I'm The Villain? I will Live As I Want Book

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I'm The Villain? I will Live As I Want


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Lucifer a normal teenager transmigrated into the body of one of the villains in the novel he read and inherited his memories from the future. His parents neglected him a lot and never cared about him. His adopted sister plots a vicious plan against him to make him fall. He is super talented but everybody sees him as a waste. "What should I do now?" Following the plot and dying at the hands of the protagonist. Hell no! Befriending protagonist. Never! Being a villain and destroying the protagonist's life? No, too much of a hassle. Hmm, leaving the family and living alone somewhere else away from the plot? Yes let's do that. But what about the main villain who will kill everyone in the future? "Who cares i just want to enjoy my life" [Ding! System binding...]


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