33 Utaha Kasumigaoka's First Time (Ultim) (+18)

After Utaha Kasumigaoka finished her orgasm, she collapsed onto Zenno S. Suzuki's chest, while she could be heard panting and saying in a faint voice, "y-you're really very good!"

"don't worry, because this is only the beginning of the pleasure you can feel" he said, stopping kissing her sweaty neck, while whispering to her with malice

Hearing his voice so close while being extremely sensitive, Utaha Kasumigaoka was immediately filled with a shiver, and finally she felt him take her shoulders and gently lay her down on the bed.

"So, how about we start our main round?" asked Zennò S. Suzuki, as she took his penis with her hand and gently slammed it on her pussy, thus greatly stimulating her entire body

" T-That's..." Feeling the stimulation, Utaha Kasumigaoka didn't know how to react, especially now that she could imagine what would happen now

She could feel the insecurity of proceeding, but also the desire to achieve fusion with Zennò S. Suzuki, the boy she had fallen in love with.

But while she was in confusion about what to say or do, he gently said, "I admit that the first time I saw you, I immediately wanted to have you to make you my woman.

But I knew it was a sick and above all inadequate thought, so I just observed, at least until we talked to each other and started becoming friends.

Maybe I like sex a lot, but I'm also a person who respects my girls' decisions, so I don't force you to do something you're not mentally prepared for yet" he finally said as he retreated

Walking away as Utaha Kasumigaoka was surprised by his words and actions, she never expected her situation to become like this.

She wasn't sure about having sex with Zennò S. Suzuki, but she didn't want to give up either now that they had reached this point, especially because her pride and her mind wouldn't allow it.

Peering to see the face of Zennò S. Suzuki, who looked both disappointed and concerned for her, she could see and feel his concern for what she was feeling.

Utaha Kasumigaoka felt her heart pounding, but she still said with all the courage she had, "no, I want to do it! B-but... but start with foreplay."

Hearing her words, Zennò S. Suzuki looked at her seriously as he could see that she didn't seem to want to give up, so he kindly said "it's okay. I'll make you feel my love, while we do everything calmly"

She nodded and then saw Zennò S. Suzuki who stretched out his finger so he gently caressed her sensitive breast, thus making her make a "Hii" sound.

Looking at her gently as he was caressing the area around her nipples, as he began to kiss her, thus making her feel the sweetness of the moment, as well as the pleasure.

While she was doing all this, she felt that her body was quite sensitive, even too sensitive. So that by simply rubbing her breasts, they made her make an unexpectedly cute noise "Nyaa!!"

Utaha Kasumigaoka screamed as he almost didn't ejaculate again, and the embarrassing thing was that he was staring at her with a smile.

"Your cry is rather cute" said Zennò S. Suzuki, while he couldn't help but tease

Feeling embarrassed that she had just let out such a cute moan, she quickly said with a grimace, "Shut up!" then looked at him with eyes that pretended to be aggressive.

But while she was making that aggressive expression, Zennò S. Suzuki who was still grabbing her breasts, kissed her neck and then her mouth, finally making sure that their tongues intertwined intimately.

" Slurp... slurp... Ahh... aaahn, Zennò~ " he said while he couldn't help but hold back, thus making a lot of noise

They kissed him while they could feel the passion of the other party's French kiss, thus enjoying every moment of their kiss.

While all those kisses were intense, Utaha Kasumigaoka could see from Zenno S. Suzuki's eyes that he felt extreme affection for herself.

The eyes full of love also filled her with extreme love for him, so Utaha Kasumigaoka was more aggressive in the kiss, and in the end I kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

As the two continued to kiss, she felt and realized that she felt a stronger attraction than she thought towards him, and soon their kisses were proving to be no longer enough for the two.

Zennò S. Suzuki interrupted their passionate kiss, but the kiss focused on Utaha Kasumigaoka's neck, on her sensitive breasts, on her white arms up to her thighs that were close to her pussy, so as to stimulate her sensitivity more.

Utaha Kasumigaoka stopped him and forced him to look at her, while there was a confused expression on his face, but he stopped looking at her as he went to kiss and lick her wet pussy.

Seeing that he wasn't looking at her anymore, she immediately wanted to say "Wait, I want..." But before she had time to react, she felt a shock coming from her pussy, which stimulated her entire body

Feeling the absolute pleasure of feeling Zennò S. Suzuki's tongue entering her wet pussy, she almost didn't let out a moan, but in the end she couldn't resist and came "Hyaaa!!!!"

After coming, she struggled to see Zennò S. Suzuki look at her with a smile, but she asked him in a complex tone but full of desire "I-I want you... I also want to make you feel like you're doing with me! !"

But he told her "let me do it, there's only a little more left" then he put his tongue back inside her pussy, and then I start moving it harder so it becomes embarrassing as he comes again

" Hyaa~ " making Utaha Kasumigaoka moan again, Zennò S. Suzuki stood up as he moved her in front of him, thus letting her see his penis now erect for a long time, and about to come.

She seemed to understand what to do, and so I began to take his penis with my mouth, while he once again felt the pleasure of his penis being sucked, and his finger caressed her pussy, as he inserted a second finger into that wet pussy .

" Aahn!!! " screamed Utaha Kasumigaoka while his strong voice that was close to his penis, gave a pleasant sensation to Zennò S. Suzuki, who then came directly on his face, thus smearing it all over

After coming on her face, he used the Manipulation of Everything skill to clean up all the dirt, and finally placed his right hand on her pussy, while slowly opening it.

While Zennò S. Suzuki caressed her clitoris with his free hand to make her feel more pleasure, he told him "now I'm about to insert it inside. It will hurt, but try to resist, because little by little you will feel pleasure"

Utaha Kasumigaoka heard his words, and repeatedly let out a high-pitched moan as she tried to answer him, but he continued to play with her pussy so not giving him time.

Finally, Zennò S. Suzuki slowly inserted it inside her wet pussy, thus making her let out a scream of pain as she could feel that her hymen was being pierced.

While everything was happening, Utaha Kasumigaoka slowly adapted to the surprising size of Zennò S. Suzuki's penis, because the inside of her pussy was larger than expected, but above all very adaptable.

He could feel that Utaha Kasumigaoka's pussy was much bigger, but most importantly comfortable and pleasant for his penis, so he slowly moved to start having sex.

" Aaaahhh... Hmm... Aaah.... th-this is... t-too pleasant! " Utaha Kasumigaoka said as she could feel the previous pain now being replaced with pleasure

Hearing his words, Zennò S. Suzuki decided to increase his speed, while Utaha Kasumigaoka's voice gradually became louder with pleasure. But soon his eyes became glassy, ​​as if he couldn't bear too much pleasure, thus entering an emotionless mode.

" Utaha!? Try to resist! " Zennò S. Suzuki said worriedly, while he thought that she could no longer bear all this pleasure

But she said immediately as I seem to regain her mental clarity "No! Continue... I-I want you to drive me crazy with pleasure!!!!"

Listening to her request which greatly stimulates the spirit of Zennò S. Suzuki, he smiled and pushed harder and deeper, while entering her uterus with the tip of his penis, finally touching the wall of her uterus, thus making her scream "Ahhhhhh !!!"

Utaha Kasumigaoka I feel too much pleasure when you feel the big penis enter and forcefully push her uterus, so she didn't resist and scream as she came with a crazy expression or Ahegao.

" Utaha, we're not done yet. Didn't you ask me to drive you crazy with my penis?... this is just the beginning! " Zenno S. Suzuki said as he whispered in Utaha Kasumigaoka's right ear

" Haaaa… aaaa… aaaah!!! " But she only let out screams of pleasure, while her body jerked randomly, but Zennò S. Suzuki held her still while he pushed his penis inside her

Again and again, until he too had an orgasm, thus filling her pussy, uterus and finally even her ovaries, even though his sperm at this time could not impregnate anyone, by his will.

While all this was happening, Utaha Kasumigaoka could know what was happening even though she didn't seem to understand anything anymore from the Ahegao expression on her face.

She clearly felt the hot sperm inside her, while Zennò S. Suzuki hugged her tightly, pressing his entire body against her, then taking some distance from the entrance to her pussy, and finally giving her a push so hard that it felt like he had split her pussy.

" Kyaaaa!!! " letting out a loud scream that would have woken up everyone in the condominium if it weren't for Zennò S. Suzuki who had created a barrier to silence the room, Utaha Kasumigaoka said unconsciously as she fell unconscious "N-no... t-too... p-full, my vagina... Aaaa~ aaaahhhh~ "

After she lost consciousness, Zennò S. Suzuki put her on her stomach while he spread hers with one hand, thus holding her leg to prevent her from falling, then I continue to have sex.

As the minutes passed, an hour later, Zennò S. Suzuki no longer knew how many times he had come inside her, and he almost thought he could say that Utaha Kasumigaoka's pussy had become his bathroom, even if it was offensive.

Now the scene was very different from when they began sex. Utaha Kasumigaoka was still unconscious, but her entire body was sweaty while her sweat-slicked skin did nothing but excite anyone who saw it.

While Zennò S. Suzuki, who was as if possessed by a demon of lust, was now still continuing to fuck her, without caring whether she was tired or alive.

The whole room was messy, while only Utaha Kasumigaoka's unconscious moans could be heard.

After another hour, Zennò S. Suzuki stopped as he said "I never thought it could drive me crazy with lust... I'll have to be more careful in the future, or I risk going totally out of control."

Then I start cleaning all the dirt with his skill, while Utaha Kasumigaoka seems to finally find a moment of rest, so she can relax her body that had been treated like a sexual tool.

It was six in the morning, and Zennò S. Suzuki who had finished arranging the room, was now checking the notifications on his system.

▪︎[ Ding... Congratulations on being able to take Utaha Kasumigaoka's virginity. You get: 1,000,000 Harem Points - 1,000,000 System Points - a vial of Awakening, which allows you to awaken one of your hidden abilities, which originally belonged to both Adam, and also Apeiros Theos, i.e. your previous lives. ]▪︎

After reading the information, I immediately use the vial, while secretly thanking Utaha Kasumigaoka.

▪︎[ Ding... You have successfully awakened the Unlimited ability from your previous life, Apeiros Theos: Infinite Domain (this ability allows you to automatically create a Domain which is an area where you are invincible.

Any attack or attempt to harm you cannot succeed if you activate infinite dominion, even with low-level Primordial Gods. You can also attack your enemies in any way, as long as you are imaginative. Costs 10% for every second of use) ]▪︎

Receiving the ability, Zennò S. Suzuki felt stronger while he could also sense everything around him, thus giving a feeling of omnipotence.

Looking at his cell phone which showed that today was Thursday, Zennò S. Suzuki said surprised "the days pass quickly, but I'm surprised that I managed to conquer more than five girls in a week"

Then I look at Utaha Kasumigaoka while he was undecided whether to wake her up at 7 in the morning to make her go to school on time, or let her rest.

He finally decided to choose the second option, and he also fell asleep holding her in his arms, while he could comfortably feel the happiest for being able to find so many beautiful girls in such a short time.

Around half past seven, someone directly broke the door of Utaha Kasumigaoka's apartment, thus waking the two while an angry voice was heard: "Zennò! I thought that by leaving you home alone for a night, you wouldn't dare to do anything stupid since you already have so many girlfriends, but I didn't expect you to sleep with another girl! "

Then Sonoko Suzuki entered while she was followed by Ran Mouri, Chitoge Kirisaki who seemed quite shocked to see the boy she was in love with going to bed with someone else.

The three had gone to pick up Zennò S. Suzuki to go to school together, but to their surprise they discovered he wasn't there, so they wandered around every room, at least until Ran Mouri said that there was the existence of Utaha Kasumigaoka, who lived near him.

Thus they discovered his fling with another girl, and while Sonoko Suzuki and Chitoge Kirisaki seemed the most affected by what happened, Ran Mouri seemed very calm, as if he had already expected this outcome.

Getting out of bed while covering Utaha Kasumigaoka who was naked on top of him, Zennò S. Suzuki immediately explained "Utaha asked me yesterday to read a story, so I did and in the end I discovered that in the book there was also one of hers confession of love addressed to me. Finally I went to her and finally it happened"

"Success? Then I'll make something happen to you!! " Sonoko Suzuki said angrily, as she was about to jump on him to beat him, but Ran Mouri stopped her before she could do it

" Ran, why are you stopping me!?? Isn't he your boyfriend? Or do you not care if he is dating another girl, when he already has so many? " she asked indignantly, while not understanding her friend's mentality at all

But Ran Mouri explained with a sigh "I've accepted it now, and so I can't complain too much anymore if he does something like that. It's useless, he can't be changed or possessed by just one girl anyway."

Seeing and feeling Ran Mouri's disappointment and sadness, Zennò S. Suzuki immediately said "then I can multiply the body world, so everyone can have me all for themselves, what do you think?"

Too bad she seems more disappointed when you hear her words, and so she turns to walk away, as she says "it's not a question of being able to be alone with you, but it's just that I thought you were going to tell me that you were seeing another girl." , after all, you promised it"

Hearing his words, Zenno S. Suzuki seemed to remember that he had done something similar. Immediately running towards her and finally stopping her retreat, he said seriously, "I'm very sorry Ran, but I forgot about that promise, especially given the situation yesterday.

It was so fast that I didn't have time to remember it, much less tell you that I had a new girlfriend. Excuse me! "

While she could hear his apologetic words, she finally sighed as she gave in, and said, "Okay, but let it be the last time. Or I'll leave you!"

Hearing her threat, he was immediately scared and so he said seriously "I won't forget it anymore, as long as you don't leave me!"

Not wanting her to leave him to feel the pain of losing someone dear to him again, Zennò S. Suzuki seemed very remorseful. It was pure selfishness to own her, but that didn't take away from the fact that he surprisingly truly loved all girls.

End of Episode 33

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