154 Chapter 154

The next morning

Domeric woke up and was greeted by a mane of red hair scattered over he face and a naked body pressed against his own.

For a moment, he was back in time when he and Ginny were still together. The painful memory served to wake him up properly and he realized what had happened last night.

He had gone out to search for Ygritte and had found her practicing archery in the archery range. She looked tired, her hands were sore and her face filled with sweat. Her hair fell in front of her eyes even when she continuously tried to tie it back in a bun.

She looked gorgeous like that and for a moment he had wondered if he had some sort of sweat fetish. Gods, he hoped not.

He had watched her release arrows after arrows in a target so far away that most people would even have trouble seeing it let alone hitting it.

The only reason she herself was able to see and hit the target was because of the few enchantments he had given her as well as the Magical Valyrian bow he had found in Valyria.

Since he himself had no use for bows, he had given the bow to Ygritte and she had put the thing to excellent use.

Once she got too tired to continue and stopped firing, he silently went behind her until he was just a feet behind her at which point she chuckled.

"You need to work on your feet Domeric Bolton." She said as she turned around to face him "The way you're walking, your prey would hear you coming from miles away."

"Will they?" he asked as he moved forward and stood chest to chest against her. His pale eyes hypnotically staring at her brown ones.

"Of course they will." She scoffed, daring him to deny her words. When he didn't she smiled playfully, turned around and ran.

With his enchantments, it took him only a few moments to catch up to her after which he used apparition to transport both of them to his room where he proceeded to give her a bath after which he took her to his bed and they made love for the second time even though she was still a little sore from their first time.

He looked at the serene smile on her face and felt a smile tug at his own lips.

He bent down over her, his hands gently wrapping around her waist and getting an incoherent moan from her and touched his lips on hers.

She opened her eyes and they both stared at each other for a moment before she wrapped her hands around him neck and pulled him toward her, deepening the kiss.

Making him fall deeper and deeper in the well of pleasure before he eventually backed away a few inches from her to allow her to breathe.

The breathless and slightly flushed look on her face made him harden but he controlled himself.

"Will you take me again m'lord." Ygritte asked in a fake peasant girl voice "Oh… I'm so lucky to have the cock of Lord Bolton buried inside me. I could…"

He stopped her playful banter with another kiss. She didn't seem to mind as she pulled him closer to herself once again in a somewhat needy display.

He stopped the kiss and backed away from her. This time, she still looked flushed as she rightly should after getting thoroughly snogged by him but there was a slight frown on her face as she stared at him in slight apprehension.

"Domeric. What are we?"

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