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As a young Peter Quill slowly starves to death in a prison cell on Yondu’s Ravager ship, another soul appears and merges with his body, causing the two souls to mix and become one. A child who lost his mother to cancer and was abducted by space pirates in the very same night… A middle-aged man from another universe with all sorts of future knowledge packed into his head… Both trapped in a much darker version of the MCU. Oh! And it’s Star Wars as well! Male Lead/Main Character: Peter Quill or Star-Lord Female Lead/Love Interest(s): ????? (A/N: I was thinking of having two partners for Peter since Star-Lord is known to be promiscuous, but we’ll see. IDK yet.) If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Advanced chapters are available there. www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

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C19 Jedi Initiate Exam (2/2)

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**Second, to the people who are commenting that Peter is grooming/manipulating Aayla, he is not, full stop. They have a sibling relationship. There has been zero romance. The reason that I've even begun to focus on Aayla in the story is to build up her character, as she will later join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Anyway, enjoy the chapters :)

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After Peter's demonstration, the examination room brimmed with a newfound energy. His peers, motivated by his audacious display, approached the test with vigor, each striving to prove their own worth.

Yet, despite their efforts, none could overshadow the spectacle that Peter had created. The boulders, which to others seemed immovable, had only budged under his command, setting a benchmark far beyond reach.

As almost everyone had their turn, their scores tallied up and recorded, soon enough, the attention shifted as Aayla stepped forward.

As the youngest among them, she faced nothing but skepticism from her peers. Her focus, however, was unyielding. Approached a set of sizable rocks and small boulders, her face morphing into a look of serious concentration.

As she extended her hands, the stones stirred, lifting smoothly off the ground. One by one, they ascended, orbiting around her in a display of Force control that silenced the room.

Her performance, while not as grandiose as Peter's, was precise, measured, and undeniably powerful. When the last stone settled back onto the floor, a respectful silence enveloped the room, a collective acknowledgment of her undeniable skill.

Peter's eyes sparkled with pride as he watched Aayla, "You did amazing, Aayla." Her achievement was a direct testament to their hard work throughout the past week.

As the results were announced, another wave of disappointment washed over the room. Five more examinees were asked to leave, having failed to meet the test's requirements. Peter watched them go, a twinge of sympathy in his heart.

But on a happier note, Aayla finished in second-place, only topped by Peter's monstrous score. Seeing an 8 year old child ahead of them seemed to shatter the preconceptions of her peers, earning her a newfound respect among the examinees.

The air was thick with anticipation as the remaining participants awaited the next test, their breaths held in suspense. "…"

Yoda walks over, his eyes sweeping over the crowd. "The third test, a dueling competition it will be. Assess your ability, I will," he announced.

Murmurs rippled through the crowd, a blend of confidence, anxiety, and raw determination.

Among the participants, Aayla's face was the image of nervous anticipation. The training with Peter, rigorous and demanding, had pushed her to new limits, but the uncertainty of real combat worried her.

Peter noticed her unease, offering a pat on the head and a reassuring smile that seemed to say, 'You've got this.' A simple gesture, yet it was enough to calm her nerves.

Peter himself was the epitome of confidence. His experiences sparring with Revan and other Jedi Masters had honed his skills to a fine edge. The prospect of facing his peers in combat didn't worry him one bit; if anything, he was curious how they would fare against him.

Suddenly, the announcement took a turn as Yoda added, "The victor, the privilege to choose their own Master will be granted, should they pass the final test and become a padawan, hmm."

Instantly, a wave of exhilaration swept through the crowd. The opportunity to choose one's Master was unheard of, a direct path to avoiding the heartache of rejection, a fear that lingered in the back of every youngling's mind.

After all, stories of padawans left unchosen were all too common in the Jedi Temple, tales that had sown seeds of doubt and fear in every soon to be padawan.

Aayla's gaze swept across the hopeful faces, sensing their eagerness, their dreams hanging on the precipice of this moment. Yet, a pang of empathy tugged at her heart; these hopeful kids, unaware of the force they were about to confront, had never seen Peter in his element, as they weren't a part of the bear clan.

Peter, catching her gaze turning to him, offered a devilish smile, an unspoken acknowledgment of the storm that was about to descend on the unsuspecting younglings.

These kids had no idea how screwed they really were.

With the third test explained, silence enveloped the room as Grandmaster Yoda turned his attention to the space before them. With a gentle raise of his hands, the very air seemed to thrum with his power.

The children watched, wide-eyed and mouths agape, as dozens and dozens of rocks and boulders, each varying in size and shape, began to levitate. It was far more than he had lifted in his earlier demonstration as well, making Peter wonder just seeing Yoda really was?

'He seems stronger than the Yoda I saw in the movies…'

Effortlessly, as if conducting an orchestra, Yoda arranged the floating geological wonders into the semblance of an arena. The rocks and boulders interlocked, creating boundaries that transformed the room into a makeshift arena.

Turning back to the assembly of young hopefuls, Yoda's gaze lingered on Peter, whose performance in the previous tests had not gone unnoticed. With a nod, Yoda addressed him, "Since first place in the second test you have secured, not fight until the last match, you will."

Basically, he was granting Peter a bye for the tournament, securing him a position in the grand finals.

Instantly, murmurs of discontent and jealousy rippled through the crowd of examinees, some bold enough to voice their complaints. But the decision of Master Yoda was as unmoving as the stones that now formed their arena.

Unbeknownst to them, Yoda's decree was a mercy disguised as favoritism. Having led the bear clan and sparred with Peter on multiple occasions, Yoda understood that Peter's skill with a lightsaber was far beyond their own.

In sparing them an early defeat at his hands, Yoda was offering them the chance to demonstrate their own abilities without facing the insurmountable challenge that was Peter Quill.

After all, although this is a tournament style competition, they didn't have to win in order to pass the test. A loss in the first round could still constitute a passing grade as long as their abilities are up to Yoda's standards.

And on the other side of that coin, the winner of the grand finals could still fail to pass the test if they show qualities that Yoda finds unbecoming of a Jedi Padawan, such as aggressive behavior.

As the crowd calmed, the first two fighters were called upon. "Aayla Secura and Aurra Sing," Yoda's voice, though soft, carried a weight that immediately drew eyes towards the named younglings.

Aayla, flinching as her name was called, her heart pounding, and Aurra, a humanoid girl with skin as pale as paper. who walked into the arena with a swagger that spoke volumes of her confidence.

[Insert picture of Aurra Sing here]

Peter noticed Aayla's anxious gaze. With a gentle pat on her back, he leaned in, his voice a blend of comfort and mischief. "You got this, Aayla. Just remember what we practiced," he encouraged, his smile warm and comforting. As she drew in a deep, steadying breath, he added with a sly grin, "And hey, while you're at it, make sure to wipe the floor with her..."

A snort of laughter broke from Aayla, the tension in her shoulders easing as Peter's words worked their magic. With newfound confidence, she stepped into the arena, her focus narrowing to the figure waiting for her. Taking a breath, she glanced back at Peter, who responded with a thumbs up and an encouraging smile, fueling her resolve.

As the two competitors faced each other, Yoda approached, two training sabers levitating serenely behind him. The Grandmaster, now the referee, commanded a respect that quieted even the most eager murmurs from the spectators.

After listing off the rules, Yoda instructed Aayla and Aurra to bow to each other, an act of mutual respect before their inevitable clash. Handing them their sabers, he stepped back, and with a nod, the duel began.

Aurra Sing made the first move, igniting her sword as she rushed forward, smashing toward Aayla's right shoulder.

Aayla, initially on the defensive, parried the attack, her movements swift as she attempted a counter attack. The clash of their sabers filled the arena, each hit a testament to their skill and determination.

Aayla's strategy was to outmaneuver, using her agility to stay one step ahead of Aurra's seemingly aggressive assaults. She ducked and weaved, finding openings to counterattack, her blue saber a blur of motion. Aurra, undeterred, pressed on, her own saber strikes aiming to overpower her opponent.

Peter watched from the side lines, wincing every time Aayla was struck and perking up every time she landed a strike of her own, the entire battle a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

As the fight dragged on, Aayla, seizing a fleeting moment, kicked out her opponents left leg, leaving Aurra momentarily off-balance, an opening in her aggressive fighting style.

Capitalizing on this, Aayla landed a decisive, yet controlled, strike against Aurra's head, sending her sprawling to the floor and marking the end of the match.

Instantly, the room erupted into applause, a mix of relief and admiration at the display of skill and sportsmanship. Aayla, panting but victorious, offered Aurra a hand to help her up, a kind gesture of camaraderie.

Aurra, on the other hand, wasn't taking her lose to a girl four years younger than her very well. So instead of accepting Aayla's hand, she slapped it away and stood up on her own.

Yoda frowned as the slap echoed across the arena, his face marred in disappointment. "…"

Aurra seemed to notice this as well, her white cheeks reddening in embarrassment and shame as she looked around the room, realizing that everyone was staring in her direction.

Humiliated by her behavior, Aurra fled the room, tears threatening to breach her proud exterior. As she ran off, Peter felt a stir of compassion and was about to follow, but Aayla beat him to it.

Aayla dashed after her former opponent, full of concern, she exclaimed, "I'll be right back!"

Yoda's response was a smile, his eyes twinkling with approval at Aayla's display of camaraderie and understanding. Peter, witnessing this, shrugged off his initial impulse to chase after Aurra, trusting Aayla to handle the situation.

As the first duel concluded, Yoda resumed the tournament, methodically calling out names for the next matchups. The competitors stepped forward, each carrying the weight of their ambitions into the makeshift arena.

Midway through the tournament, the doors swung open to reveal Aayla and Aurra, now side by side, their earlier confrontation seemingly dissolved into a budding friendship. Their return was a pleasant surprise, especially for Peter, who was genuinely happy to see Aayla making friends other than himself.

'Good, it's a girl too…' Peter was relieved, as he knew Aayla needed someone to go to for women related questions and problems. 'Wait… Do Twi'leks even go through puberty like humans do?'

He didn't know… but either way, he was happy for his friend.

As Aurra hesitantly glanced toward Yoda, who noticed her arrival, she found a kind, understanding smile on his green face, which surprised her. She expected a lot worse, but it seemed she wasn't in too much trouble.

With Aayla back, the tournament pressed on until finally, the grand finals arrived: a duel between Peter Quill and Aayla Secura.

Aayla, having displayed a remarkable streak of victories since her return, faced Peter with a mix of resolve and anticipation. She knew that she couldn't win, but this duel was her moment to show Peter all that she's learned from him.

As they took their positions, the room hushed, the weight of the final duel pressing down on the spectators. Peter offered Aayla an encouraging nod, "Show me what you got. I don't want to see any holding back..."

"I won't…" Aayla replied, clearly taking this fight very seriously.

The duel commenced with Yoda's gentle command, the air crackling with the ignited sabers' hum. Aayla, agile and determined, boldly launched the first strike. Her saber, a blur of blue, arced towards Peter, who parried with effortless grace, his movements fluid and measured.

Peter admired Aayla's technique, her improvements evident in each thrust and parry. However, his experience and skill as a duelist allowed him to anticipate her moves, countering with precision that left little room for her to advance.

Aayla, undeterred, pressed on, her every attack fierce and unyielding. She maneuvered around Peter, seeking any opening, her saber dancing in a whirlwind of light. But Peter wouldn't be beaten so easily, his counterattacks a gentle reminder of the gap in their abilities.



The duel lasted far longer than any other, as soon enough, Peter began calling out Aayla's mistakes as she continued her onslaught. "Rotate your hips! That last strike was far too weak…" He corrected, his demeanor calm and collected, easily batting away ever single strike she could throw at him.

The crowd watched in shock, finally realizing why Yoda showed Peter such favoritism. He was on a whole other level compared to them. And worst of all, the strongest of them all, Aayla, was being taught during their match like this was some sort of spar between master and disciple.

As the duel continued, soon enough, Aayla began to run out of steam, her breath quickening as fatigue started to show. Spotting this, Peter appeared beside her in a burst of force enhanced speed, striking at her sword hand, knocking her saber into the air as it clatter on the floor.

"The winner, we have!" Yoda announced, gesturing to Peter.

Holding his sword to her neck, Peter smiled, "You've improved a lot since our last spar. I'm proud of you…"

Aayla, though bested, smiled, her face lighting up in excitement as Peter's words echoed in her ears. Slapping his saber aside, she leaped forward, wrapped him in a tight hug.

Returning her hug, Peter glanced over at Yoda, knowing that shows of affection, like this one, are frowned upon in the Jedi order. But funnily enough, Yoda was literally looking the other way, pretending as if he didn't see them.

Frowning, Peter began to regret all of the times he was paranoid of Yoda, deciding to put a little bit more trust and faith in him in the future. 'But I should still be careful…'

After all, not all Jedi are so lenient and understanding when it comes to the rules.



As yet another line of failed students left the room, Aaylas new friend among them, only a couple dozen examinees remained, including Peter and Aayla, of course.

Drawing everyone attention to himself, Yoda spoke, explaining the final part of exam. "Tomorrow, the last test will be, hmm. The Gathering, it is. Your bags, pack, you must. Leave for Illum, we will."

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