Hundred Times Income Multiplier System

Jack Alfonso, the seventh child of the youngest generation of the Alfonso family of Crystal city goes through a lot of trouble at home. His mother dies when he was still fifteen years old. Then, things get worse as he’s bullied by his older half siblings. In the end, he decided that since the Alfonso family couldn’t help him in this life, he would just have to look for a way by himself. He decides to use the small amount of money that he’d been saving since he was thirteen till he was nineteen. He leaves Crystal city that was under full influence of Alfonso family and goes to a backward city, Inchoate city where he starts a small business. Who knew that he when he received his first income, he received a prompt that startled him. [Ding! Congratulations on activating the Hundred Times Income Multiplier.] [Ding! You’ve earned three hundred dollars. Multiplier applied. You’ve received thirty thousand dollars.] [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a Suzuki GSX-R1000] [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a custom made Bugatti Veyron.] [Ding! The system can assist you. You’ll be rewarded with the professional driving skills. But, you’ll have to complete a task given to you at the specified period of time. If the task isn’t completed, then not only would you lose the skill, you’ll also be punished by the system.] [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a Eurocopter EC135] [Ding! First month of income earning. Rewarded with Glaze Hotel.] …. With that, his life immediately changed for the better. He didn’t know what would happen next but he had gained a new dream. He would want to become wealthier than Alfonso family. This way, at least they would regret not caring about him. But that wouldn’t be all, he would have to make sure that the family goes down. The reason for this was pretty simple, he found out the reason for his mother’s death! ….. Hello guys. This story is mainly romance related and we can say that there are some fiction parts. But, I hope that you like the story. Guys, with every 100 power stones, there will be an extra chapter. 200PS= 1 extra chapter 100GT= 2 extra chapters and so on. The release of the bonus chapters would be at the start of every month. So please, if you want more chapters, then put in those power stones and golden tickets, then leave the rest to me.... .... You can give me your opinions through; https://discord.gg/yaBqh38Q You can support my other novels, a fantasy genre, 'The Golden Star', 'The Soul System in the Apocalypse', 'The Bodyguard System', 'Twins With Systems: Complete the Mission'

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Big Earnings

He found that it was a new number that he hadn't saved. So, he didn't know who the caller was. He received. Immediately after, a male voice came through.

"Good evening Mr. Alfonso, I am the manager of Comest Grocers, Daniel Uraj. I've just gotten the information that you've purchased our store." The voice was filled with respect and uncertainty.

"Oh, you can just call me Jack and not Alfonso," Jack corrected. Since he was supposed to stop using the family influence, then he wouldn't accept a person calling him with the name Alfonso.

Daniel was at first surprised by the young voice followed by the words. Well, not that it mattered. He was at first uncertain whether Jack was a member of Alfonso family from Crystal City. But now that he was being corrected, maybe he wasn't.

"Okay Mr. Jack. I would like to ask if there are any instructions or changes that you would like to be made." Daniel asked.

"Am currently at the grocery on Falcon street." Jack replied. Comest Grocers had two branches and one main store. So, Jack was in one of the branches.

"I do happen to be there too. I'll be down in a minute," Daniel replied before Jack hung up the call.

In about two minutes, a middle aged man on a suit rushed down from the upper floor. He then rushed towards the exit of the store ignoring the confused gazes of the customers and the workers.

When he arrived, he called Jack. He heard a phone ringing closer. He then looked in that direction and saw that Jack was busy packing the things that he'd just bought from the grocery.

Daniel immediately rushed over after hanging up. He then stretched his hand forward to greet Jack once again, "Hello Mr. Jack, I am Daniel Uraj."

Jack shook his hand as he nodded. Then, he went straight to the point, "There's no need to worry about the changes. I've been in there and I can see that things are good enough. So, in case there are any changes in the staff members, that will have to wait."

Daniel nodded in both appreciation and agreement. Changing the staff at such a time would definitely cause problems. Of course, this is about major changes and not one or two people in lower positions.

"As for the income, you can transfer it into the account that has been given to you, I presume?" Jack asked.

"Yes, I've received the account." Daniel nodded. Although Jack looked younger, he didn't behave like those second generation kids who only knew how to spend money and not to earn.

"Okay then, I'll be seeing the staff tomorrow. You can tell me at what time there are not that many customers so that I can come." Jack instructed.

"I got it. At most, it's always around ten in the morning. At that time, the number of customers is always the least." Daniel replied.

"Then I'll leave everything to you," Jack said before getting into the Bentayga as he headed towards the newly bought prince and princess palace.

Daniel watched as Jack left before turning around and heading back to the store. He then called to the person that was in charge of this branch.

"The new boss will be here to see the working staff tomorrow. I hope that you'll be prepared by ten in the morning." The person in charge, Wycliffe replied.

"Okay, you can leave now." After Wycliffe left, Daniel immediately called the other branch's in charge and told him the same thing before leaving to head to the main store.


Not long after driving, Jack got to the mansion. The guards respectfully opened the gate for him. He found that the Bentley Continental GT had and the Suzuki had already been delivered by the Bentley store. He had previously left them there after taking the Bentayga.

After parking the car at the parking lot, he immediately carried the things that he'd just bought from the grocery to the mansion.

This time, he decided to stay inside the prince's palace. He liked the domineering and majestic vibe the most.

After keeping those that needed to be kept fresh in the fridge, the rest like rice, sugar and so on were stored in the kitchen cabinet.

The kitchen of this mansion was designed for a large group of people, seven was the least. After all, the kitchen was too big, just like how the cabinets were. After all the things that were bought by Jack were placed inside, they didn't even occupy five percent of the cabinet shelves.

He immediately headed to the bedroom on the second floor via the elevator. That was where the master bedroom was located. The designing was so good.

The bed was so huge in that it could fit more that five people. The material that was used in making the mattress was the best Jack had experienced as it was so soft and comfortable.

After taking shower and changing into a bathrobe, he put the clothes that he'd just worn into the cleaning machine. He left all of his clothes back at the rented apartment room. He then dried them using a blow dryer.

Then after putting the clothes back on, he immediately fell asleep on the big and comfortable bed. He didn't wake up till it was eight thirty. He got down so that he could prepare food. After all, he was hungry as he hadn't taken dinner after such a busy day.

This time, he decided to make himself a decent meal. He took the meat that he'd just bought and cut it into smaller pieces. He was going to make beef fried rice.

This was something that he'd learned from the Internet while he was still at the Alfonso family mansion. The ingredients were; cooking oil, shallots, minced garlic, sliced scallions, raisins, cooked rice- took him a few minutes to cook, soy sauce, fish sauce, ketchup, juice of one lime.

Then, the cooking procedure followed. Heating the cooking oil in a wok or frying pan, he saute the shallots, garlic and scallions until aromatic.

He then added the raisins and tossed around until heated through. Turning up the heat, he dumped in the rice and stirred to break up lumps.

He seasoned the rice with soy sauce, fish sauce and ketchup before stir frying until the rice was heated through.

Finally, he drizzled in lime juice before stirring. He then tasted it as he adjusted the seasonings.

Seeing that it was okay, he immediately served after it had cooled down a little bit. He made sure that the warmth of the food was just good enough for him to eat without worrying about burning his tongue.

After this satisfactory meal, he went upstairs where the bedrooms were. Going back a little bit, I'll give the setting of the mansion.

The one that occupied the largest space on the ground floor was the main hall which would be the living room. There was a large LG 65 inch OLED smart tv CS series.

That was where, just in case there was a gathering, people could watch the news. The custom leather sofas occupied the most of the living room.

There were twin throne chairs. These were obviously for the prince and the wife. The sofas and the throne chairs surrounded the big rectangular glass table. The table was just like the bridge at the artificial lake, it was well designed to portray the majesty of a ruler.

On the right side, divided by a wall and allowing entry via double doors, there was a hall where a long rectangular mahogany table was surrounded by chairs. These chairs were comfortable to sit on during a long meeting.

On the left was where the kitchen and the dining room was. The kitchen was well designed and so were the table and the chairs in the dining room.

Then, there was the entertainment room that was located at the basement. It was separated by soundproof glass. Although it was divided into rooms, one could see that they were big enough to fit more that ten people at the same time without squeezing.

There were several types of entertainment, a place one could sing, karaoke. Then the place for pool and other indoor games that didn't take much space. There was a gym where one could workout.

The first floor was full of large bedrooms, there were eight big rooms occupying the entire floor. The second floor had a single bedroom. Then, there was an open space that faced the lake. There was a swimming pool that was located here as well as a balcony that had several potted flowers that made the scenery here change from the domineering one to that of warmth and gentleness.

Jack got back to the master bedroom, the only room on the top floor of the mansion and lied on his back on the big bed. Then, he tried thinking of what he would be doing the following day.

First thing first, he would be looking for the designer for the logo. After that, he would continue with the purchase of the stores so that he could expand the business further.

Then, there was the issue of the headquarters of Jackson Enterprise. This needed him to get a business building. There, he would transfer all the management of the grocery department. This would be the centralization of management but decentralization of the business.

Now that he was only in Inchoate city, management wouldn't be a problem at all. The only thing that would be a problem would be the renovation of these stores. What he wanted the most from buying these grocery stores directly instead of opening another one was to use the already existing reputation of the store.

Just as he was thinking, his phone rang. Upon receiving it, he found that it was George. He was asking where the freightliner was supposed to be parked. Jack simply told him to bring it at PPP, that's how the prince and princess palace was known in the city.

After hanging up, Jack looked at the time, it was already nine. Then, the system, as if seeing through his impatience, began working.

[You've earned $11,365. Multiplier applied. You've received $1,136,500.]

{Flyers Bank Account Received $1,130,980. Current balance is $1,323,718}