9 C9 Goals & Exposing a Dark Lord

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The day unfolded in the Jedi Temple, a structured routine of training and discipline that left Peter with little time for personal pursuits. Despite Aayla's persistent pleas, Peter refrained from using his Walkman, fearing the consequences of uptight Jedi Masters finding and confiscating his most prized possession.

'I might actually turn to the dark side if they take my music away…' Peter thought, half joking and half serious.

In order to shut up Aayla and her relentless pestering, which actually continued throughout the entire day, Peter promised to share the music with her the following morning before classes. They would meet in the same storage closet as yesterday and listen to a song or two before breakfast.

Annoyed but relieved, Peter managed to endure the day's trials, eagerly anticipating the solace that his Walkman would bring. From annoying children to tough training and galactic studies Peter endured it all for this moment, when he would come back to his prison-like room and listen to his favorite songs.

But before he could do that, Peter found solace in a long, hot shower, washing away the stress and fatigue of the day. As he finally sank into his bed, he adorned his headphones, pressed play on the cherished Walkman, and a familiar melody enveloped him.

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🎶When I lay me down to die🎶

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The music stirred bittersweet memories, and a fond yet melancholic smile played on Peter's lips. He couldn't help but think of his mother, particularly the time they drove down to the beach in the summer and listened to music all the way there and back.

(A/N: Just a reminder, the memories and souls merged during the reincarnation/transmigration so he's still half Peter Quill. In case anyone forgot.)

Lost in the tunes, he pondered his purpose in this fantastical universe, feeling the weight of a second chance.

His thoughts drifted to his past life, where goals revolved around mundane achievements. Now, in a marvelous galaxy far, far away with all sorts of aliens, tech, and magical powers, Peter longed for something more adventurous. He mulled over possibilities, envisioning a life akin to the Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies he's seen in his past life.

However, stark realities set in… he couldn't replicate that Peter Quill's journey even if he wanted to. The Ravagers, who once served as his makeshift family, met their demise at the hands of Master Windu. Though he was grateful for that due to the weeks of torment they put him through, Peter felt an odd mix of closure and emptiness.

Amid these contemplations, the pressing need for vengeance against Ego, his father and the celestial being who gave his kind and caring mother cancer, lingered. Though aware he wasn't yet ready for the hunt, Peter vowed to avenge his mother when the time came.

'But that's a good goal. Let's add it to the list…' Peter thought as he added 'Killing my father' to the mental list of goals to work towards.

As his mind ventured into darker realms, recalling the reason for his mother's death, Peter's force aura began to darken as well. Yet, the comforting melodies from his Walkman acted as a lifeline, tethering him to control.

In this moment of internal struggle, Peter recognized the power of music not just as a source of joy but as a stabilizing force. It became a tool to rein in the chaotic emotions threatening to overwhelm him, a realization that added a new layer to his appreciation for his mother's Walkman and cassette tapes.

After immersing himself in the melodies to calm his simmering anger, Peter found his thoughts returning to the pressing matter of his future…

Soon enough, a fundamental question lingered in his mind. 'Do I want to stay with the Jedi?'

While the obvious choice seemed to be completing his training and taking full advantage of his situation, Peter couldn't help but question whether the Jedi way aligned with his ideals.

Soon enough, Peter began to realize that the restrictive nature of the Jedi Order's rules would be hard for him to live by.

Just the notion of hiding his Walkman as if it were some sort of prison contraband served as a stark reminder of the Jedi's strict guidelines. It irked Peter to think that as a Jedi, he'd be barred from expressing emotions freely, engaging in romantic pursuits, or pursuing individual wealth and autonomy.

The more he thought about it, the more confining the Jedi Code seemed to be, especially considering Peter's past life as a red-blooded, capitalistic, freedom loving American. If anyone tried to limit him like this in his past life, Peter would have either sued them, or in a worst case scenario he would have pulled out his colt 45 and stood his ground.

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Restrictions on emotions was one that truly stood above everything else. Especially because it brought Anakin Skywalker to a tragic fate. 'If they looked after that kids emotional wellbeing from the beginning, then Darth Vader would have never existed…'

In the end, Peter just couldn't fathom surrendering his autonomy, emotions, and the pursuit of love for the Jedi order.

'Hmm, that's another goal…' Peter thought as he added 'Find love and get married' to the list. After all, he never had time for love and marriage in his last life, which was one of his biggest regrets.

As Peter weighed these considerations, the decision crystallized within him. Once his training was complete, he wouldn't linger long in the ranks of the Jedi. While achieving the rank of Master remained a possibility, he resolved to part ways with the order at the very least upon becoming a Jedi Knight.

The idea of leaving sooner crossed his mind, but Peter suspected that the Jedi Order's protocols likely prevented early departures.

Yet, he harbored no desire to leave prematurely. Instead, he aimed to glean as much knowledge and training as possible before striking out on his own.

His journey within the Jedi Temple wasn't solely about adhering to their doctrines. Peter saw it as an opportunity to accumulate knowledge, skills, and insights. Learning everything he could became a personal goal, a means to empower himself for the journey that lay beyond the confines of the Jedi Order.

'Oh, that's another goal…' Peter thought as he added 'Train and learn everything I can before leaving the Jedi Order' to his mental checklist.

As Peter contemplated his impending departure, a surge of determination coursed through him. He wanted to be prepared, not just as a Jedi but as a being capable of navigating the complexities of the galaxy on his own.

'And that's another goal…' Peter thought as he added 'Become self sufficient' to his mental checklist.

Peter didn't want to have to rely on anyone to survive. If he had to fly or fix a ship, then he should know how to do so. And if he needed money to buy food or other necessities, then he shouldn't have to steal or beg for it.

Peter now has four goals:

•Train and learn everything I can before leaving the Jedi Order

•Become self sufficient

•Kill my Father

•Find Love and get married.

'It's not a bad start…' Peter thought, happy with the nights progress. 'There's still other things to worry about, like what to do about Palpatine, Anakin, and all of the wars to come, not to mention all of the Marvel Villains… but I haven't even been in this universe for a full week. I'll have to take some time to think about that and decide whether or not I want to get involved with that craziness or not. Besides, it's really early and Palpatine is probably still on Naboo, so I should have time to think before acting rashly…'

As Peter wrapped up his mental checklist, the final notes of a song played on his cherished Walkman. Stashing it away, he settled into bed, cautious not to get caught with the device should any Jedi Masters or droids intrude into his room.

The room fell into darkness, and Peter allowed himself to drift off, succumbing to the embrace of much-needed sleep.


After a month of adapting to the mundane, yet rigorous and magical lifestyle within the Jedi Temple, Peter, now fully immersed in his new reality, found his health markedly improved.

The bland, yet healthy meals, regular exercise, and diligent medical care had begun to erase the harsh effects of his previous ordeal. Where once frailty had taken hold, now small signs of muscle began to slowly define his frame, a testament to his resilience and determination.

With his preplanned goals clearly etched in his mind, Peter dedicated himself to his training with fervor. Though he harbored reservations about entangling himself with the many villains of this universe, the looming threat posed by Darth Sidious weighed heavily on him.

Recognizing the peril the Sith Lord represented, Peter resolved to aid the Jedi, albeit in a manner that safeguarded his anonymity and safety.

'Ain't no way I'm just gonna walk up and tell them that Palpatine is a Sith Lord…' He refused.

After all, it would open Peter up to far too many questions and suspicions, not to mention the chances of Sidious finding out and coming after him for revenge.

Which is why Peter's spent the last month thinking on this…

The plan he came up with was straightforward yet fraught with complications: to warn the Jedi Council of Sidious's machinations without exposing his involvement.

Initially, Peter considered leaving anonymous messages in strategic locations within the temple, areas beyond the reach of surveillance cameras. However, the sophistication of this universe's technology presented a daunting challenge; the risk of leaving behind DNA or fingerprints on the papers was a vulnerability Peter could not overlook.

In a moment of inspiration, Peter devised a solution. Utilizing his newfound knowledge of the Force, albeit still rudimentary, he practiced manipulating small objects without direct contact.

Under the cover of night, in the seclusion of his room, Peter honed this skill, focusing on the precision needed to handle paper without leaving a trace of his physical presence.

When he felt confident in his ability, Peter drafted the warnings, his handwriting meticulously disguised. Under the veil of darkness, he employed the Force to levitate the papers, weaving through the temple's corridors with the messages floating silently behind him. Selecting spots devoid of technological surveillance, he deposited the warnings in spots he knew would be discovered by members of the Jedi Council.

'I've done my part, now it's on them to act or not. Either way, I'm not getting involved…' He told himself, unwilling to lose his second chance at life.

As the dawn approached, Peter retreated to his quarters, a mixture of exhaustion and relief marking his features. The messages were simple yet urgent, imploring the Council to heed the shadow growing within the Republics midst, a darkness that threatened not just the Jedi but the very fabric of the galaxy.

Peter knew the days ahead would be fraught with uncertainty. Yet, in his heart, he believed in the necessity of his intervention. For the first time since his arrival, he felt a palpable sense of purpose, a conviction that his presence in this universe could indeed make a difference.

As he lay in bed, the events of the night replaying in his mind, Peter felt couldn't help but feel nervous. 'I just hope they take my message seriously…'


Hours after Peter's clandestine efforts to alert the Jedi Council, the esteemed members convened in a solemn chamber, under the heavy burden of the mysterious warnings they had stumbled upon. The atmosphere was charged with a mixture of skepticism and grave concern, as the councilors debated the origin and veracity of the messages.

Among them, voices of doubt clashed with those advocating caution. "We all know that the Sith are extinct. This is nothing more than a child's jest," one elder Jedi voiced, his words echoing off the ancient walls, met with nods of agreement from several of his peers. Yet, not all were swayed by this dismissal.

"We cannot afford to overlook any potential threat, especially not when it deals with a possible Sith," another countered, her tone firm, urging her fellow councilors to recognize the gravity of the situation. "The Dark Side clouds everything, making it hard to see the truth. We must investigate properly..."

The chamber fell into a thoughtful silence, the weight of their responsibility palpable in the air. It was Yoda, the wisest among them, who finally spoke, his voice resonant with authority and calm. Holding one of the papers delicately between his fingers, he read it: 'Sheeve Palpatine of Naboo is a Sith Lord named Darth Sidious. He's planning to exterminated the Jedi and take over the Galactic Republic. Do with this information as you wish, and good luck…'

(A/N: Just a reminder, Peter doesn't know much about Star Wars besides the movies, and even then he's forgotten a few things, which is why he didn't mention Darth Pagueis.)

"Act hastily, we must not. Yet, ignore this warning, we cannot either," Yoda declared, his words cutting through the uncertainty. "Open an investigation, we shall. A prank this is, waste resources, we might. But if a Dark Lord of the Sith hides among us, and we fail to act, doom ourselves we would."

His declaration settled the matter. The council, now unified by Yoda's guidance, agreed to proceed with caution. A discreet investigation was to be launched, one that would delve into the shadows of the Republic, seeking the truth behind the ominous warnings left by the mysterious informant.

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