I Am An Actress.

Author: Kozan_daisy
Contemporary Romance
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What is I Am An Actress.

Read I Am An Actress. novel written by the author Kozan_daisy on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering mystery, survival, genius, revenge, twisted. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Living a life where you have no choice but just to do as you are told can be be one hell of a thing, but to Theresa Alessandro it was something she was used to not that she liked it but she didn't have a choice, but did she? Training in the Institute of Actresses as they were called by their demonic, sadistic and maniac of a Head, they were all informed in some ways of life, cultures, languages, skills and combat an even weaponry and his trump card over them was because they were all women who were abandoned, used or left to die in this cold and heartless world. But Resa always wanted to be different, nfact she was different but still caged but when she crossed paths with handsome heir who wasn't even interested in his inheritance, she believed that there was always a choice. Jake Jacobs was the dream of every woman and aspiration of every man out there.. riches..fame..looks..he had it all. He was even famous than most celebrities mainly because no one had seen his face only his family but when it was time for him to take on the mantle of the family he had to do so against his own wish and non one thought of that. But meeting Resa, he realized that you only live once so take control and make an impact with the life that you have..live for you and help your generation. He had to take that decision for himself..if he wanted to help someone like Resa. But when an ugly truth rears its head, intertwining both destinies together, would the selfish, arrogant and cold hearted princess of the Institute choose herself freedom over the lives of the people that mean something to her ?

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