"When you don't understand love from time,you miss a lot"

KiranAwan · Teen
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25 Chs

Where is Lara?

For days locked in that dark room, she was enduring the agony that was eating her up inside.Lying helpless on the ground, hands and feet tied with ropes and blindfolded, She don't know how much time passed...

The door opened and the sound of footsteps brought her to her senses and someone sat down next to her. He used to run his hands through her hair and get the scent of her hair. He would sometimes hold her hands and kiss them. Was it all his love or the hatred that he kept inside. The words whispered in her ear startled her and her breathing stopped and she drifted back into the past once again.What were the words or what were the sentences that froze her?

Involuntarily, those phrases stayed away from her mind as if they would never leave the chase and the simple sentences made her very confused and surprised.Finally, these sentences revealed to her the identity of the man, after hearing which she went to nakte, she starts crying But her crying had no effect on the man.


Get up it's morning and that voice made her get up because it was her father whom she loved so much.She looked very beautiful lying on her bed, indeed she had a very beautiful and charming personality.After saying this, her father went back and she got up and sat on her bed and grabbed her mobile.She was so beautiful to look at and the eye of the beholder would stay on her.

"You will be late for university, HURRY UP, I have to have breakfast and then I will drive you to university"

In spite of the luxurious house and so many servants and supervision, his father made breakfast for her as usual in the morning and they both ate breakfast together.Their life was very beautiful, they were enough for each other and her father loved her immensely But whether this love will remain with her forever, whether this lover will remain with her throughout his life, She did not know, it was a question that haunted her every day and made her think.

Her father was a business owner and she was the only daughter of her father but unfortunately her father was a cancer patient which sometimes made Lara worry but the treatment continued and her father was undergoing treatment for the past five years. It was possible that his father would recover soon, but She did not know that her life would be filled with hardships and difficulties and there would be no one to support her.