I'm The Protagonist Instead Of The Big Villain

Long Yu reincarnates, and instead of becoming the "villain" like in almost all of those cultivation novels, he actually becomes the protagonist himself! Thankfully, he gets a system that will reward him after every day he survives. However... "Why the fuck am I so handsome!?" Apparently, despite the author describing the character he possessed or one of those 'protagonists' as average, he found himself extraordinary handsome. "And why... is the big villain a woman!?" ... Warning: Strong Elements, Heavy/Dark Plots, Strong Words, Gore, Reverse Rape... Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Cultivation, Gods, Goddesses, System, Sexual Content, Beautiful Female Leads, Obsessed Lovers, Obssessive Love, Otherwordly Handsome MC, Anti-Hero, No-Yuri, No-NTR, Teacher & Student Relationships, Older Love Interests, Yandere.

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25 Chs

Opportunities (II)

"Fuck... I respect him; he said the words that nobody would be able to say."

"Right? I thought I'd see some drama, but he completely shattered her into two pieces."


"Mhn~, he's so hot. Those cold eyes~, I can feel myself getting excited, mh~!"

The people nearby whispered to each other, but since they were all cultivators with sharp senses, they heard everything.

Especially Gu Ling, whose face turned beet red after hearing his offensive words.

Her eyes flashed with a deep killing intent, but before she could speak, Long Yu swiftly moved and threw her to the ground.


"Y-you... y-you!" She pointed her fingers at him, but words wouldn't come out of her mouth.

"Now, let me ask you something..." Long Yu crouched down and lifted her chin to meet her gaze.

"Who accused me of stealing from you? Especially your underwear?" He said coldly, tightening his grip on her chin to ensure a response.

Gu Ling bit her lip, then reluctantly pointed to the group of people who had whispered about Long Yu taking her underwear.



Long Yu dashed forward and swung his sword, carving a deep wound in the small group.

He grabbed one by the neck and lifted him up, "Tell me... who told you to blame me?"


The disciple groaned in pain, unable to reply. Long Yu glanced at the elders in the sky and saw them nodding with faint smiles.

So, he already knew what to do.

He grabbed the disciple's hand and then twisted one of his fingers...


"HAAAAAARGH!" The disciple screamed in agony as Long Yu broke his finger.

"Who was it?" Long Yu asked, a devilish smile on his face.

The disciple gritted his teeth, but Long Yu wasn't done.



He broke another finger and looked at the disciple, waiting for an answer. But, strangely, he still didn't get a reply.

"Mhm, you're quite loyal." Long Yu mumbled.

So, instead, he decided to do it the hard way.



He threw the disciple to the ground and pressed his foot against his Dantian region.

"Tell me who it was, and I won't abolish your cultivation." Long Yu smirked darkly as he infused his leg with Qi.

After hearing Long Yu's words, the disciple's face twisted in panic.

He desperately didn't want to lose his cultivation, but he also knew that revealing the truth to Long Yu could mean certain death.


Suddenly, a faint talisman emerged from the disciple's chest, catching Long Yu's quick attention.

It was a killing talisman.

'He really did take precautions to make sure that everything went right.' Long Yu thought.

But that same talisman wouldn't be able to stop him.

With a swift motion, Long Yu snatched the talisman and concealed it in his sleeve, where Sword Gu instantly devoured it.

When the elders saw this, they looked surprised because Long Yu had managed to swiftly neutralize a killing talisman.

"Who was it?" Long Yu asked again.

"I-it... it was the Holy Son, Luo Yang!" The disciple blurted out loudly.

Upon hearing his words, everyone in the entire place had a shocked expression all over their faces.

However, while the disciples from the Divine Sword Sect were unhappy, the others were quite happy.

"Hahahah! What a joke! The Holy Son causing trouble for a fellow disciple? Ridiculous!" Someone laughed uproariously.

Even the elders joined in the laughter, and soon the whole place echoed with the mocking voices of elders and disciples towards the Divine Sword Sect.

Luo Yang's reputation had completely dropped after this same encounter.

[Ding! You've absorbed 592 luck points from Luo Yang!]

[Your Protagonist Halo has evolved to Level 2!]

[The system will be upgrading...]

[Time Left: 1 hour.]

Long Yu grinned at the notifications displayed before him.

However, before he could actually enjoy this moment, the earth suddenly started trembling as a huge stone portal rose from the ground.

A blue portal appeared, and in that instant, the disciples started rushing inside.

Long Yu also didn't waste any time and dashed towards the portal.

"Come on, let's hurry and find some treasures!"

"Okay, let's head north for now."

"Mh... where's Long Yu? I kind of want to team up with him... That handsome face... hmm~!"

"Alright, don't get so horny! We're still in the secret realm... sigh..."

Once inside the secret realm, the disciples formed groups as the elders instructed and set off to explore.

"Is everyone here?" Gu Ling called out, getting the attention of the other disciples.

"Pfff..." Long Yu couldn't help but chuckle.

Hearing Long Yu's laugh, a vein popped in Gu Ling's forehead, but she ignored him and continued.

"First, we're heading south. If anyone finds something, it's theirs! But if anyone tries to steal... they'll face my sword!" She declared firmly.

"Ahaahah!" Long Yu chuckled once again, especially after hearing the phrase "he'll die under my sword".

"Shut up!" Gu Ling shot Long Yu a cold glare.

"Ah, sorry~. It was just so funny hearing you say those words that I got a bit carried away." Long Yu spoke, wiping away a tear.

"Well, I just want to say that I'll be going alone... so good luck for you guys. If you need help, contact me through the Sect's Communication Jade."

With that, Long Yu leaped onto his spiritual sword.

"Ah... Long Yu, WAIT!!" Gu Ling called out.


But Long Yu had already vanished from sight.

"That... guy...!!!" Gu Ling clenched her fists in frustration.

She sighed and then turned to the other disciples.

"Let's go now!"

Just like that, each disciple in the secret realm embarked on a journey to discover opportunities to become stronger.

Gu Ling's group, however, stood out the most. While other sects found only a handful of treasures, the Divine Sword Sect seemed to stumble upon treasures everywhere they went.

Especially Gu Ling herself; she had already found millennium earth milk, a low earth-grade sword, and much more.

She was like a magnet for those treasures.

But that obviously attracted the malice and jealousy of the other sects, so they started fighting against each other.

Under Gu Ling's leadership, the Divine Sword Sect triumphed over many adversaries.

However, as their battles dragged on, the disciple's stamina and Qi were nearing their limit.

They fought tirelessly for days, so this was the result...

"Fuck... I'm out of Qi..." Gu Ling whispered, frustration evident in her voice.

Using her new sword, which was a low Earth-Grade, consumed a lot of Qi from her, and she couldn't even use its full power.

"Disperse!" She ordered loudly, and upon hearing her words, the disciple of the Divine Sword Sect quickly ran in different directions.

"Damn it! Quickly follow them!" The other sect's disciple leader gave the order, but his gaze was fixed on Gu Ling.



He swung his sword, sending a Qi blade in Gu Ling's direction. And, since she was out of Qi, Gu Ling was unable to block it and tried to dodge it by jumping to the side.

"AARGH!" She screamed loudly in pain as the blade of Qi met her leg, cutting it off entirely.

She looked at her leg as tears streamed down her face as she cursed in pain.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" She bit her lips as she saw the leader approaching her.

In desperation, she activated a talisman given to her by Luo Yang.


A golden shield appeared around her in an instant, and when the leader mockedly attempted to breach it, his weapon broke directly.

"Damn it..." He cursed under his breath.

"Everyone, come here!" He grabbed the communication jade and ordered the disciples to come to the place he was.

After a few minutes, all of them arrived, so he declared it with a devious smile.

"Break the barrier!"




They immediately launched their strongest attacks in an attempt to breach the barrier.

At the same time, Gu Ling calmed down and took some healing pills to heal herself.

"Oh... I'm out of healing pills!" She gritted her teeth with a panicked expression as the sound of the attacks rang in her head.

"What should I do?" She pondered, and at that moment, Long Yu's face appeared in her mind.

With no choice, she grabbed the communication jade...

"Help me..."

{Huh~? Did I hear something? The Seventh Princess is actually asking for help}

Long Yu's voice came from the jade with a mocking tone.

However, Gu Ling was too panicked to play around him.

"Just... please help me," she pleaded softly, tears in her voice.


Hearing the cries from Gu Ling, Long Yu's smile only widened.

{If you want me to help... beg for it. Hah, don't think I'm going to help just because you asked me with that soft voice.}

{After all, even if I indeed stole your undergarments, you could at least confront me privately, not in front of everyone.}

{So... if you really need help. BEG for it.}

Hearing his words, Gu Ling didn't even hesitate. She was in a very bad situation, and probably, only Long Yu would be able to save her.

"Sniff... P-please help me... I beg you..." she pleaded sincerely with the softest voice she could manage to do.

{Ah~, very well.}




Suddenly, a massive explosion, accompanied by the sound of blood splattering on the ground, resounded throughout the area where Gu Ling was.

Her teary eyes widened with surprise as she saw the face of an handsome man, whose white robes were completely covered in blood, smile faintly as a few words escaped his mouth.

"You have learned your lesson, Seventh Princess."