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As a young Peter Quill slowly starves to death in a prison cell on Yondu’s Ravager ship, another soul appears and merges with his body, causing the two souls to mix and become one. A child who lost his mother to cancer and was abducted by space pirates in the very same night… A middle-aged man from another universe with all sorts of future knowledge packed into his head… Both trapped in a much darker version of the MCU. Oh! And it’s Star Wars as well! Male Lead/Main Character: Peter Quill or Star-Lord Female Lead/Love Interest(s): ????? (A/N: I was thinking of having two partners for Peter since Star-Lord is known to be promiscuous, but we’ll see. IDK yet.) If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Advanced chapters are available there. www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

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C22 Choosing a Jedi Master?

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When Peter's eyes fluttered open, the sterile white of the med bay greeted him, harsh and uncompromising. Through the narrow window, he glimpsed the streaks of starlight stretching into the blur of hyperspace, a sure sign they were en route back to the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

The realization that he wasn't trapped in the cave sparked a moment of relief, but that was quickly overtaken by a surge of panic… his hand was empty!

A memory, vivid and undeniable, clawed its way into the forefront of his mind: his Kyber crystal, its weight a comforting presence in his palm, even as he fell unconscious and collapsed within the cave.

The thought of having left it behind sent a wave of dread crashing over him. He scrambled to search his surroundings—beneath the sheets, through the folds and pockets of his clothes, across the sparse tabletops—desperation mounting with each passing second.

Abruptly, the door to the med bay swung open, cutting through his frantic search. Yoda came walking inside, and in his hand gleamed Peter's Kyber crystal, its black core and white halo unmistakable even from a distance.

"Looking for this, were you?" Yoda's voice, as calm and steady as always, broke through the chaos of Peter's thoughts.

Relief flooded Peter as he reached out to take the crystal, the connection between them reigniting the moment his fingers brushed against its surface. The anxiety that had gripped him eased, replaced by a sense of wonder and a bond that felt unbreakable.

Yoda watched him for a moment, his eyes reflecting a mix of curiosity and understanding. "Rare, it is, to find a crystal such as this," he finally spoke, breaking the silence. "The darksaber, its only known predecessor, you have heard of, hmm?"

Peter nodded, "Which youngling hasn't heard about the Darksaber?"

The darksaber, a legendary weapon whispered about in tales of Mandalorian warriors and Jedi alike, had been taught to him and every other youngling in their history class.

The Darksaber is an ancient and unique black-bladed lightsaber created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order. The weapon was kept in the Jedi Temple after Vizsla's passing, but members of House Vizsla stole the saber in a conflict with the Jedi during the fall of the Old Republic.

It's said that whoever wields Darksaber can rule all of Mandalore.

"This crystal, like the darksaber, is unique. Imbued with a powerful connection to the Force, it is. Strong and resilient, the bond it forms with its wielder, hmm." Yoda continued, his gaze fixed on the crystal now cradled in Peter's hand.

The significance of what he held dawned on Peter, a mix of pride and awe washing over him. Here, in his grasp, was not just a symbol of his trials and triumphs within the caves of Illum, but one of the rarest Kyber crystal types known to man.

With the black and white crystal once again in his possession, Peter followed Yoda out of the med bay, a blend of relief and anticipation threading through his steps.

Navigating through the ship, they entered a large cabin, alive with the hum of activity and the soft glow of various colored Kyber crystals.

Inside, fellow examinees, their faces set in determination, were huddled around workstations, guided by the steady hands of a master craftsman. This craftsman moved among the budding Jedi, offering insights into the delicate art of lightsaber construction.

Amidst the buzz of excitement and creation, Peter's gaze drifted to a quieter corner of the room. There, under a shadow of disappointment, sat a small group with downcast eyes.

These were the ones who had ventured into the caves yet emerged without a crystal, their hopes of becoming a padawan dashed by the unforgiving trials. Peter's heart sank for them.

After all, he was almost one of them.

It was then that he caught sight of Aayla seated among the dejected group. Surprise etched itself across his face. Aayla had seemed certain to succeed.

Confusion clouded his thoughts, but before Peter could voice his concern, Aayla noticed him. Her reaction was instantaneous; she leaped to her feet and closed the distance between them in a few swift strides.

"Peter, you're alright!" Aayla's voice was a mix of relief and worry as she bombarded him with questions about his wellbeing, her eyes scanning him for any sign of lingering harm.

A smile broke across Peter's face, his worries momentarily forgotten. "I'm fine, Aayla. Just took a little nap, is all," he joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Aayla's tense features softened, her relief palpable. She had been fraught with worry when he was carried unconscious out of the caves, the sight haunting her until now.

Observing her subdued aura, Peter's smile faded, replaced by a frown of empathy. "Hey, it's okay. You can try for a crystal again next year," he offered, trying to find the words to comfort her.

Aayla looked at him, a brow arched in confusion. "Why would I need to try again?" she asked, her tone laced with genuine puzzlement.

Before Peter could respond, Aayla's hand moved to reveal a crystal, gleaming with a brilliant blue hue. "I didn't fail, Peter. I was waiting for you," she said, her smile radiating joy and pride. "I wanted us to build our lightsabers together!"

In that moment, Peter felt a wave of warmth rush through him. "Then, I guess we better get to work," he said, as they turned towards the workstations, their crystals in hand.

Peter took his spot at an open workstation alongside Aayla, immediately getting to work.

Despite not being the most technologically adept, Peter had learned much from Aayla over the past three years. His confidence, although not the best when it comes to these sorts of things, felt unwavering today.

Laying out the lightsaber components before him, Peter felt a thrill of anticipation. Each piece, from the smallest power connector to the curved hilt he envisioned, held the promise of a masterpiece forged by his own hands.

The master craftsman, noticing Peter's meticulous preparation, offered guidance, explaining the purpose and assembly of each component with patient clarity.

As Peter pieced together his lightsaber, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. He had chosen a curved hilt design, the curve allowing him to slash and lunge at his opponents with greater precision.

This wasn't just any lightsaber; it would be an extension of himself, a partner in the battles to come.

However, the moment he laid his black and white Kyber crystal on the table, a hush fell over the room.

Aayla's eyes widened in astonishment, mirroring the shock that rippled through the nearby examinees. Whispers spread like wildfire, the name "Darksaber" murmured with a blend of reverence and disbelief.

Aayla, recovering from her initial surprise, leaned closer to Peter. "That crystal... it's incredible," she said, her voice a mixture of awe and curiosity. "I've never seen anything like it."

Peter, feeling a surge of pride, simply nodded. "Yeah, it's something special," he admitted, his focus returning to the task at hand. He refused to let the murmurs distract him.

With a steady hand, he began the intricate process of integrating the crystal into the lightsaber's heart. The matte black design he envisioned took shape, sleek and imposing, the curved hilt fitting perfectly in his grip. It was more than he had hoped for—a weapon that was not only cool-looking but exceptionally effective in combat.

[Insert picture of Count Dooku's lightsaber here] (A/N: But Matte black)

As the final piece clicked into place, Peter activated his lightsaber for the first time. The room fell into a deeper silence as the blade ignited, casting a black and white glow that illuminated his proud smile.

The power and connection he felt were immediate, the lightsaber humming with a life of its own.

Aayla, standing by his side, smiled widely. "Peter, it's... it's amazing," she said, her admiration clear.

The room erupted into hushed murmurs, the mix of awe, shock, excitement, jealousy was palpable. Even the craftsman was stunned into silence, his mouth hanging open.

As Peter stood admiring his newly forged Darksaber, a voice beside him announced a completion of another kind.

Aayla radiated with satisfaction and triumph. She had spent considerable time tweaking and perfecting every detail of her lightsaber, her dedication evident in the gleaming blue blade that now hissed into existence.

"Congratulations, Aayla, it's beautiful." Peter said, his voice warm as he turned to admire her handiwork. The blue light reflected in his eyes, casting them in a surreal glow, mirroring the sense of camaraderie that filled the air.

As time marched on, one by one, students completed their sabers, their faces alight with the joy of their achievement. The cabin, once filled with the tension of creation, now hummed with excited chatter and the shared experience of success.

The journey back to Coruscant was a flurry of curiosity and admiration. Peter found himself the center of attention, his fellow examinees bombarding him with questions about his unique Darksaber crystal. Their intrigue was palpable, their eyes hungry for the story behind the enigmatic weapon in his grasp.

Yet, Peter kept what truly happened to himself. With a shrug and a wry smile, he brushed off their questions, saying only that he found the crystal as anyone would find theirs.

Upon their arrival on Coruscant, the city-planet greeted them with its familiar blend of chaos and order, a welcome backdrop to their return.

The towering spires of the Jedi Temple stood as a beacon, calling them home. Peter, eager to test out his new Darksaber, made his way towards the training grounds, his steps light with anticipation.

"Peter," came a voice, calm and resonant, grasping his attention. Yoda stood there, motioning for him to come along. "Follow me, you must."

Guided by Yoda, Peter found himself before the Jedi Council, the weight of the moment settling upon his shoulders. "Umm, what's this about, if you don't mind me asking?" he asked, wondering if he was in trouble for something.

Mace Windu's voice broke the silence, authoritative yet laced with genuine curiosity. "Peter Quill, you stand before us having demonstrated exceptional skill and ability. Your victory in the dueling competition has granted you a rare privilege among Jedi—the right to choose your own master. Whom do you choose?"

The room fell into an even deeper silence, the weight of his decision palpable in the air. Every member of the council, their faces filled with expectation, awaited the chosen one's answer.

Peter's gaze shifted between Yoda and Windu, two figures who he has come trust and respect. They both knew of his secret, the Walkman, yet they had kept it to themselves, safeguarding one of his most prized possession.

The weight of decision hung heavy in the air, every eye in the room fixed upon him, awaiting his choice. Peter opened his mouth, his decision clear in his heart, "I choose..."

The room held its breath, the anticipation rising as each council member hoped they'd be chosen. After all, who wouldn't want the honor to be the chosen one's master?



Finally, Peter came to a decision, "I choose, Master Windu!"

A/N: 1900 words :) For those who wanted Yoda to be his master, don't worry, I have a plans for a sort of two master system, technically three if you count Revan. You'll see soon enough… ps- The first Marvel/MCU arc starts now that Peter is a Padawan!




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