I'm A Little Extra, But Why Are The Villainesses So Obsessed With Me?!

After waking up, Matthew finds himself in a strange world. Here, things like magic, and magical creatures exist. However, as he noticed the familiar name of the crown prince... "Fuck... I really had to enter this freaking novel!?" The reason? He had just entered the world of a reverse harem novel... . . . [Warning]: Homophobic Protagonist, Heavy Plots, Strong Words, Dark Elements/Factors... [Additional Tags]: Fantasy| Adventure| Swords & Magic| Gods| Goddesses| Transmigration| Weak to Strong| System| Sexual Content| Beautiful Female Leads| Multiple Lovers| Milf| Demons| Angels| Mana| Teacher & Student Relationship| Game-Elements| Handsome MC| Smut| Non-Human Characters| Monsters| Dark Elements| Anti-Hero| Ruthless MC| Doting Lovers| Yandere| Obsessive Affection| Cold Female Leads| Villainess| Mermaids...

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The sounds of the explosions echoed through the forest as two figures emerged from the dust and smoke.

A stunning blonde woman and a handsome brown-haired man.

"Lady Stacy... could you please calm down?" The brown-haired man asked as he silently trailed behind her.

"...I've already told you, Joseph. I'm searching for someone, I won't stop until I find him." she replied, waving her hand.

A giant spear made of golden mana shot towards a group of monsters.

When the spear reached the monsters, Stacy closed her fist and another explosion rang out.

However, after hearing Joseph's words, Stacy decided to take another approach.

'If I was Matthew... where would I go?' She thought, glancing around herself.

Then, as if something had hit her mind, her eyes stopped at the big vulcano in the distance.

"We're going to the Vulcano." She muttered before dashing forward toward the direction of the big volcano.

Joseph hurriedly followed behind her and in just a matter of a few minutes, they entered the big vulcano where a notification popped out.

[Volcanic Cave—

Difficulty: Silver+

— A mysterious dungeon that has existed since the beginning of the creation of the Tower. Due to long exposure to high temperatures, this area has become a place where fire-element monsters live.

Current Players: 14]

Without even glancing at the panel, Stacy just walked forward.

"W-wait! Lady Stacy! This is a silver+ dungeon, it's too dangerous!"

"If you're scared, just stay outside and farm yourself then." Stacy simply retorted without even glancing at him.

Hearing her words, Joseph bit his lip in frustration before immediately following her.

He looked like some kind of obedient dog that didn't dare to stay away from his owner.

Slowly, they ventured towards the inside of the Vulcanic Cave and found a lot of monsters which were instantly decimated by Stacy.

'Come on... where are you, Matthew?!' She gritted her teeth as she increased the explosive damage of her powers.

Finally, they reached a door that looked like the entrance to a boss room, just like in every dungeon.

She slowly pushed it open...




"ARGHHH!" Immediately, a bunch of different sounds came out, and in front of her eyes, lay Matthew with deep injuries.

She looked forward and her eyes spread in horror as she saw a giant monster before her.



Her body suddenly started trembling as the monster's red eyes suddenly landed on her figure...


The monster roared, sending a powerful gust of wind that pushed Stacy back against the door she had entered through.

"Keguh!" She groaned as her back slammed into the huge door, watching it close behind her.

Joseph hadn't even entered the room; he stood frozen in fear outside, unable to move.

Slowly, while wiping the blood from her lips, she activated the appraisal ability given by the tower's system.

[Lv. 101 — Vulcanic Skeleton Dragon (ELITE BOSS) [Phase 2]

Health Points: 3.999.999/4.000.000

Strength: 18902 (~189k damage per hit.)

Vitality: 400000

Defense/Endurance: 15000

Agility: 15000

Difficulty Grade: Platinum+++]

"We're... going to die..." she muttered, looking at Matthew as he silently rose from the ground...







Just a few minutes ago...

"Where is this goddamn boss room?" Matthew scratched his head in annoyance as he continued walking forward.

He had already walked several kilometers into the dungeon and still hadn't found it.

"Oh... is this it?" Matthew stopped before a huge door with purple yet exquisite details around it.

Without thinking twice, Matthew immediately slammed it open.

"Now... where's this boss?" He wondered as he entered the boss's room and looked around.

But, to his surprise, he didn't find anything...


[A player has entered the boss room...]

[Alternating difficulty depending on the player's difficulty level...]

[#&&#"? Chaos Level is detected...]

[Forcibly raising the difficulty...]

"Huh... Don't tell me..."




Suddenly, from the sky, the huge skeleton of a dragon appeared with purple flames breming out of its body.

[Immediate Quest: Eliminate the Boss.]

[Rewards: Decided after the completion of the quest.]

[Lv. 101 — Vulcanic Skeleton Dragon (ELITE BOSS)

Health Points: 1.590.000/1.590.000

Strength: 12840 (~129k damage per hit.)

Vitality: 159000

Defense/Endurance: 9200

Agility: 9000

Difficulty Grade: Gold++]

"Oh... fucking hell." Matthew immediately brought out his war scythe.

"Activate [Chaotic One] title!"

[The title has been activated!]

A dark aura enveloped Matthew, and the white star in Matthew's eyes immediately started to glow fiercely.

"Hahh..." Letting out a cold breath, Matthew rushed towards the skeleton as he raised his scythe high.


The dragon's claw met his scythe, sparks flying from the collision. Matthew quickly spun around, aiming for the dragon's ribcage.


His scythe retracted from the impact. The dragon barely flinched, but its health dropped slightly.


The dragon roared, its breath sending waves of scorching heat towards Matthew.

Matthew dodged, rolling to the side and slashing at the dragon's leg.

However, the dragon quickly retaliated with a swipe of its tail, sending Matthew crashing into the wall.


"Keughh—!" Matthew slowly rose from the ground as he brushed his hair backward.

He looked at his hand and saw that it was dirtied by blood, and from the huge headache that rocked against his brain...

It was a bad situation for him.

"This is bad..." Matthew clutched his hand as he glared at the skeleton dragon which had flown to the sky.


— [Desperation!]

Matthew muttered as a dark violet covered his body, sending waves of energy through the ground.

"Put my 69 stat points in Chaotic Force..."

[Chaotic Force ⟶ 289]

"Calculate all the damage..."

[37.367 + 780 (Physique) = 38 147!]

(Chaotic Force is 12,93 times stronger than mana, so its.. 2890*12,93 =37,367.)

(10 Vitality = 100 Health Points... 10 Strength = 100 Damage... and etc.)

[Lv.3 Desperation has been activated!]

[All attributes have been enhanced by three times!]

"Evolve the skill Desperation to level...8!"

[Desperation ⟶ Level 8!]

[All attributes have been enhanced by eight times!]

[Total Damage = 305.176]

[Remaining Time: 3 minutes.]

Looking at the popping notifications, Matthew wiped blood from his mouth as he cracked his neck.

"Round two...!"


He charged again, this time aiming for the dragon's skull. The dragon roared, its mouth opening to unleash a torrent of purple flames.

Matthew leaped into the air, narrowly avoiding the flames, and brought his scythe down on the dragon's head.


[-312.242 HP!]

The dragon's skull cracked, but it still wasn't enough.



Matthew landed and quickly rolled away as the dragon's claw came crashing down where he had been moments before.

However, since the claw stuck itself on the ground, Matthew dashed between the dragon's legs.


Taking the opportunity, he slashed at its spine, trying to break the bones.


The skeleton dragon roared in pain, he was enraged and immediately spun around, swinging its tail at Matthew.


However, Matthew quickly ducked under the tail and countered with a powerful upward slash, aiming for the dragon's jaw.


The dragon staggered, its health bar had now dropped below half, and Matthew just needed a single hit...

"Just one more..." Matthew gripped his scythe tightly and rushed towards the dragon.


With a last struggle, the skeleton dragon sent three tornadoes of purple flames coming out of its mouth.

"...I need to finish this fast..." Matthew muttered.

He gathered his remaining strength and dashed towards the dragon, enveloping his scythe with a ton of chaotic force.

He slashed his scythe at this skull...




A massive explosion of purple flames erupted, sending Matthew flying backward.

He crashed into the wall, blood spurting from his mouth as he felt a huge amount of dausiness hitting his brain.

His entire was sore, but suddenly, he looked up to just see the dragon unleashing a barrage of purple flames around him.

The dragon grew bigger, and the values of its attributes rose as they completely changed for the worse.

[Lv. 101 — Vulcanic Skeleton Dragon (ELITE BOSS) [Phase 2]

Health Points: 3.999.999/4.000.000

Strength: 18902 (~189k damage per hit.)

Vitality: 400000

Defense/Endurance: 15000

Agility: 15000

Difficulty Grade: Platinum+++]

Matthew's eyes seemed to go lip as he saw this screen...


The skeleton dragon roared once again, sending a strong gust of wind that reached the entire boss room...

However, because Matthew was already with his back against the wall, it didn't deal him almost any damage.

"We're... going to die..."

Suddenly, he heard a faint whisper and turned to his right just to see Stacy's figure which was wiping the blood from her lips.

Hearing her words, Matthew bit deeply into his arm and slowly rose to its foot, grabbing his scythe once again...


"Me... dying?" He muttered to himself.

"I'm not going to die. There's still too many questions that I need an answer to." Matthew's start eyes started glowing more intensely.

"Look here..." He said to the skeleton dragon.

"I'm going to kill you... now."


He suddenly threw his scythe to the right, and a notification suddenly rang out...

[You have killed a Fire Elemental and received 50.000 + 25.000 Exp!]

[You have reached level 25.]

[You have unlocked your sealed class—Prince of Darkness.]

[May the Darkness be with you.]