to walk away.

"Anytime!" The ice cream boss said lightly.

Looking at the leaving back of the man and his kids, he frowned slightly and murmured something.


"Come on, get in the car, kids". The middle-aged man casually said to his children.

"Daddy, Daddy! Aren't we getting one for mom?" The little girl said with bright eyes.

"No dear. She isn't back yet". The man replied with a frown as he started the car engine.

"Besides, it'll probably melt before we get home in time to put it in the freezer if we do buy one".

At the thought of his wife who was always busy, travelled frequently and was never home, Tom felt slightly sour in his heart.

His wife was out on a business trip, and she wouldn't be back until the following week. At least, that's what she recently told him.

The actual plan before was that she'd be back from meeting with her client yesterday, but was that the case.

Tom's palms on the steering wheel tightened increasingly

He had just received a promotion letter at work today and was so excited that he wanted to celebrate with his family. Maybe vent some of that excess excitement with a good, fulfilling, passionate night in bed with his woman.

After all, it wasn't everyday he got promoted.

Who knows... Perhaps she'll "accidentally" get pregnant again and finally have time to take leave from that Job of hers that seems to be becoming increasingly more important than her family lately.

Heading towards his destination, the car drove into traffic while he drove a bit absentmindedly in deep thoughts.

"Quit it!" The sound of his daughter whining behind was paid no heed as new thoughts began to emerge in his mind.

"Could she be having a secret affair outside?" Tom shook these thoughts away as soon as they appeared.

He didn't believe it. Or rather, he didn't want to believe it. They had been married for thirteen years. If anything, Tom was rather confident that their relationship hadn't deteriorated anywhere close to that level.

Even if it was a bit annoying, he wouldn't entertain the thought of his wife cheating without proof. He wasn't that kind of man.

But..... He couldn't even remember the last time he had sex in months.

Tom ran his hand through his thinning hairline with a bit of frustration.

"Daddy!" The nine-year-old girl whined in a tone of complaint.

"Junior's putting his leg on my side of the car". The girl said with a cute, pouting expression.

"No I'm not". The boy quickly retorted.

"Are too".

"I'm not".

"Am too".

"You two stop it right now. Don't let me get back there". He scolded in a stern tone at his little twins.

"He started it..."

The girl said softly.

"Ok kids, I don't care who started it, if you let me come back there, I'll finish it....."

On the road, something strange suddenly happened, taking him completely off guard.

A streak of yellow lightning suddenly appeared from a corner and rushed in their direction.

"What the hell!" Tom, who had just brought his gaze back to the road after, scolding his kids, screamed in fright.

The man quickly slammed the brakes while spinning the steering wheel to the side.

The car that attempted to dodge was in no way fast enough to avoid, as the lightning streak slammed into the tail end of the car, flying into the air before crashing back against the ground.

The car twirled crazily as the collision on the back end sent it spinning out of its driver's control.

Tom, whose foot was heavily pressing on the brake, was completely disoriented. He tried to adjust himself and steer properly to avoid crashing, but unfortunately, Lady luck didn't seem to be on his side this night.

The car spun forward to an intersection on the road and gradually slowed down. Yet before he could regain his composure, two bright lights suddenly came into his vision through the side door, almost blinding him.

Followed by the loud, recognizable sound of a moving truck horn, Tom's poor Nissan that had accompanied him go five years suffered another collision.


The car was pushed back several meters as it tumbled on Its sides continuously before coming to a stop. It stood upright, but it had been smashed heavily.


The old, black truck driver who was coming from the other direction was so frightened that his old soul almost flew out of his body.

Never in his life had he been involved in an accident. And now, his heavy truck just collided with the front area of that vehicle, smashing it almost beyond recognition.

He quickly smashed the breaks, bringing the truck to a stop, before alighting from the truck and heading towards the crashed car as fast as his old legs could carry him.

Looking at the car that was bringing out small bouts of smoke, a chilling breeze enveloped him as his back began to develop cold sweats.


Tom felt dizzy. His blurred vision could barely see anything in front of him as the dizziness assaulted his senses.

Who am I? Where am I? What just happened?

His subconscious was chaotic as numerous thoughts flew through his head.


He seems to hear a voice call out to him.

".... Are you ok?"

"Am I…." Gradually opening his eyes, everything gradually became clear. The ringing in his ears still remained, though.

"What... What's going on?"

"Agh!" Meanwhile, at a considerable distance, a figure that laid on the asphalt suddenly let out a heavy, painful groan.

Turning his sprawled out body over, several painful moans escaped his lips as he struggled to get up.

"Ugh..... Damn, so bright! What did I just hit? Did I just hit something?"

The truck driver heard the exclamation and all the hair on his body stood on end.

"Shit! What's that". He thought to himself as his turned around and looked forward into the distance.

There, he saw something... Or rather, someone getting up from the ground while stretching vigorously.

"... Is that?"

"Damn! That was painful". Looking at the figure, the truck driver's fear and horror slowly turned to surprise and shock.

The figure that was in a crouching position looked at his hands intently. The blurring vision that assaulted him from travelling through worlds gradually faded away, and the ringing in his head subsided.

Standing up, turned around and looked towards the direction of the truck lights.

".... I ..... Where am I?... Oh! Definitely hit something. Oops, my bad."

As he finished, his body turned to steaks of yellow lightning and rushed towards the crashed car.

The driver's eyes had gone wide at this point with a little excitement.

Red spandex tights, numerous yellow lightning bolt designs on the body, a rather noticeable lightning symbol on the chest... Um…. There was a rather big do hickey on his chest area though that was giving off a blue glow.

Was that new or something?

The figure appeared near the car and looked inside.

"Hey.... I know you". The old driver said excitedly.

"You're The Flash, from the Justice League".

"Um....." The figure clad in red didn't know how to respond to the sudden enthusiasm.

However, Tom, who had finally regained himself couldn't care less.

"Kids, are you ok?" He called out while holding his head, but he received no response.


"Kids!" Tom called out anxiously and looked in the rearview mirror. His heart nearly stopped as he saw the bloody figures of his children.

Their heads hung low, the bodies firmly held in position by the seat belts. Numerous cuts adorned their arms and face due to the glass window shattering.

"Annie! Junior! Wake up". Tom roared anxiously as he ignored the pain and disorientation, trying desperately to unbuckle his seat belt that was now stuck to the seat for some reason.

"Are they....." Flash's mind went blank. Seeing the scene happening in front of him, a sense of panic overwhelmed him.

"Hey, what are you doing".

The old truck driver yelled in a loud voice, catching his attention.

"You're The Flash, right? Why are you still standing there? Run them to a hospital or something".

The father suddenly snapped his head towards his direction and his eyes full of despair lit up with hope. Obviously, he knew the flash.

"Flash" was suddenly at a loss.

Hospital? What hospital were they talking about? Could it be...

The old driver, seeing him unresponsive wanted to say something else.


His mouth sudden widened as severe pain hit him. He looked downwards to see a black hand sticking out of his chest.

Flash's eyes widened in shock and fear.

"So this... Was the "Resistance's" Plan... Other Earth's". A heavily distorted voice sounded, causing the atmosphere to plummet.

Tom who was still a bit groggy felt deadly chills run up his spine as his body stiffened.

That voice was.... demonic.

"... You..... You followed me?" Flash's face turned pale.

"I told you..... Flash".

The hand going through the man's chest pulled back, causing the man to fall to the ground, losing his breath of life.

Standing behind the now dead corpse was a figure dressed in black attire, his body seemed erratic, flickering caused by the high intensity of his body's vibrating.

Arcs of blue lightning flickered around his body and added, with the dreadful horror mask on his face, he looked like the incarnation of a demon from hell.

"The Flash" took several steps back in panic.

"You can't hide, from the fastest man alive".


Hello my lovely readers. Now since the day I wrote chapter four, I've had a lot of complaints about the MC'S Eyes. I admit that the Sharingan was a bit.... Underwhelming and I agree it's overused in a lot of FF's. I thought about taking it away and just adding plain Martian Physiology like a reader suggested, but I've centered a lot of chapters around it already and the will to rewrite and spend brain cells to make adjustments isn't there at all.

So my thought was to follow a new comment I just read about and upgrade the Eyes to the highest level in the Naruto series having every eye technique in the anime, mix it up with something else, like Six eyes or something, add a few new eye abilities and insert it into the following chapters.

What do you think?

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