I'm A Little Extra, But Why Are The Villainesses So Obsessed With Me?!

After waking up, Matthew finds himself in a strange world. Here, things like magic, and magical creatures exist. However, as he noticed the familiar name of the crown prince... "Fuck... I really had to enter this freaking novel!?" The reason? He had just entered the world of a reverse harem novel... . . . [Warning]: Homophobic Protagonist, Heavy Plots, Strong Words, Dark Elements/Factors... [Additional Tags]: Fantasy| Adventure| Swords & Magic| Gods| Goddesses| Transmigration| Weak to Strong| System| Sexual Content| Beautiful Female Leads| Multiple Lovers| Milf| Demons| Angels| Mana| Teacher & Student Relationship| Game-Elements| Handsome MC| Smut| Non-Human Characters| Monsters| Dark Elements| Anti-Hero| Ruthless MC| Doting Lovers| Yandere| Obsessive Affection| Cold Female Leads| Villainess| Mermaids...

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55 Chs

A... Realization?

[You're the only player who has received a grade above legendary and will receive the title—"Legend".]



— Rarity: Semi-Mythic

— This title grants the player a 50% experience boost and increases the player's authority to "platinum".


[The rewards will now be granted...]

[+20 All Stats.]

[You've received 5.000 Star Coins.]

[You've received the special passive skill—"Growth".]

[Ding! It's detected that the player already contains a skill related to "Growth"...! Protocol 501 activated... fusing both skills...]

[You've been granted the hidden passive skill—"Demon Growth"]

[Opening status...]


[Matthew #"%#&#?]

Authority: Platinum

Title: Legend

Current Level: 5

Sponsor: [ - ]

[Star Coins]: 5.000

[Stat Points: 15]

[Skill Points: 5]


⋘ Chaotic Force: 201 ⋙

(40 Points for being a 4th-circle mage, 60 points for the trait "Mana Genius", and extra 101 points for the combination of the four types of mana.)

⋘ Physique: 37 ⋙

(The user has combined the four attributes—dexterity, strength, constitution and stamina—into one.)

⋘ Charm: 40 ⋙]

[Active Skills:

⋘ Desperation Lv2 (Need 2 skill points for upgrade) ⋙

⋘ Mermaid's Mark ⋙]

[Passive Skills:

⋘ Yin-Yang Mark ⋙

⋘ Neutral Demon ⋙

⋘ Demon Growth Lv.1 (Need 1 skill point for upgrade) ⋙]


⋘ Goddess Of Luck's Necklace ($/?&##&$"/&#?) ⋙

⋘ Purple Flame Sword (Uncommon) ⋙


Looking at his new status panel, Matthew was completely speechless.

Although he didn't know what the current stats average was right now, he was pretty sure that 201 points in [Chaotic Force] would definitely be among the highest mana statuses.

"Ah... so the attribute [Spades' Paradox] was actually [Chaotic Force], the force that created the universe?" Matthew couldn't help but exclaim.

It really was the most destructive force in the entire universe, after all, it was the one who created the universe itself.

However, Matthew could feel that it wasn't really [Chaotic Force], but probably a very degraded version of it.

Put differently, it was [Chaotic Force], but it was incredibly, incredibly weakened.

"Alright... now let's check this [Demon Growth]... It seems quite interesting. As for my authority... I'll take a look at it later."


Demon Growth Lv.1

— Rarity: Legendary

— This skill allows the user to have a 20% boost in all attributes and grants the user 0.2x times the rewards from any quest-related reward.

— The rewards increase by 0.2x (stacked), and the attributes receive an extra 20% attribute boost as this skill levels up. 


"In other words... if I apply stat points to any of my attributes, I'd receive 1.2 points instead of 1... It's a bit interesting."

"It also means that if I gain a reward like a [+20 All Stats], I'll receive an extra 4 stat points."


[Demon Growth Lv.1 ———> Demon Growth Lv.3]

[Desperation Lv.2 ———> Desperation Lv.3]

[Skill Points: 5 ———> Skill Points: 0]

"This should work for now..." Matthew nodded in satisfaction.

"Now... I need to check my class."

[Please reach Lv. 50]


"Now... I don't know if I'm getting stronger or weaker." Matthew couldn't help but sigh.

It seems that all of his four types of mana had gathered into one, which meant that it would be much stronger...

However, he also lost his class, which was one of the best things he had.

After all... his class had two very precious passive skills that helped him a lot.

"Actually... I have an idea."

Returning back to his dorm, Matthew opened his wardrobe and took out a very precious elixir.

He drank it in one gulp, and his left arm immediately regrew at the speed of a naked eye.

"Strangely... this kind of elixir is only heroic-grade..."

{Master... we have some news.}


{After this "game" reached our planet, we decided to investigate a bit, more especially, about this new "system".}

{Apparently, our strength, instead of decreasing, increased. It seems that there was a barrier around our atmosphere that interrupted the flow of actual "pure mana", which meant that the "mana" we were absorbing was actually "impure mana", which is about 10x weaker than this "pure mana".}

'...So, that's why [Spade' Paradox] actually revealed its true name. Because it had met the condition of having "pure mana"...' Matthew thought inwardly.

It could be the only logical explanation.

"One question, Yumiko. What's your magic status?" Matthew asked as he remembered the words that had appeared for everyone.

{Oh, it's 2570.}


'What the actual fuck!?'


{I was a 9th-circle mana user, which gave 90 points of mana, but along with that, every single bone in my body was filled with "Rune Magic", which granted me 10 magic points for every bone I had put "Rune Magic" into, and since the human body has 206 bones, I got 2060 magic points, that adds up to a total of 2150, and the rest came from my Mana Traits.}

"You... wrote runes in your own bones?"

{Yes, Master. Every "core" member of our society has done that.}

'Really? How crazy are them to take out the skin of the human body to write runes in their own bones?'

Matthew himself thought that he was a bit... crazy, but compared to his subordinates... he didn't sound crazy at all.

"What about other mages... like the top 10 heroes of the Hero Association? Do they have rune Rune Magic in their bodies as well?"

{According to analyses conducted by our society, no one really dared to do that. Or, to put it another way, we should be the most powerful people on the planet at the moment.}

{Nevertheless, it appears that if you are above or A-Rank, the majority of your abilities will be sealed until you hit level 10, at which point they will be equally divided back into your attributes. That essentially means that while we will become even more powerful, the majority of the other A-rank awakeners will also regain their power.}

"Ah, damn..."

'Nyx really created a very overpowered society just for me...'

'However, it feels weird for me still...'

'Since I came here, I always found my life easy. I immediately got the most destructive type of energy in the entire universe; I had a skill that helped me temporarily raise my status enough to defeat people above me...'

'Shit, I even received an overpowered class. And if that wasn't enough, I had a special system prepared just for me.'

'Because of those things, I really became dependent on both Nyx and Gaia. They simply gave me powers and I immediately used them without caring about the consequences of anything.'

'I became too reliant on them and even lost my left arm, which is now healed. What are those two trying to do? Do they want me to simply become so reliant on them that I'll need to "beg" for their help...?'

'If that's true, doesn't it simply mean that I'm just a pawn for them...? However, it feels weird still. Nyx wouldn't sacrifice her powers just to transfer me here, especially when she just mentioned that she wanted to see me face-to-face.'

'There's something wrong here...'

'There's also the possibility that both of them could be lying.'


"Right now, I can't trust anyone."

Matthew sighed deeply.