Hundred Times Income Multiplier System

Jack Alfonso, the seventh child of the youngest generation of the Alfonso family of Crystal city goes through a lot of trouble at home. His mother dies when he was still fifteen years old. Then, things get worse as he’s bullied by his older half siblings. In the end, he decided that since the Alfonso family couldn’t help him in this life, he would just have to look for a way by himself. He decides to use the small amount of money that he’d been saving since he was thirteen till he was nineteen. He leaves Crystal city that was under full influence of Alfonso family and goes to a backward city, Inchoate city where he starts a small business. Who knew that he when he received his first income, he received a prompt that startled him. [Ding! Congratulations on activating the Hundred Times Income Multiplier.] [Ding! You’ve earned three hundred dollars. Multiplier applied. You’ve received thirty thousand dollars.] [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a Suzuki GSX-R1000] [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a custom made Bugatti Veyron.] [Ding! The system can assist you. You’ll be rewarded with the professional driving skills. But, you’ll have to complete a task given to you at the specified period of time. If the task isn’t completed, then not only would you lose the skill, you’ll also be punished by the system.] [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a Eurocopter EC135] [Ding! First month of income earning. Rewarded with Glaze Hotel.] …. With that, his life immediately changed for the better. He didn’t know what would happen next but he had gained a new dream. He would want to become wealthier than Alfonso family. This way, at least they would regret not caring about him. But that wouldn’t be all, he would have to make sure that the family goes down. The reason for this was pretty simple, he found out the reason for his mother’s death! ….. Hello guys. This story is mainly romance related and we can say that there are some fiction parts. But, I hope that you like the story. Guys, with every 100 power stones, there will be an extra chapter. 200PS= 1 extra chapter 100GT= 2 extra chapters and so on. The release of the bonus chapters would be at the start of every month. So please, if you want more chapters, then put in those power stones and golden tickets, then leave the rest to me.... .... You can give me your opinions through; https://discord.gg/yaBqh38Q You can support my other novels, a fantasy genre, 'The Golden Star', 'The Soul System in the Apocalypse', 'The Bodyguard System', 'Twins With Systems: Complete the Mission'

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Buying Cars

It wasn't long before they arrived in front of a Bentley Motors supply branch in Inchoate city. They were already in the center of the city and as a result, they got there in a little over ten minutes.

Jack wanted to buy several cars. One would be for delivery, another for his employees' transportation and finally, his own car. A bike was good but during harsh weather, it wasn't suitable at all.

This Bentley store had several cars that he could purchase. So, without any hesitation, the four of them entered the shop.

It was like a showroom as he could see that there were several cars that were put on display. He nodded to himself. As expected of this brand. There were several cool looking cars here.

As a young man, his blood obviously boiled as he looked at several sport cars that were present here. He kept the urge of going over there and buying all the sport cars in the shop as he looked at the salesperson that was heading his way.

It was a man who was in his early thirties. He could be said to be handsome but not by much. Just like always, the store wasn't congested as cars were different from clothes and other items.

"Welcome to our shop sir. We have different types of cars here. We have sport cars, SUVs, pick-ups and so on. I am sure you'll like them." As soon as the man arrived in front of Jack, he began introducing what was present in the shop.

The other salespersons could only blame themselves for being slow to react when it came to receiving a customer. They were paid in terms of commission. After all, the one that sold the most expensive car would obviously receive a high commission.

From the Jack's handsome looks, it was obvious that he wasn't a street boy that had just come to admire the cars. What's more, he was being followed by three people and they could easily that all three of them were older than him.

"Well, I want an SUV, a sports car and a pick-up ." Jack was direct about what he wanted. There was no need for him to beat around the bush. He wanted a car and he wanted to buy it. Only then would he be able to do things faster as the store still needed to be opened.

After hearing Jack's words, the salesperson's eyes immediately lit up. This was money. An SUV and a sports car. This was money falling directly onto his lap in form of commission.

The other salespersons were even more dejected. They kept on scolding themselves for not acting faster.

"This way sir," the salesperson led the way as he showed Jack and the trio the cars that were available. After going a few rounds in the shop, Jack decided on a Bentley Bentayga

The salesperson immediately gave the introduction, "The hybrid powertrain at the heart of the Bentayga Odyssean Edition delivers Bentley's hallmark combination of exhilarating power in tandem with an impossibly refined ride. Its pairing of an advanced E Motor with a 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine can deliver a combined 456 bhp (462 PS) and 516 lb.ft (700 Nm) of torque. You can drive for at least 28 miles (45 km) on electric power only (WLTP) – a significant increase compared to the previous model."

"The Bentayga Odyssean Edition, limited to just 70 cars globally, can be considered a new milestone on Bentley's sustainability journey. It has an intelligent navigation system as well as it is connected to Wi-Fi and online radio."

"When we talk about comfort, the Front Seat Comfort Specification is fitted as standard, offering ventilation in both front seats, plus a massage function and winged comfort headrests. The seats also gain adjustable cushion and backrest bolsters."

Jack listened to the lengthy description of the SUV and nodded. This was just a good car for his employees just in case they would have to be moving around. After all, he was going to start an enterprise.

"How much for the car?" Seeing that everything was good, he asked for the price. Well, it wasn't like it was going to matter about the price as he had enough money in his account.

The thing that made him so happy was the fact that there were only seventy of such cars in the world. Thinking of this, he had an idea.

"How many of this car aren't sold yet?" He wanted to buy all the cars that were remaining.

The salesperson was just about to talk about the price when he was interrupted by Jack's question. He opened his mouth but he couldn't reply for a while.

Seeing Jack's serious expression, he immediately said, "Ahem, there were about thirty eight the last time that I checked last week. As for the price, it would cost $65,039."

Jack nodded, the price wasn't that high. So, he would pay. But after hearing that out of seventy there were only thirty eight left, and that was the previous week, he immediately got anxious and said, "Don't worry about the price. Look at how many of the cars are left and make sure that they're not going to sell them. I am going to buy them all."

All those that heard him were left awed and speechless at the same time.

"Did you hear, that guy wants to buy all the Bentley Bentaygas that are left in the world."

"This person sure is rich. I heard that there are seventy of the same design globally."

"It has been a while now. It it's obvious that they have already sold some of them."

"Hah, I guess Philip is lucky to get such a customer today. He'll surely get much commission."

"Hey, if there are only seventy if such cars globally, then why is this one in a showroom of such a small city?"

"This is the policy. They will rotate in different shops in different cities. Next week, this car would have been taken to another city if it wasn't going to be purchased."

"Oh, I get it."

Even Agnes, Charles and George were surprised on seeing that Jack wanted to buy more than ten cars that cost over $65,039. They then thought to themselves, 'Our boss is rich for sure.'

Philip, the salesperson that was attending to Jack immediately rushed to call the manager of the shop.

In just about two minutes, the manager came rushing alongside Philip. At this time, a small crowd was already gathering around Jack. Even those that had come to the shop to window-shop had already forgotten about it.

"Hello sir, I am Evans Morris, the manager of Bentley shop Inchoate branch. I've heard that you were asking about how many of the Bentaygas are left, according to the information that I've just checked, there are twenty four of them left." As soon as he arrived, the manager greeted Jack respectfully before telling him about his enquiry.

"Although only twenty four are left, I want them all. Can you organize for them to be delivered? I'll come back tomorrow to give you the address for the delivery." Jack said.

"That can be done sir." As soon as he said that, he immediately charged back to his office to do the booking so as to make sure that none of the remaining cars were sold. After all, if he sold these cars in his shop, he might even get promoted.

Jack looked at Philip and handed him the card. Philip received the card with trembling hands. He was just about to go and complete the procedures for the car that was currently available in the shop when Jack stopped him.

"We haven't seen the sports car yet." This immediately reminded Philip that Jack wasn't here for the SUV alone. But for a sports car and a pick-up.

His eyes shone with even more splendor as he thought of the commission that he was going to receive at the end of the day. He immediately became enthusiastic as he led the way towards the sports car section.

The crowd followed along as they wanted to see what this nouveau riche will buy next.

He found a Bentley continental that caught his eye. And Philip immediately gave the introduction of the car.

"This is a Continental GT. There is no more accomplished combination of high performance with the practicality you need to truly enjoy long journeys."

"Its twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre engine has the power to deliver exhilarating performance the moment you put your foot down, accompanied by the much-loved exhaust note that only a V8 engine can provide. With four driving modes ranging from Comfort to Sport – and the facility to configure your own settings – the Continental GT guarantees a gratifying drive."

"The power of the Continental GT is truly formidable: 542 bhp (550 PS), 0-60 in 3.9 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.0 seconds) and an incredible top speed of 198 mph (318 km/h). Yet power is just one dimension of this car's driving experience."

"Connected services include Online radio, over-the-air map updates for the satnav and Traffic sign recognition. The My Bentley smartphone app adds features such as Perimeter alert*, informing you if your car leaves a predefined area, alongside the facility to pre-heat the cabin to an optimum temperature."

"There's also the intelligent navigation system, wireless charging, Wi-Fi and so on."

The introduction was indeed detailed. Jack nodded and asked for the price.

"The price of this continental GT is $739,999." Philip said with his eyes shining. It was obvious that after this, the amount of commission that he would receive would make his life have a qualitative leap.

"Okay, I'll get one. Now, for the pick-up." Jack nodded as he made his decision before turning his attention to the pick-up section.


Author's Note;

Hello guys, thank you for supporting this book so far. I hope that we'll keep on doing so.

Note, I am not good when it comes to cars. So, I just googled the descriptions of the cars on google, hope you won't mind. As for the prices, what I am writing isn't the real market price so please, don't take it back to real life.


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