Human Luna... Human Luna!? Book

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Human Luna... Human Luna!?


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*WARNING!: MATURE CONTENT* Growling under his breath, which is very weird considering the fact that I don't think humans are supposed to be growling, and rapidly moving towards me was a man; not just a man, he is the most ravishing, mouth-watering, and 'down to earth' handsome man I've ever seen. "Mate," he said bringing me out of my reverie which made me realize how awfully close we were. Close enough to see his eyes which seem to be a glowing red one, 'very very strange' if you ask me but I still couldn't look away, I felt more like I was trapped in it. I looked around only to see that the other people around are now staring at me, with a little or maybe more contempt than I've seen in years. With that, I knew I was in trouble. Some of these people I recognize, some I don't but something felt off about them, everyone's eyes were also glowing brightly under the moonlight and that made me feel like I was in an occult. 'Probably 'mate' is something they say to the person they want to use for their occultic sacrifice?' I thought as I took in every one's appearance one more and with the way the hair on my arms stated rising with each face I saw, I knew I was kind of in trouble. 'I shouldn't have come out of the house, no, I shouldn't have drank too much in the first place, if not for that I wouldn't have gotten myself lost in the woods' I lament internally as I look back to the 'man's' face And with the sinister smirk on this man's face, I knew I was a goner. 'Layla, who lived her entire life as a human, blissfully unaware of the paranormal world around her accidentally but fatefully stumbled into the territory of a werewolf pack on a full moon night which happened to be the night they were having a ritual like party for their Alpha so he could find his mate, a Luna for their pack. And quite unfortunately for her, he laid his eyes on her, confirming her to be his mate. At his uttering of his statement, she knew she was a goner.' Author's note: Prior to the warning above, readers under the age of 17 are not advised to continue this journey. And taking into consideration the fact that young minds tend to disobey this particular warning, I'll love to emphasize it now, this book is a really mature one, take heed. I mean common, what's a good werewolf story without a very hot and passionate sex scene! Those creatures have everything heightened for them you know? So listen to me baby girl/boy and continue at your own risk. *** This story narration is in the first person's POV, but in some rare cases, it might change to third person (mine or you might just say the moon goddess since she sees everything and she planned everything). This is done because some situations are best explained from her side while most from Layla's side. And also, please note, English is not my first language so, therefore, I can't be perfect in it, mistakes will always occur, either typos or me not phrasing well but then I promise you'll rarely see it as I'll try my best to edit to perfection and that it won't affect the standard and sweetness of this book. In the hopes that you understand and have no complaints, I hereby wish you a safe journey into the Bane Land... I hope you have a joy ride!! And in case you wish to connect more with me and my children; IG: @adrac5977