Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?
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Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Qingqing Who Laughs

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What is Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

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Having been reborn, she takes one glance at her ridiculously handsome husband and wonders if she had suffered from brain damage back then—she had actually demanded for a divorce with him. Repeatedly! In her previous life, she had been deceived by her relatives who eventually led her to her tragic death. With this second chance at life, she vows to cozy up to her husband both literally and figuratively to destroy all her enemies and to take down the women who hid behind their scheming, innocent facades. She would be in control of her own happiness! This is a sweet, doting love story featuring an intelligent female lead and a perfect male lead who's good at turning her knobs.

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Here's another promising story that would be a spirit stone consumer, if only Webnovel would increase the amount of ss given. Sigh. 😔😔😔😔😔😔


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Rebirth love revenge all in one FL understand ML ok always naive and depended FL changed after rebirth. We can't rebirth but if we get a chance we also want change all our mistakes so only I like this kind of stories


This seems an interesting novel. Its quite similar to the comic "Good Morning, Mrs. Fu". There is resurrection, revenge and family drama in this novel. The story is bit predictable. The translation quality has been good till the chapters I read and the pace of the story has been good as well. I hope it remains interesting in future.


Ohohoh pure sweetness in just the first 17 chps... Glad i voted for this and was not disappointed... Needed somrthi g else apart from the abusive mls and weak FL


You thought it's sweet but it's only a tip of an iceberg. Been scanning the raw and it's heartbreaking. Cambodia incidence is the start. After that, they'll undergo different challenges that are life threatening. It has something to do with rebirth, about changing the trajectory of life (?) WARNING!!! MAJOR SPOILER After the Cambodia, Su Zhilan used Su Xueyi to kill Ji Nuan in car accident but Mo Jisheng saved her life by sacrificing his. Ji Nuan had miscarriaged. Mo Jisheng was in coma for 2 months. And the moment MJ woke up, he proposed a divorce. He was cold. He did not rebirth but he remembered what happened 10 years ago. So he kept pushing JN, it's what she wants 10years ago. But our Ji Nuan is persistent. She kept on clinging to MJ, claiming that she'll never EVER divorce and will only be the MRS. MO. But... Ones patience is not forever... She was kidnapped but MJ only came 8 days later. JN felt that he no longer cared for her, that she's a troublesome. That he only saved her because of convenience. She was afraid. She was hurt. She lost her child. Now her husband is divorcing her. On the night MJ saved her when she was kidnapped, she was in MJ Study. She sat on his lap and DESPERATELT begs for him to just kiss him. But he pushed her hard, away. She staggered backwards and after that, she bent a pen, it means that was her last straw. She'll give up. She went to her office, focused on her work, did not return to Imperial Garden, she returned the key of MJ house near his office. She did not appear in his life. Days after, she was on the club with their employees to celebrate something. MJ was drunk and there's a woman who works on the club beside him, he let her go near him which he never allow before to any other woman. They had an argument but she still took him back to her room in the hotel. She help him 'cause he's drunk. no other intention. But MJ saw it as she's still clinging to him. JN was hurt. She made an ultimatum whether she leave or he leaves. MJ left... That night, JN was laying in the baththub. She did not come out of warm water in the thub because it was cold. The room airconditioner is also in the lowest temperature. She ended up sleeping in the bathub for 2 days? She was only discovered by MJ when their butler told him that she did not go home for 2 days. JN did not woke up for 2 to 3 days because of her weak body against the cold. She almost lost her life. She was so pale when she was found and all her veins were almost transparent from her skin. When she woke up, she signed the divorce paper. She went to UK for the development of her studio. She changed the name of the studio as well.. She did not go home for 3 years. In her 3 years, she experience ups and downs. But she became successful and was even in the list of Forbes. She came back as the President of MN Group. They met again through a series of business gatherings. MJ as the President of Mo Group and Shine that was combined 3yrs ago, and JN as President of MN Group. JN treat their meetings casually. She did not seemed affected. But MJ is. He still loved her. He has his reason for pushing her away. And I think that is to avoid her death. But... After many months, they became okay. I'll skip how. But they're almost reconciled and after their business work, they're planning to go home to Imperial Garden. MJ told JN to go home first. (She went to LA to follow MJ when he did not return and not answering her calls.) but JN insist to stay because she'll be worried when they're away from each other knowing that their enemies from Cambodia reappeared. But MJ also has the same reason. He'll not worry when JN was not in LA. So in the end, she went home. But again, JN was kidnapped, took the bullet for MJ. Because she'd rather die than MJ save her life again. Besides, she's happy dying because she's not alone this time. She woke up months(?) after. She cannot remember anything. She has a brain like that of 7 or 9 yrs old...


This book has atleast 950 chapters and upto 760 is the story of the leads. The story is good with annoying white lotuses and green tea bitches😣and the faceslaps😚😚


this novel has a very good start, it’s not dragging the storyline a lot but i’m only 17 chapters in so not sure but the romance is faster unlike other novels. I have very high expectations for this novel, webnovel don’t disappoint me


I’ll tell u the harsh truth... this book is trash. God I wanted to Rip my hair out from the fl’s stupidity, and the author just kept making them get drugged... like pls! Every 100 chapters either the fl get’ drugged or the ml get’ drugged... u’ll think that after getting drugged so many times they would be careful what they eat and avoid eating outside but no. THEY STILL GOT DRUGGED ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME. And when they got a divorced and she went to USA I wanted her to stay there... girl tbh I just wanted the ml and fl to break up 4life! When she went to USA I wanted her to grow her company there and live life comfortably but Nuh uh they just had to get back together. Also when she was preggo and she still went with the rescue team I wanted to beat her up! She couldn’t help at all and would be nothing but a dead weight dragging the team down and delaying her man’s rescue but guess what? This pregnant woman that could help no one still went... even if u don’ care about ur self and husband think about the baby! The baby in ur belly! Think about it and stay home! I’m pissed and I want u’all to be pissed too.


At first it was an interesting rebirth story and I got that the ML was designed to be doting, however 101 chapters in and I really wonder what time he has to run his own company let alone eventually take over the main family business shine; the FL is meant to be clever, educated, with years of experience from her previous life, but every 2 seconds she keeps easily falling into schemes and needing to be rescued by the ML, it become nauseating... And dont get me started with the love making ridiculousness, she has been married in 2 life times and yet every time they get intimate she is portrayed as a some kind of born again virgin who is to shy to be touched and needs to be forced, even though the guy is apparently an Adonis that every female would drop their panties for in an instant 🙄its as if sex it a bad thing and he is the only one who enjoys it, has the writer never heard of the female orgasm?


I really like the pace of this story. To have the FL wake up so soon to see her stupidity and make amends is refreshing. Was getting tired of rebirth stories that dragged on and on with the same scenario over and over again.


A very good start thank God ML is good and our MC is making efforts looking forward for upcoming chapters .... And good face slapping 😀😀😍😘


I like a strong FL not a stupid one. The stupidity of this FL is making me so frustated. 1. She knows her roommate is suspicious, Goes to a stupid party leaving her female bodyguard behind. And follows the suspicious roommate to a restroom in middle of a forest, with no lights on the path and end up getting kidnapped. 2. She is pregnant and her pregnancy is unstable. Her husband is kidnapped. She is physically weak, doesn't know the kidnapper's native language and still follows the rescue team and ends up getting herself kidnapped and becomes a leverage against her husband. 3. She is pregnant, she knew her husband's ex-fiancée is psychotic and still goes to the restroom alone without calling her female bodyguard's and end up getting kidnapped... again.


Author!!! Mass release pleae!!!! I am begging you!!! Your story is si beautifully written that I can't wait for tommorrow!!!! Update every day even just one chapter a day coz i can't bear to wait so long that it will dampen my day pls!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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I'm giving all the five stars to this story because it deserves it. No stupid FL and no arrogant ML, it's really surprising! I'm team MO Jingshen... Man is too sweet. The FL changed in a great way and I'm happy the author didn't allow her to wallow in misery! But a little request, MASS RELEASE EVERY FRIDAY... 😥😫😪


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An honest review. I didn't read the whole book because..I stopped reading it after I came across some spoilers. I went online and checked more spoilers and realised that I couldn't bear to read it because the emotional investment was too much. The beginning is sweet and all mushy and all that bull..but don't even think for a second it's going to be the same throughout the novel..around chp 350, the story becomes...depressing.. you'll feel like crying. And I can't stand the way ML..the one who was supposed to love her didn't protect her or take care of her when she was..quite possibly the most depressed in her life. Instead, he left her. I don't care if did that to protect her or anything. She didn't deserve that heartache where you'd feel dying was better..I couldn't invest my emotions for this. If you like all this drama, heartache, pain and all then go ahead..the story is written beautifully..the plot..I'm sorry, I'm not a masochist. I'd rather give this a 1 star..but the translator doesn't deserve that cuz they've spent a lot of effort to translate it.


Why the status of this novel is showing complete? It is still 1632 chapter and the story is not complete.....Is there going to be any update further? Please tell us, don't leave the users hanging like this.. I didn't find any other chapter in web too.. Is this novel is closed without any ending, like this?😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣


I love these novel very much but write now ml I don't like him now 😑😭 why he doing these why he never ever ask other opinion about there feeling only he have feeling why he not even realise what he did is not going to save fl but destroy herself he not even realise that he left her because he want her happy but he don't even realise that now not she happy but she also stop smile she not even know how to smile plz author now plz fl become strong that ml relise that what he did is wrong plz plz 🙏🙏🙏


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