Humanity's Greatest Mecha Warrior System

Max always wanted a more exciting life, and after being reincarnated into the far future and a Galaxy in constant war, his wish was granted. Discovered to have a high compatibility with his new world's Technological System, he was drafted as a child into training to become one of their elite Mecha Pilots, the heroes of the Kingdom who face down even the mightiest of threats from inside giant Mecha, wielding the mightiest of weapons known to mankind. All he has to do is prove himself worthy. https://discord.gg/hxTpqZQtKN

Aoki_Aku · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
1266 Chs

Chapter 83 Calm After The Storm

Bravo and Charlie Companies returned to the infantry quarters, with an ecstatic group of former convicts. The declaration came in while they were returning to the Abraham Kepler that they had earned their pardon and would be attached to their respective companies, and retired from active service with them when the ship reached Kepler 111 in only a few months' time.

Sure, it wasn't anywhere near their homeworlds, but that didn't matter. They were better off making a fresh start in a new world as returning war heroes than going home to be known as ex-convicts.