I'm a Walking Disaster With My Unwanted Virginity Book

novel - Fantasy

I'm a Walking Disaster With My Unwanted Virginity


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[Warning Mature content!] Yes, that's the title, get over it! When a meteor crashed on earth a century ago, it gave birth to a new age. The age of mutants with superpowers. Now, a young boy- Helio, gets into high school to pursue his dreams. But can he focus on studies despite being the 2nd epicenter of attention? And why does a certain someone want to kill him on the very first day? It all changes when a man cloaked in black attacks the school and things happen. (Yup, things happen.) First saucy chapter (96) Chapter size= 1.5~1.8k (mostly) Present tense is internal monologue and some of the powers aren't based on science and just pure fantasy, so don't complain, please. follow me on Twitter @nr_yet insta @nr_yet1208 discord Nr_Yet1208#7114 Server https://discord.gg/FUzyEwmZmj Everything is just fiction and for entertainment.

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