I'm About to Bankrupt My Way to Entertainment Supremo

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What is I'm About to Bankrupt My Way to Entertainment Supremo

Read ‘I'm About to Bankrupt My Way to Entertainment Supremo’ Online for Free, written by the author MirrorForFuture, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering SYSTEM Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, GENIUS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Get ready for a wild ride of humour, contrasts, and laid-back entertainment like you've never seen before! Xplendi Enter...


Get ready for a wild ride of humour, contrasts, and laid-back entertainment like you've never seen before! Xplendi Entertainment, a company that barely made it past its early years, went from the brink of bankruptcy to becoming a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. It boasts a star-studded lineup of top-tier streamers, a constellation of original music stars, and more award-winning actors and actresses than you can count. As the mastermind behind it all, Yang RuoQian naturally becomes the enigmatic kingpin behind the scenes of this showbiz extravaganza. "Mr. Yang, can you share your secret to success?" Yang Ruoqian, rubbing his temples, responds, "Is it possible that I never even thought they could become famous...?" "I initially just wanted to chillax and loss some money, you know."

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穿书而来的女配一号心知现在昏迷在床的承王殿下有朝一日醒来就会成为九五之尊,于是她主动提出替姐代嫁,成了承王妃。 承王一日苏醒,只因她风寒不适,承王殿下当场对太医放下狠话,“王妃若是治不好,你们都得陪葬!” 京中女子皆是艳羡。 还没等女配一号跑到女主面前炫耀,女主就拉着她的手哭的像个弱弱的小白花,“承王殿下如此凶残,妹妹代我嫁过去真是受苦了。” 女配一号:“???” 虽然不知道这个女主是什么脑回路,可她哭起来好像有点可爱!? 重生归来的女配二号知道自己没有血缘关系的哥哥将来会成为位极人臣的大将军,于是她一改以前对哥哥的态度,成功的顶替女主位置成了哥哥心中的白月光。 只因女配二号想看一看那天山雪莲,大将军立马舟车劳顿的跑去天山摘了朵雪莲送给女配二号。 京中女子皆是暗叹自己为何嫁不到如此好男人。 女配二号拿着雪莲在女主面前刚说这是大将军送给她的东西,就被眼含热泪的女主抓着手说道:“表妹你受苦了,大将军都只能送的起你一颗包菜了,将军府的日子怕是穷的揭不开锅了吧。” 女配二号:“???” 虽然不知道这个女主是什么脑回路,可她哭起来好像有点可爱是怎么回事!? 丞相府嫡出的大小姐受万千宠爱长大,身边好男人却一一被抢走了,还只能沦落到嫁给商户为妻,承王能为心仪之人得罪天下人,大将军能为心中之人遥走雪山,商户之子能做什么?就连女主想要养只宠物,他都只能送一只从农家抱来的土猫而已。 京中数人都在等着看笑话,最后却只等来了那商户之子摇身一变成了仙门师祖。 后来,傻白甜的女主看着被自己关在狗窝里,当成普通小猫养的妖怪陷入了深深地思考。 与狗抢食的千年猫妖:“……” 他到底做错了什么要被打回原形在这里给愚蠢的人类当宠物!?

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Fun read. Same concept with Losing money to be a tycoon but in entertainment circle. Although it’s kinda the same, it is still fun read. Keep it up Author!


A great and interesting book. New concept and hilarious.


like it very much. it has many things copied from losing money to be tycoon, but it's still funny, comedy, and quite fresh. I wish there were more novels like this, which copies losing money to be a tycoon, but make it more better in their own way rather than blatant copy. just like this one.


If you have ever read 'Losing Money To Be A Tycoon' then you've basically already read this novel. It's almost a carbon copy, just replace the 'creating games to lose money' with livestreaming. The reaction of the Mc and the people around him, everything is almost the same. Using a certain novel as your framework is good, but when you basically don't have much of your own ideas in said novel then it brings a ' copy and paste' feeling instead of 'using as a guide'..As a result I don't really have much to say since I, myself am a fan of 'Losing Money to be a Tycoon'..


At first the storyline was very good, but when the company only got 10%, it was over. it was something that didn't make sense. and the protagonist just thinks getting money just from the system is the most ridiculous thing


I it's quite a good novel with something new 😀


First five chapters are engaging and to the point. While it's not an entirely new idea, a story with a similar money system can be more addicting than heroin. Looking forward to the chapters, author.


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