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Husband For Hire


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Is it possible to hire a husband? Well yes. Olivia is the adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the owners of Aermia, the top perfume producing company in the country. She has passion for everything else in the world except getting married and falling in love. But after seeing Jason, her long-time wish will finally come true, getting a fake husband. Jason and Olivia meet for the first time at a bar she visits often. Olivia overhears Jason’s conversation with a friend about his desperate need for a job. She introduces herself to him with a contract marriage proposal which he eventually accepts after thinking it through. "Hi, I'm Olivia." Olivia introduced herself as she waved her hand under his face. "What do you want from me?" Jason asked with a blank expression, still staring at his phone. "You need a job, don't you?" Olivia answered back with a question. "Were you listening to my conversation?" Jason finally looked at her as he arched his brow. "I didn't mean to but , yes." Olivia was trying her best to be polite and not ruin her plans. "Yes, I need a job. So, what is it you want?" Jason asked, sounding calm and irritated at the same time. "I have a nice offer you won't be able to resist," Olivia said looking more serious than ever. "And what could that be?" Jason asked, sounding more interested in the topic. "Marry me." There was no hint of un-seriousness in her voice. To find out what happens next, join in this journey of romance and passion. Note: The cover is not mine, all credit goes to the creative owner. This work is original and also fictional, feel free to tell me what you think about it. Instagram page: Colourful_ercy


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