219 Chapter 219

An hour later.

He laid naked on the bed with a smiling Ygritte in his arms.

"That was amazing." Ygritte murmured as she buried her head deeper in the crook of his neck.

"Hmm…" he murmured as his right hand massaged her bum and reached inside her arsecheeks to rub her rosebud every now and then.

She squirmed on his chest but then took his roaming hands and put them in between her soft twin peaks.

She had become even more shapely ever since he performed the body enhancing ritual on her. And sex between them had never been better.

"No." She said and took the finger in her mouth, sucking on it slowly but sensually.

"Your really did clean it properly." She said after a few moments and he pulled her up so that her face was lined with his own and his flaccid cock was rubbing her clit.

He felt the urge to get hard and let her ride him once again but knew that the excess of anything is bad.

Even sex.

He kissed her forehead and then went down to her eyebrows, her eyes, her cheeks and then her lips.

They separated and in her eyes, he saw only love and devotion.

"I'm not from this world Ygritte." The words came out of his mouth before he could think about it. But once they did, he realized that he did regret saying that. He didn't want to hide things from her any longer. Not after all the happiness, trust and love she has given him.

Her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion "What do you mean Domeric."

"I'm saying that before this life. I lived in another place. Another world that was different from this one." He said "A world where there were four seasons in a year, something that never changed. A world different from this one. A world where other magical people like me existed."

"So… are you saying that you aren't Domeric Bolton?" she asked as she got up from his chest and looked at him with a serious gaze.

"I am and am not Domeric Bolton." He replied, trying not to let his gaze wander over her naked flesh. "When I died in that other world, my soul entered a gateway of some kind. That gateway brought me to this world and to the body of a 7 year old Domeric Bolton whose soul has just left his body due to a horse riding accident."

"So…" Ygritte said, looking a little confused about this whole matter that he had suddenly dumped on top of her. He allowed her to take her time "…what was your name in that world."

"Harry." He told her "Harry James Potter. Son of Lily and James Potter."

"Ahh… I always did wonder why you named your sword Lily." She said "I guess it makes sense now. You must have loved your mother a lot from your past life. Do you miss her?"

"You believe me?" he asked back.

"I don't think you'll lie to me about something like this." She said and gave him a smirk "Besides, your eyes are telling the truth."

"Yea. You usually never lie to anyone, only speaking half truths. But when you do lie, your eyes become a little cold. A little… less emotional."

Huh… he didn't know that Occlumency had such effect on his eyes. How had he never noticed before.

After a while he answered her "No. Well, I do miss her but not as much as I never really got to meet her." He said "She was killed by a mad man when I was a mere child. She died protecting me from him."

"She must be quite a woman." Ygritte said and he nodded.

"My teachers told me that she was a brilliant witch."

"Witch. That's what you call your women with magic?" she asked and he nodded.

"Hmm… and she could do magic like you?"

"Yes. Though she relied mostly on charms while I'm more of a runes, enchantment and dark spells kind of guy."

Ygritte didn't understand, he could see in her eyes but she nodded nontheless.

"Tell me more about your past life Harry Jamie Potter."

"James…" he laughed and then he started telling her the story of his life.

The talked with each other till early in the morning before they both became too tired to continue and she fell asleep in his arms.

And as he looked at her serene expression and closed his eyes, he felt that he had pulled a heavy load from his chest by sharing the truth with her.

Though later on he would have to warn her against sharing the truth with others. Mainly because he didn't want his aunt to know. She was the only mother figure he'd ever had in his life (except Molly Weasley but she could never fill the role of a mother for him as she had 7 of her own kids to take care of). And he didn't want to hate her once she found out that he was not really her nephew but someone else in his body.

But he felt that he didn't regret telling the truth Ygritte one bit.

With those thought, he fell asleep as well.

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