I Am Energy In Dc

You have read Fanfics on how one lucky or unlucky guy would get picked by some random omnipotent being to relive his life in another world. Well what if you were that R.O.B only less omnipotent [For now] and more immortal. What happens when a man is reborn as Energy in the world of DC Capable of using said energy to do anything imaginable.

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Chapter 103 Earth 3

"A warning sir? Forgive me, but I don't quite understand".

Seeing his faithful Butler express his confusion, Bruce spoke slowly.

"Superman had a meeting with Amari. The latter explicitly told him that he would keep to himself as long as no one disturbed him. It's in league files. If there's one thing we know about him for sure, it's that he basically doesn't attack when unprovoked".

"So this is the work of hidden forces targeting him?"

"Not targeting, probing". Bruce responded apathetically.


"My assumption. If it were more than that, then similar to Wotan, Ocean Master wouldn't be alive right now".

There was a heavy silence as a multitude of thoughts revolved around The Dark Knight's mind.

"How did Mr. Curry take the matter?"

"How else do you think he would take it?"

The dry response caused Alfred to let out a sigh.

Bruce's fingers constantly tapped against the table.

The revelation of Orm's true identity was difficult for Arthur to accept. It was the same for Kaldur.

Bruce speculated that Mera and many Atlanteans in general would also feel the same way.

Although he tried to hide it, those who truly knew him knew that at that moment, Aquaman's heart was not at peace.

His greatest enemy was hiding under his nose the whole time. And his brother for that matter... How many Atlanteans had died under Orm's attack? Unacceptable.

As for Amari using his brother as an example in a public display of power... That part was voluntarily ignored.

At least, Bruce didn't feel there was any need to allude to it. Considering Amari's usual character, he should thank the stars that Orm was left alive.

Superman didn't mention it, Batman didn't bring it up, Aquaman didn't even think about mentioning it.

It was better to put the time, energy, and brain cells into something more productive.

"I see. So this is Amari's way of warning the world that he's not to be trifled with?"

"I believe that was the original intent when he publicly killed the Joker a month ago as well".

Speaking of the Joker, Bruce's jaw couldn't help but clench.

"Obviously... Someone didn't get the memo".

"This....". Seeing Bruce's reaction, Alfred couldn't help but hesitate to ask.

"... Master Bruce, are you alright?"

"After all. The Joker.....".

"I'm fine Alfred". Bruce cut in sharply.

Looking at the screen that was playing constant news footage, Batman desperately resisted the urge to smash something to bits.



Why in God's name wouldn't that damn clown stay dead?

"... Are you sure?"

Bruce remained silent. In the end, he sighed and fell back into his chair.

"I..... Need to talk to Amari". Bruce said hesitantly.

"Gotham can't handle two of him".

This city was messed up enough as it was. The Death of the Joker didn't have a qualitative change on the city itself. This was due to the fact that his death was covered up by the continuous disasters Gotham had experienced in a short period of time.

If possible, Bruce wanted Amari to undo what he had done. The original Joker was dead. And it was best for the world if he remained that way.

With the influence of people like count Vertigo, as well as Poison Ivy and ultra Humanite being transported to Belle Reve prison, the court had once again rejected the Joker... Or Jokers in this case to be given the death penalty.

According to the lawyer, if Joker was going to be killed, then Count Vertigo, Poison Ivy, and Ultra Humanite needed to follow in his footsteps as well.

This was preposterous.

Vlatava would never allow such a thing.

Coupled with a bunch of political shenanigans, as well as influence from people in high places, ultimately, Jack Oswald White was sentenced to Arkham Asylum for rehabilitation.

This time, Bruce couldn't help it. If they weren't going to kill him, then the best they could do was imprison him in a place with greater security.

However, Joker was mad. This was a fact.

No matter how he tried to change the case, a madman would have to be sent to a home for the mentally ill for rehabilitation.

Now with the Joker's notoriety, no other insane Asylum would take him in. Only Arkham.

His quest to save this city..... It was failing.

Ever since he arrived in Gotham all those years ago, the state of the city had fluctuated madly.

At first, his intervention had tremendous effects. The idea of striking fear into the hearts of evildoers was worth a shot.

That all changed when the villains eventually realized that that was his limit.

Unless there was no other way, Batman wouldn't kill.

Seeing Bruce's haggard expression, Alfred couldn't help but place a hand on his shoulder.

"It..... All will be well, Master Bruce".

"... Thank you, Alfred".

He replied after a moment of silence.

"There are a lot of things we need to talk about. Scheduling a meeting will be put on the agenda".

His tone changed into solemnity as he began to analyze.

"Now, it appears that things aren't as they seem. Amari stated that the Injustice League weren't the true individuals behind the attacks. They were proxies. A front to cover up the real masterminds. And apparently, they're seven".

Seven light screens appeared on the bat computer.

Following which, one lit up with a familiar face. Orm's

"And Ocean Master is confirmed as one of them".

"So what do you plan to do, Master Bruce?"

"Find the others". Bruce replied.

"And I have my prime suspect for a possible member of this mysterious organization".

Another light screen appeared. One showing a man with a bald head and Stoic expression.

He was rich, he was a genius, he had high amounts of influence, and lastly. He was the one who cloned the Joker and Superboy.

"Lex Luthor".


The Bleed.

Also known as the multiversal wall spanning across dimensions that separate various universes….

Earth 3



Two piercing rays of heat vision swept throughout the area, incinerating everything in its path.

Flying high above in the sky like a God above mortals, Ultraman released his heat vision in full force as it swept towards his target.


The wounded Justice League member could only cry out in pain for a second before being completely obliterated

The heat vision ceased and Ultraman clapped his hands against each other.

"That should be the last one he...".

At that moment, several Batarangs flew towards his direction, landed firmly on his body.



A noticeable explosion went off in the sky.

The smoke cleared off, revealing the figure of Kal-El whose face sported a grown at the moment.

".... Or not".

He quickly locked on to the little flea who was annoying him. A young man in a dark, skin-tight super suit with a blue Bat logo at the middle could be seen jumping down from a nearby building.


Kal-el's eyes narrowed, and his body turned into a speeding blur.

Jumping down from the building, Dick clenched his teeth and shot out his grappling gun.

Harley was dead, as well as the majority of the Justice League.

Black Manta, Magic Master (Giovanni Zatara), Ocean Master, Aquagirl, Professor Brain.....

All dead.

These were the Leaguers he knew of. Most had gone into hiding when they realized that the crime syndicate was coming to wipe them out.

Like the Huntress, and Morganna Lafey (Doctor Fate)

The whereabouts of others were unclear.

Harley was dead, the Jester's situation was unknown.

As for their leader, Alexander Luthor....

Shooting out the grappling gun, he prepared to swing into the shadows when a blur sped into him, knocking the boy off course.

His back crashed against a brick wall, causing cracks to emerge on it.

"If it isn't the little Batboy". Ultraman looked at the male laying on the floor with a smile.

Extreme pain flooded Dick's body.

That hit had knocked the wind out of him.

"Now, what do you say....". As he spoke, his had reached out and grabbed Nightwing by the neck.

"You tell me where the rest of your little friends are?" And so, he lifted him off the ground, his feet hovering in the air.

Dick choked.

"I'll…. Never... Go..... To hell".

"Hehehehe... Gutsy boy, aren't you?" Kal-El laughed.

"I bet you will be much more cooperative under Superwoman's lasso. But then again....". The thought of having Superwoman torture him with her lasso of submission to force out any secrets he might know flashed through his mind..... Then quickly faded.

Today was the day that the Justice League would be destroyed. He should know, he had killed the majority of them.

Once Alexander Luthor was dead, this stupid resistance would lose all meaning.

".... Why bother?"

And with that, his hand exerted force, crushing the neck region of the handsome Nightwing.

Following which, his corpse was cast to the side in total disregard.

"Ultraman, come in".

A female voice sounded in his ears.

"Why, hello dear". Ultraman pressed the glowing U symbol on his belt buckle with a small smile on his face.

"What's the issue?"

"We have found Alexander Luthor, sending you coordinates now".

Hearing that name, the smile on his face disappeared, returning to indifference.

"Understood. I'm on my way". He said and took his hand off. Then he moved forward three steps and took to the skies.


Star Labs building, Metropolis.


A powerful punch landed on the security door, smashing it to pieces.

The debris cleared out to reveal a man in a gold-plated battle suit with blue eyes and red hair.

On his chest area was the symbol of a black lightning bolt.

"Way to be stealthy, Luthor". Behind him appeared the jester with his signature grin.

"The moment we attempted opening the door, the alarm would have been set off. They already know we're here. Might as well hurry".

Mazah's took a brief look and moved forward rapidly.

His words caused Jester's expression to change, and the latter followed after him.

Mazah's walked towards a certain area and looked at the wall.

"You're not going to tell me that there's a secret entrance behind it, right?" Seeing him focused on that wall, Jester couldn't help but reveal sarcasm.

"Yes. I am". Mazah's also known as Alexander Luthor of Earth 3 didn't bother to say anything else.

Just like the door, the wall was ripped apart to reveal a secret elevator.

Seeing him walk inside, Jester was exasperated.

"Honestly, I'm sick and tired of these secret passageways...".


The sound of an explosion instantly alerted the two of them. Jester's face changed drastically.

"No time. They're here!" Luthor immediately rushed down the secret passageway.

"Hey! Wait up! I love secret passages.....".

The two heroes rushed forward through the passageway.

"Where are we going lex? We already have the quantum trigger. What's in this place?"

"Something that can get us help".

Mazah's rushed forward without stopping.

About three minutes later, they came to a stop at a giant door.

"Hyaaah!" With immense force, Lex put his hands in between the door and pulled both ways with his two arms.

In the face of his immense strength, the door reluctantly opened up, prompting them both to enter.

"..... Well…. Don't keep me in the dark. What is....". The clown's voice came to an end as his pestering ceased.

His eyes widened with shock and fear at the sight of what was before him.

It was a large, swirling, bluish mass of.... Whatever the hell it was.

"Luthor... What the hell.....".

"Surprised? Don't worry. I felt the same way when I first discovered it". The red haired man said while looking at the breach with a bit of awe and wonder.

Jester's face turned dull.

"I meant, what is this?"

"A portal".

Luthor didn't stand in place.

Taking out the quantum trigger they had stolen from another restricted area in the building, he began to calibrate the computer system placed beside the portal.

"A portal? To where?"

"I'm not sure". Lex replied solemnly.

"But by my calculations, it could mean hope for our world".

"..... You don't mean….".

"I do. I received a hidden message sent to me by Dr. Serling Roquette.... Days before her demise at the hands of Superwoman".

The red hair and beard on his face, coupled with his enhanced physique, stern and solemn expression, gave Lex Luthor a handsomeness unlike many of his multiversal counterparts.

"Apparently, she discovered a portal hidden in a secret chamber of the Star Labs facility. A portal leading to a world not our own".

"Unfortunately, it leaked". His face turned unsightly.


The whole building shook to the core.

Seeing this, Lex picked-up the pace.

"From her message, she told me that this portal led to a place we had only previously imagined. To another earth. In a universe parallel to ours".

"You can't be.....". Jester's eyes were wide.


The place shook again.

Lex gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Under normal circumstances, nothing can pass through this without resonating at a similar frequency. The quantum trigger is the key that will grant us passage to the other side so we can finish what we started. But it takes time to calibrate.....".

Time he didn't have. The crime syndicate was onto them.

And they would be here any minute.

However, as he continued to type in the computer, be realized that he received no response.

"Jester?" He turned around only to find the Jester touching a button and walking out of the room.

"What are you doing? I'm almost done calibrating. Get in here".

The door began to close slowly.

Jester had a sad smile on his face.

"Let's get serious lex".

"No! We can make it, together".

To this, the Jester finally showed his signature grin. Just as the door closed completely.

"I'll buy you some time. Now get your red haired head out of here, it's hurting my eyes".

The door closed, and the locking sound fell into his ears.

Jester looked at the sealed door and turned around.


The sounds were getting closer.

Thirty seconds later, a figure appeared at the passage bend.

"Why... You're still here?"

An attractive woman with an athletic, muscular build, straight black hair and a mole on her upper cheek could be seen.

She wore a tight-fitting dark costume that revealed her shoulders, a black cape draping off it, with a stylized "S" symbol on it.

Her eyes roamed the clown for a second before fixating on the door behind him.

"I'll guess that Luthor is in there. What? Changed from a clown to a doorman?"

Superwoman chuckled with a dark smile.

"Well! Perhaps a profession change is in order. After all, as a Jester, I'm down to my last joke anyway". And with that, a medium-sized balls with a hazardous symbol appeared in his hands.

Like his multiversal counterparts, his signature grin didn't disappear even at this moment.

"But this one will probably kill ya".


Lex, who had finished the calibrations, felt the explosion right outside. His body stiffened slightly before returning to normal.

Vibrating waves emerged from the Quantum trigger, aiming at the breach before him.


A fist mark appeared on the metal door.


The area of impact deformed considerably on the second attack.

Seeing this, Lex immediately rushed towards the breach and his body began to vibrate.


The door was shattered and Superwoman appeared, just in time to see Luthor disappear.

"Damn it!" The woman exclaimed with furious eyes.

However.... Beep, Beep, Beep…

A relatively subtle sound fell into her ears. She turned her gaze to the computer screen where a countdown was displayed.