16 C16 Purification?!

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As Revan's voice filled the ancient chamber with the tenets of the Grey Jedi Code, a shift occurred within Peter. His body, previously slumped in exhaustion, suddenly began to levitate, suspended a few feet above the cold, stone floor. A soft glow emanated from him, pushing back the nearby shadows.

Revan halted mid-sentence, his eyes widening in disbelief. The air around them seemed to vibrate with energy, charged by the force itself. 'What the…?'

The Sith Lord, seasoned in the ways of the dark side and familiar with countless Force phenomena, recognized the significance of this moment. Peter was not just meditating; he was experiencing enlightenment, a rare moment of pure connection with the Force.

Standing before his young apprentice, Revan felt a surge of power emanating from Peter, a balance in the Force that he hadn't sensed in anyone for ages. It was a harmony of light and dark, intertwining yet distinct, flowing through Peter with an ease that was both astonishing and unnerving.

In that moment, Revan understood the potential of the boy before him. Peter was not merely a diamond in the rough; he was a force prodigy, possessing a natural affinity for balance that many spent lifetimes striving to achieve but never quite grasping.

This was not the result of training or discipline, though Peter certainly didn't slack in either department, but an innate connection to the Force that transcended the traditional boundaries of Sith and Jedi teachings.

Out of nowhere, a thought crossed Revan's mind, a question that had been debated by both Sith Lords and Jedi Masters for generations, 'Is Peter really the chosen one, prophesied to bring balance to the Force?' The very notion seemed improbable, yet the evidence was before him, levitating in a state of peace and power.

Revan approached Peter cautiously, observing the calm that had enveloped him. There was no fear, no agitation, just a serene acceptance of the Force flowing through him. It was a sight to behold, a testament to the potential within every being to touch the fabric of the universe in their unique way.

The room fell silent, the only sound being the soft hum of energy surrounding Peter.

Revan, for all his knowledge and power, stood humbled by the display. The sight before him was not just rare; it was unprecedented.

However, the marvels of the day were far from over. Without warning, Peter, still suspended in mid-air, began to move. His body, bathed in the gentle luminescence of Force enlightenment, glided with purpose towards the Sith shrine situated atop the pyramid.

The air around him rippled with the energy of his passage, as if the very Force itself was parting to ease his journey.

"Peter!" Revan called out, his voice a mixture of concern and awe. But it was as if Peter was entranced in a world of his own, beyond the reach of mere words.

Revan could only watch as his apprentice approached the dark monument that had, for centuries, been a conduit of a massive amount of dark side energy.

Upon reaching the pinnacle of the pyramid, Peter, still in that balanced state, extended his hands towards the shrine. The energy surrounding him intensified, illuminating the hieroglyphs and ancient symbols etched into the stone.

What followed was nothing short of miraculous. Waves of energy, both dark and light, began to oscillate around the shrine, intertwining and then separating in a harmonious dance. The dark energy that had long tainted the shrine and the force nexus it was connected to began to purify, but it wouldn't be that easy.

The shrine, sensing the presence of an entity capable of challenging its centuries-old power, began to react violently.

The ground trembled beneath them as the shrine, unwilling to be taken lightly, summoned its dark reserves. From the shadowy crevices of the pyramid, tendrils of pure darkness emerged, writhing like snakes preparing to strike. They lashed out towards Peter, driven by the malevolent will of the shrine, seeking to extinguish the light threatening its existence.

Revan, watching from afar, his spectral form flickering with the intensity of the moment, felt a surge of fear for his apprentice. With a desperate attempt to intervene, he reached out with his remaining connection to the dark side, trying to shield Peter from the impending assault.

However, his efforts were in vain. As a Force ghost, his powers were a mere shadow of what they once were, and the backlash from the shrine's counterattack sent shockwaves through his spiritual form, forcing him down to his ethereal knees.

But the shrine had underestimated its opponent. As the dark tendrils neared, a remarkable transformation occurred within Peter.

Unconsciously tapping into the dark side, he seized control of the menacing energies, halting their advance with an unseen force. Then, with the serenity of a seasoned Jedi, he channeled the light side of the Force, disintegrating the tendrils into nothingness.

The pyramid quaked as its dark energies were purged, the tendrils evaporating before they could so much as graze Peter's skin. He remained suspended in air, a beacon of balance amidst the chaos, untouched and unharmed.

Revan, now slowly regaining his composure, could only watch in awe. With the tendrils gone, Peter had just enough time to purify the last of the shrine, morphing it into a state of equilibrium.

Even the force nexus, which had been tainted in the energies of the dark side for thousands of years, had returned to balance, neither light nor dark.

The pyramid, once a bastion of darkness, now stood as a monument to balance, purified by a child.

Revan, witnessing the event, felt a mixture of shock and enlightenment. The very foundations of his understanding of the Force were being challenged and reshaped. Never in his years, not as a Sith Lord nor as a Jedi, had he seen such a raw manipulation of the Force's very essence.

But then, as quickly as it began, the spectacle ended. Peter, the architect of this unprecedented act, fell from the air, his body succumbing to gravity as he collapsed onto the stone floor below, unconscious.

"Peter!" Revan called out again, rushing to his apprentice's side. But there was no response. Peter lay still, deep in a sleep that was as much a collapse from exhaustion as it was a retreat into recovery.

Revan, kneeling beside him, checking him over and found not a single injury, his body simply wracked with an overwhelming amount of exhaustion and fatigue.

'Thank the force he's okay…' Revan sighed in relief as he began to realize just how important his apprentice really was.

The Sith Lord could only marvel at the young man's resilience and power. The display he had just witnessed went beyond the teachings of the Sith, beyond the doctrines of the Jedi. Peter Quill had touched something universal, something foundational to the Force itself.

In his silence, Revan pondered the significance of what had transpired. The shrine, once a symbol of division and conflict between the dark and the light, now stood purified, its energies balanced. And Peter, an 11 year old boy, had achieved what countless Sith Lords and Jedi Masters had failed to accomplish.

True balance…

As Revan watched over Peter, ensuring his safety in the aftermath of such monumental exertion, he couldn't help but wonder about the future…



Peter's eyes flickered open to the coarse touch of the hard stone beneath him, his mind momentarily clouded, unable to recall how he ended up at the pinnacle of the Sith shrine. 'Huh? Did I pass out?'

He gingerly sat up, rubbing the back of his head, greeted by the same ancient, eerie structure of the Sith Shrine, only this time he couldn't feel any dark side energy radiating from it, which was odd.

"Did I pass out from all that force running?" Peter mumbled to himself, recalling the exhaustive training session with Revan. It wouldn't have been the first time his body gave out after pushing himself too hard, but this... this felt different.

Before he could further ponder his situation, a shadow loomed over him. Peter looked up to see Revan, his expression a mix of worry and awe. "You're awake. How do you feel? Do you remember what happened?" Revan bombarded him with questions, his tone laced with an urgency Peter couldn't quite place.

Peter blinked up at Revan, his confusion mounting. "Uhh, if by 'what happened' you mean my impromptu nap here, then no. I remember you telling me about the Grey Jedi Code. I started meditating for a moment, and feeling all of my stress melt away, but that's it, I think… Why, did I miss something fun?"

Revan's face softened, though the concern never quite left his eyes. "You... You don't remember purifying the shrine? Using the Force to balance its energy?" he asked, his voice a mixture of disbelief and wonder.

Peter's eyebrows shot up. "I did what now?" he asked, genuinely perplexed. Purifying an ancient Sith shrine sounded like something better said than done, far beyond any feat he imagined himself capable of. "I think I'd remember doing something like that. Are you sure the dark side energy isn't getting to you, old man?"

Revan took a deep breath, his gaze shifting between Peter and the now dormant shrine. "It seems you did it unconsciously. No, the Force must have guided you… You've done what many believed impossible. This shrine, it's been a source of dark energy for millennia. But you... you've somehow balanced it."

Peter's eyes widened in disbelief. He looked around, half-expecting to see some sign of his extraordinary deed. But aside from the peaceful energy that now permeated the area, there was nothing. "Balanced, huh? Cool…"

Revan couldn't help but chuckle, despite the gravity of the situation. "Yes, 'cool', I suppose. Whatever that means these days…"

"Boomer…" Peter commented, but Revan didn't seem to understand that either.

Ignoring the odd vocabulary of his apprentice, Revan suddenly remembered something, his voice urgent. "Peter, the sun will rise soon. You must leave now if you intend to make it back in time."

Peter's eyes snapped open wide, a spark of alarm igniting within him. With effort, he pushed himself up, feeling the groan of his muscles, a testament to the rigorous training and exertions that his body has gone through recently.

But despite the aches that screamed with every movement, there was an underlying sense of accomplishment, a feeling that something monumental had transpired. 'Maybe I really did purify the shine?'

He scrambled to his feet, his movements stiff and awkward. "Right, yeah, I gotta go," Peter managed to say, his voice hoarse.

As he turned to leave, Revan's voice halted him. "Remember, return again tonight. Our work is far from finished."

"Hell no!" Peter immediately refused. "I'm sleeping the whole night tonight. I'm a growing boy after all. I'll see you tomorrow night though…" he dashed off into the dimly lit corridor that led back to the exit, giving his master no time to complain.

As Peter finally slipped into his room, unnoticed by anyone, he checked the time and let out a tired sigh, realizing that he wouldn't be getting anymore sleep tonight.

Sadly, sleep was a luxury he couldn't afford. At least not at the moment.

Peter slumped onto his bed for a brief moment, the weight of his exhaustion pressing down on him like a physical force. But the day beckoned unforgivingly.

With a resigned groan, Peter got up and prepared for breakfast before classes started, the excitement of the night's discoveries shadowed by his growing exhaustion.

Yet, as he headed out, a part of him couldn't help but feel exhilarated. Underneath the fatigue and the longing for sleep was the undeniable truth that he resonated with a new Jedi Code and somehow purified a dark side shrine, which was attached to a force nexus.

'Does this make me more bada*s than the original Star-Lord?' He wondered, comparing himself to his movie counterpart. But ultimately, he shrugged uncaringly. 'I guess it doesn't really matter… I'll just keep doin' me…'

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