I Am An Actress.

Living a life where you have no choice but just to do as you are told can be be one hell of a thing, but to Theresa Alessandro it was something she was used to not that she liked it but she didn't have a choice, but did she? Training in the Institute of Actresses as they were called by their demonic, sadistic and maniac of a Head, they were all informed in some ways of life, cultures, languages, skills and combat an even weaponry and his trump card over them was because they were all women who were abandoned, used or left to die in this cold and heartless world. But Resa always wanted to be different, nfact she was different but still caged but when she crossed paths with handsome heir who wasn't even interested in his inheritance, she believed that there was always a choice. Jake Jacobs was the dream of every woman and aspiration of every man out there.. riches..fame..looks..he had it all. He was even famous than most celebrities mainly because no one had seen his face only his family but when it was time for him to take on the mantle of the family he had to do so against his own wish and non one thought of that. But meeting Resa, he realized that you only live once so take control and make an impact with the life that you have..live for you and help your generation. He had to take that decision for himself..if he wanted to help someone like Resa. But when an ugly truth rears its head, intertwining both destinies together, would the selfish, arrogant and cold hearted princess of the Institute choose herself freedom over the lives of the people that mean something to her ?

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The den II.

"Roxy, shut it and Young Miss, you're early." Lisa said after getting to where they were shutting Roxy's whining and glaring at Resa.

Still holding her gaze with an expressionless face, Resa suddenly raised her lips into a smirk at Lisa.

"Are you guys gonna stop or what? You're both gonna do that here right now?" Sam getting tired at their nonsense. It just being five seconds but it feels like eight hours already. The heck?!!

"Looks like you missed me since you just want to stare at my face for such a long time, Liz?" Resa decided to break the silence.

Still glaring at her, Lisa lowered her eye lids to hold back her tears, with her arms crossed in front her, she raised her head to avoid the bears that threatened to fall. Resa hated tears.

"Hey, Lisa, you good?" Roxy asked stepping out the corner that was their kitchen.

"Good?" She turned head sharply and Resa was sure she would have had a whiplash, but whatever.

"You think, am good, looking at this idiot here, huh?! And you," turning to Resa, "why do you have to be the cause of my headaches, huh, you didn't even call or say anything for a whole two years, I have had enough with this monkeys here and different research that sadistic and psychopathic Master Han wants and with all of the Xiang clan on our necks with different missions. You didn't even respond to any of our messages or even emergency calls, and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BRUISED ALL OVER!! Did you even treat yourself.. do you want to die?!" Lisa finished in anger with her chest huffing up and down, angry tears streaming down her eyes.

Everywhere became so quiet following Lisa's outburst. It was a known fact that Lisa was the mother hen of the gang. She was also very emotional but could hide them when needed but always hated it when anything went wrong with any of them.

Being the one who was more knowledgeable in the filed of medicine, she could recognize the wounds on Resa's face and her legs as she wasn't with her disguise.

"Listen, I am sorry I didn't say anything but the Head was on my neck. We need to obviously change our communication system because he would know if I was on to you guys and I didn't want to implicate you guys. "

" Lisa, look, this doesn't hurt anymore, this one on my head.. I just got it this morning but I am fine," dropping her backpack on a bean bag, she held her shoulder and said, staring right into her eyes," I understand that you were scared and hurt, I know y'all are," she said looking at the rest.

" And I am sorry, I'm right here now, okay? I didn't die, I promised you didn't I ? An Alessandro can't die easily. I'm here with you guys," she continued looking at the others who were looking at them too, with Roxy sniffling already.

"And that's what matters, right guys? All this, we live this way so that at least even though we don't have a choice, we can still be with each other. We are family. Now enough of this and get your hug of one minute before I change my mind." Resa finished taking two steps away from Lisa, who bust out in tears and was still smiling before pouncing on Resa followed by Roxy who was already bawling and Cheryl whose eyes were already red. She never liked to shed tears and lastly Sam the Amazon who sent them all to the floor.

They all started laughing with gears in their eyes but then.

"Just great!! Alright, guys that's enough, I have injuries all ov.... Hey, Roxy, don't use my boob to clean your snot, you ass!!" Resa cried out kicking them off.

" I didn't even feel anything there was that your boob? So tiny and flat.. more like t-board." Roxy taunted ignoring the look that she was getting from Resa. Cheryl and Sam were already laughing as Lisa continued to o look at Resa with a subtle smile on her face.

"Alright, enough playing around and so much emoshhhy things.. let's get this party started!!" Cheryl hooted as she got the beers and placed them on the table and asked, " Sam.. the fire is dying down, ehm Resa where are the marshmallows?"

" In the backpack ".

" Oh, she brought Bailey's, nice!! " Roxy grinned after after grabbing the bag.

"Hey! That's mine." Resa said chasing after Roxy. Sam went into to get the meat and as Lisa watched this chatter among them as of they were kids, she knew that she had to go on with her plan.

She had to do this for her family. For all of them. Enough was enough! Smirking she muttered, " An Alessandro never dies easily indeed."