I'm A Wasteland Giant Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

I'm A Wasteland Giant

Crazy Orange Cat

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Giant alien beasts have invaded. The world is in chaos. Du Gang grows taller and taller, so tall that he can pluck the moon with a stretch of his hand! Grade 1 Ancient God (Meteor). Maximum Height: 10m. Grade 2 Ancient God (Comet). Maximum Height: 100m. Grade 3 Ancient God (Satellite). Maximum Height: 1,000m. Grade 4 Ancient God (Planet). Maximum Height: 10,000m. … "What happens if I keep growing taller?" "I beg you, stop making me grow taller. My head is about to touch the moon!" This book can also be known as "I Really Don't Want to Grow Taller", "I Can Pluck The Moon!", "The Planet Can't Fit Me!", "Earth is so Puny in front of Me!", "I Can Traverse the Solar System With One Step!" No female lead. Not a silly goody-two-shoes. Black-bellied and careful.