Human Of Rise In Against The Gods

On the day of Yun Che's marriage, an ordinary high school student was transported to a world against the gods with a strange system.

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Chapter 3: Starter Pack

"Hmm, System sama, can you please take me back to my home?" Yu Tian said in a pleading and desperate voice, not wanting to stay in this world after seeing his condition.

Yu Tian felt that this was a joke, or he was hoping that it was just a joke because it wasn't funny, but if it was really a joke, he would laugh with all his heart if he returned to the world.

In the beginning, he was transported to the world of ATG, where human lives were worthless, anyone could kill you, and you had no right to speak, and then the biggest surprise was Devil.

[Ding, I beg your pardon Host but this is impossible at the moment]

"…" Seeing the system's answer, Yu Tian felt desperate, but quickly burst out laughing.

"That's right, this is a dream." Yu Tian said, laughing madly. "Look, if I do this, I will definitely wake up to the teacher's voice that is annoyed with me."

After saying this with an extremely ugly smile, Yu Tian did not hesitate and hit his head hard on the ground, hoping to wake up in his classroom and direct his angry teacher.

"This is strange," Yu Tian said, laughing dryly while hitting his head on the ground more than once. "Why don't I wake up from this dream?"

[Ding, adding that this is not a dream and this world is real and you will live in it from now on]

"…" - Yu Tian stared at the system's notice and opened and closed his mouth more than once, but he couldn't find anything to say because he knew that the system was right.

"What should I do?" Yu Tian murmured and stopped denying the truth but that didn't mean he accepted it.

[Ding, does the host want to open the starter pack]


"Starter Pack" Yu Tian murmured and stared at the system notification for a while and finally pressed Y.

[Ding, congratulations on opening the starter pack and getting...

1. Heaven's Secret Art (Incomplete)

2. Gamer's Mind (EX)

3. Bloodline Purification Pills x10

4. 10k System Point

5. 15 Attribute Points]

[ Name : Heaven's Secret Art ]

[ Type : Cultivation Technique ]

[ Rank : Divine ]

[ Mastery : Not started yet ]

[ Description : There are nine heavenly stages for Heaven's Secret Art, Each new stage will unlock a new ability. ]

[ Note : The host only has the first three stages, and he must understand and master them himself ]

[ Name : Gamer's Mind ]

[ Type : Passive Skill ]

[ Rank : EX ]

[ Mastery : 100% ]

[ Description : A passive skill that allows the host to remain calm no matter the situation ]

[ Effect :

•Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows peaceful state of mind.

Immunity to mental disorder.

• +15 points in comprehension permanently. ]

[ Name : Bloodline Purification Pills ]

[ Type : Pills ]

[ Rank : None ]

[ Description : Increases the amount and purity of bloodline in the body by 10% per pill ]

[ Note : It is advised to take one pill every six months to not suffer from side effects ]

[Ding, the grains have been stored in Storage]

[Fusing skills with the host's spirit]

[Consolidating ... 1% ... 5% ... 13% ... 25% ... 32% ... 50% ... 64% ... 75% ... 88%.. 99%...merged]

"…" - After notifying the system, Yu Tian felt calm, and although his fears and anxiety had not disappeared, he could now think clearly without being affected by them.

Once he became calm thanks to Gamer's Mind, he wanted to think about his current situation but was interrupted by a system notification.

[Ding, As an apology from the system, the basics of the first stage of Heaven's Secret Art will be explained]

After notifying the system, many pieces of information rushed into Yu Tian's head, allowing him to comprehend the first stage of Heaven's Secret Art.

[ Name : Heaven's First Secret Art: Heaven Consuming Technique ]

[ Type : Cultivation Technique ]

[ Rank : Divine ]

[ Mastery : Level 1 ]

[ Description : It allows profound Power to be absorbed five times faster than without a technique ,Can only be activated when sitting in the lotus position. ]

[ Ding, A new mission has been launched ]

[ Name : Loli Princess with red hair ]

[ Type : Compulsory Mission ]

[ Rank : SS ]

[ Description : Jasmine/Xing tong is the princess of the Star God Realm and the heir to the power of the Heavenly Slaughter God. Jasmine is a princess with a fiery temper who seeks to avenge her murdered brother. Therefore, she did not hesitate to go in search of the Heretic God's legacy to obtain the power needed for revenge. ]

[ Mission Objective : Make Jasmine interested in you No matter what type of attention or method used ]

[ Reward : 10 Attribute Points , 25k System Points , Skill: Killing Intent ( B ) ]

[ Penalty: Losing your entire cultivation and not being able to cultivate for an entire year.]

"..." - Yu Tian stared at the system notification and anger rushed into his head again but he quickly got bored of his skills and calmed down.

While he was thinking about the mission, Yu Tian decided to distribute the Attribute Points he obtained from the starter pack.

"System, put 5 Attribute Points into Charm and 10 into Comprehension," Yu Tian ordered upon seeing his pathetically low Charm Points.

Although he cannot see Status, he cannot see his appearance, so he guesses that he is ugly due to the low number of Charm points.

Although he wants to become handsome, he has not forgotten that he needs to become stronger (he is still upset and not completely convinced) in order to return to his family.

[ Charm: 15 -> 20 ]

[ Comprehension 10 -> 20 ]





Yu Tian felt his bones and muscles moving, contracting and expanding but he did not feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable as if this was not happening inside his body.

It wasn't just a physical change, he also felt that his head had become lighter, he had become more aware of the world, and he began to look at things from a different perspective that he had never known about before.

Yu Tian couldn't see himself, but his body became taller and more defined, his features became sharper and more precise, his milky white skin became firmer and more masculine, and if his handsomeness had previously been compared to TV celebrities, he was now the most handsome man in the world, without a doubt (his world). Previous only).

"System, I want a product that can suppress the poison in Jasmine's body." Yu Tian said and came up with a way to make Jasmine interested in him.

Even though Yu Tian was an otaku, he was fairly intelligent, and with the Gamer's Mind skill, he could think with greater concentration and nothing would distract his mind.

What Yu Tian thought of was simple and easy, which was to buy something from the store that could affect the poison in Jasmine's body, which would make her care about him because of this.

In the long history of the Gods Realm, there was no mention of anything that could affect Absolute God Slaying Poison except the Sky Poison pearl.

Jasmine would definitely be interested in the person who had something that could suppress Absolute God Slaying Poison.

"…" - Yu Tian stared at the System Shop which displayed a large list of things that could suppress or purify Absolute God Slaying Poison.

After browsing through the list for a few minutes, Yu Tian decided to obtain the {Water of Life} which could suppress poison for a few hours.

Yu Tian saw that there was a {Woeful Poison Body} that allowed him to consume poison and convert it into Deep Energy to increase its Cultivate, but its price was 250k points high, so he ignored it.

As for {Water of Life}, it was cheap and would achieve his goal of making Jasmine interested in him.

[Name: Water of Life]

[Type: Medicinal Elixir]

[Rank: 7☆]

[Purity: 100%]

[Description: The Water of Life is a medicinal elixir that only an 7-star alchemist can make, and it needs many rare herbs and a lot of fire control experience to make this miraculous elixir which is extinct at the moment. Its main function is to purify poisons rated 7 stars or less, and it can resist poisons rated 8 stars to a certain extent. ]

[ Price: 1k System Point ]

"How long can Water of Life suppress Absolute God Slaying Poison?" Yu Tian asked in order to know how much he needed to buy from him.

[Ding, the period varies from one person to another, but it is between 10 ~ 12 hours before the poison spreads again.]

"Hmm." Yu Tian hummed slightly and finally decided to buy two bottles of Water of Life.

"Will the poison be transmitted to me if I touch it?" Yu Tian asked as he looked at Jasmine because he could see how the owner of the body died when he touched her because of the poison.

[Ding, the host has no resistance to poison and will therefore be killed within seconds of touching the source of the poison]

When Yu Tian wanted to think about what to do, a system notification caught his attention.

[Ding, if the host wants, the system can provide the necessary protection in exchange for 3k System Point]

"Do it." Yu Tian ordered and did not hesitate to accept the system's offer.

[Ding, the host's body and clothes have been protected by the system's barrier for 15 minutes.]

Seeing the system notification, Yu Tian approached Jasmine slowly and cautiously.

Upon reaching Jasmine's soul body, Yu Tian squatted down and carefully touched her to make sure nothing was wrong.

Even though the system was kind enough to give him compensation, Yu Tian didn't trust him because he might be the reason he was here.

"Sigh~" Seeing that nothing happened to him, Yu Tian let out a relieved breath and relaxed his tense body.

Yu Tian wanted to return to his previous world, and that is why he did not want to die while he was still young and had not lived his life yet, and that is why he did not want to die, especially while he was still a virgin.

After removing his unnecessary thoughts, Yu Tian gently and carefully lifted Jasmine's body as if he was afraid that he would accidentally break her.

When he flipped Jasmine's body over so he could drink the Water of Life, Yu Tian froze and stared at Jasmine's face in amazement.

Young dainty and has a petite body, with snow-white skin, bright red hair, and unrivaled beauty.

Yu Tian felt that the description of a monstrous beauty, so beautiful that she could probably steal souls applied to this girl perfectly.

Even though she was only 13 years old, Yu Tian couldn't help but feel the blood rushing to his head at the sight of her beauty, and his breathing became ragged for a moment.

But fortunately, his Gamer's Mind skill had taken effect and Yu Tian quickly calmed down.

In an instant, Yu Tian's breathing returned to normal and his face became cold and indifferent.

Yu Tian gently opened Jasmine's mouth and began to impregnate her with the Water of Life cautiously and carefully.

But a problem soon arose: Jasmine was unconscious and could not swallow the Water of Life, causing it to leak from her mouth.

"…" Yu Tian stared at Jasmine for a while and could only think of one way for Jasmine to drink the Water of Life.

After trying to convince himself that he was doing this in order to save Jasmine's life, Yu Tian drank the Water of Life, gently kissed Jasmine's lips, and began transferring the Water of Life to her and using his tongue to force her to swallow it.



Under the pressure of Yu Tian's tongue, she drank the Jasmine Water of Life.

While helping Jasmine drink the Water of Life, Yu Tian noticed that the girl's eyelashes fluttered, indicating that she was about to wake up.

Upon seeing this, Yu Tian wanted to retreat, but upon remembering the mission, he decided to continue because this was better of attention on Jasmine.

"…" - Jasmine gently opened her eyes and saw someone who was clearly mortal kissing her gently on the lips.

Upon seeing this, Jasmine let out a terrifying killing intent and pushed the Insolent mortal away from her.

"What have you done to this Princess?, Mortal " Jasmine said in a beautiful but cold voice, brimming with killing intent that would make even the toughest warrior tremble with fear and terror.


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