I'm The Protagonist Instead Of The Big Villain

Long Yu reincarnates, and instead of becoming the "villain" like in almost all of those cultivation novels, he actually becomes the protagonist himself! Thankfully, he gets a system that will reward him after every day he survives. However... "Why the fuck am I so handsome!?" Apparently, despite the author describing the character he possessed or one of those 'protagonists' as average, he found himself extraordinary handsome. "And why... is the big villain a woman!?" ... Warning: Strong Elements, Heavy/Dark Plots, Strong Words, Gore, Reverse Rape... Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Cultivation, Gods, Goddesses, System, Sexual Content, Beautiful Female Leads, Obsessed Lovers, Obssessive Love, Otherwordly Handsome MC, Anti-Hero, No-Yuri, No-NTR, Teacher & Student Relationships, Older Love Interests, Yandere.

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25 Chs

Opportunities (I)

"Whatever..." Long Yu let out a heavy sigh, feeling somewhat resigned.

'If I think about it, I have the memories of Luo Shengxue and Luo Yang's adventures, as well as my own unique experiences on them.'

'I might as well take advantage of those significant opportunities to boost my own strength. Particularly that one incident involving Luo Yang.'

'That guy actually managed to obtain the inheritance of the legendary Timeless Empress. And, as if that wasn't bold enough, he later succeeded in reviving her. But the moment he proposed marriage to her, he was flat-out rejected.'

'The look on his face...' Long Yu couldn't help but smirk at the memory.

'He was so sure of himself, only to have his confidence crumble into dust. It was honestly hilarious to witness.'

I am not sure why the author included that, to be honest. She also stops appearing in the remaining parts of the story.

[Actually, Host, there is a way to unlock your assigned perks much faster than usual.]

'Mhm?' Long Yu raised his eyebrows, surprised.

After the system admitted that he had completely messed up his own talent, he did not think it would say anything actually helpful.

[Killing one of those protagonists allows you to take on their level, fortunes, and luck points, absorbing their own "Protagonist Halo"]

'Is that true? And how much time could it take for me to get all my perks if you put it into time?'

[It may take ten or hundred years, depending on the level of those protagonists.]

[It really depends on their protagonist halo's level.]

"I understand."

'So, basically, I just need to become one of those "Villains" who hunts the protagonist for luck.'

'It appears that I will need to take a different approach. Luo Yang is much stronger than me and is already trying to conquer Gu Ling.'

'But there might be another way to approach this…' Long Yu's mouth curled into a cunning smirk as a thought clicked.

"Alright, Team 1! Your group includes Long Yu, Gu Ling, Zhang Fa, and Qiao Mei! You will be the first ones to step into the realm and lead the exploration!"

"Did everyone understand!?" he shouted, seeking affirmation from the gathered disciples.


With that settled, the group of disciples dispersed, eager to begin their journey into the secret realm.

Just a few days after Long Yu's chat with the system, the elders gathered all the new disciples in the main hall.

And explained about the opening of a secret realm, and the only reason they called them new disciples was because of the limit of the secret realm, which is the peak of the foundation realm.

If you tried to enter while in a higher realm, you would directly die due to the spacial pressure.

Obviously, if there wasn't any limit, they would directly send their best disciples or even go there themselves.

Originally, this secret realm indeed appeared in Luo Yang's plot, but it was hardly mentioned since Luo Yang didn't actually enter.

However, he gave something to Gu Ling that would help her survive, and there appeared to be a scene of Gu Ling thinking about him, being grateful, etc.

Typical xianxia love plot.

And because of that, there also appeared to be a ton of opportunities that Gu Ling herself encountered, including the part where she awakened her Dragon Bloodline.

She was directly kicked out of the secret realm after awakening; her cultivation soared, and she directly reached the Pearfect Golden Core realm, just one step away from the Nascent Soul Realm.

'Thinking about it... the plot was very fast-paced; in just 50 chapters, they already had entered the Middle Heavens.'

'However, they obviously didn't enter it because they had broken the limits, but because they found a passage to them.'

[Ding! 25 days have been stacked!]

[Congratulations for the host for getting a Void Breaking Talisman!]


'What would I expect?'

'Whatever, now If I need to escape, I can simply use this talisman.' He sighed inwardly.

"Long Yu, why are you daydreaming? We should go now." Gu Ling approached him and spoke with an annoyed tone.

"Yeah, yeah." Long Yu took out his sword and jumped on top of it.

Then he injected Qi, and followed the huge group of disciples...

The trip to the secret realm took about five to six days, and Long Yu once again decided to stack his rewards.

But this time, he decided to simply stack about 29 days, because then the next day would be the hundredth day.

And he was actually hoping to get something useful from this "useful" system.

He was totally not doing reverse psychology.

'Ah, right... take out the other rewards! I completely forgot about it...' Long Yu scratched his head.

[Ding! Granting the rewards from when the host stood in front of the Sword Monument...]

[Would you like to put them all into one reward?]

Seeing this notification from the system, Long Yu swallowed hard. If there were a lot of items, there would be at least something useful between them.

But, if they were fused into one...

As he considered his options, sweat began to accumulate on his forehead due to his greedy tendency.

Before, he loved to gamble, and looking at this situation where there's a fifty-fifty chance that it's something bad or something god...

'Ah, fuck it!'

'Fuse them all!'

[Ding! Rewards fused successfully! You've received a Sacred Gu Nourishing Pill!]


'YESSSS! I knew it! Only by being greedy, you can truly get an amazing fortune!'

Long Yu put the pill into his spatial ring and then directed himself at the entrance of the secret realm.

There, thousands of disciples from many sects stood with excitement pressed all over their faces.

"LONG YU!" Suddenly, a huge scream reverberated through the place, and Long Yu immediately felt a shiver running down his spine.

Long Yu slowly turned his head, and there he saw Gu Ling looking at him with a deep killing intent in her eyes.

The disciples' attention immediately turned to this scene.

Gu Ling approached Long Yu and grabbed his collar directly. "Did you freaking steal my underwear!?"

"UUh!?" Long Yu's eyes widened in confusion.

'Oh, yeah... I nearly forgot about this little plot before entering the secret realm. Luo Yang used his system to place Gu Ling's underwear on Long Yu's spatial ring, then manipulated the scenes, causing the disciples to whisper among themselves that Long Yu had previously invaded Gu Ling's abode....'

'With that, Gu Ling comforted Long Yu in front of the disciples, and his reputation dropped even lower than before.'

"Give me your spatial ring. I'll take a look, and if there isn't anything, I'll let you go." She said arrogantly as she brought out her sword and pointed it at his neck.

At this time, Long Yu took the Sacred Gu Nourishing Pill and directly ate it. Right in front of everyone.

Instantly, he felt that his Sword Gu moving with excitement, and she directly consumed so much Qi and broke through two small realms; her grade was also upgraded from high, to perfect-grade.

"Haaah..." Long Yu let out a cold breath, that could even be seen due to the smoke that came out of his mouth.

"Give me the spatial ring!" Gu Ling hurried him.

However, at the time, Long Yu grasped the edge of her sword, which was a black-grade weapon.

He put strength into his fingers...


The sword broke, and everyone around couldn't help but suck out a cold breath. The elders in the sky stroked their beards as they watched this scene.

They were quite interested in Long Yu after seeing him do that.

"And why do you think you could beat me in a fight?"

He directly asked Gu Ling, who had taken a few steps back.

He approached her and grabbed her wrists.

"Stop! Let me go...!" She exclaimed, looking at the other disciples with eyes that said help.

Fortunately, maybe due to Long Yu's protagonist Halo, nobody intervened.

"Swallow your pride, Seventh Princess. This is a cultivation world where the law of the jungle rules."

"Someone arrogant like you, with no power to back it down..."

"Are the people who typically die first."

He stared down at here as if he were looking at an ant; in contrast, the female disciples were ecstatic as they imagined him doing this to them.

"Put that in your mind, Seventh Princess, or should I say, Gu Ling."

"You're weak."

"Besides, why would I have interest in someone as weak as you? Especially a girl who has no breasts whatsoever.'