2 The Son of Nicolas Flamel


A/N: I added a new OC, Evelyn Scamander. Her, Aurelius II, and Adrien will be a group. I don't want the MC to be part of the golden trios group. Like the old book, he will also not be a golden trio goon.

Evelyn would be the granddaughter of Newt Scamander, as well as a Metamorphagus. I posted her looks in Character looks.

Most likely would end up being paired with Aurelius II, though that may change.

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~20th of July, 1982.~

~Flamel Manor, Northeast Pyrénées, France.~

Within the vast mountainous Pyrénées, a resplendent and grandiose looking mansion was laid. The mansion was on the smaller side, covering a few acres less than your usual mansion. It had an exquisite looking fountain at its front and at its back, laid a well-groomed, and elaborate garden containing all sorts of magical plants and trees.

Though, it's important to note that the garden did not contain dangerous plants and trees like devil's snare, or whomping willows….The Flamels were certainly not trying to kill their guests, such a thing would be dreadful…

If one looked through one of the windows of the magnificent manor, they would come across a peculiar site, to say the least. Behind the window, a dark brown haired boy, who looked no older than 5 could be seen.

The boy had iridescent deep blue eyes that seemed to sparkle constantly, chubby cheeks, and a petite nose. The boy, none other than Adrien, was sitting on a chair in front of a considerably large desk in an ancient looking study.

On top of the desk, was a mountain of books. Interestingly enough, all the books had either the words 'Arithmancy', 'Numerology', or 'Rune' on their covers. In fact, the boy was reading a book with one of these three words plastered on its cover, which was astounding considering the fact that the boy was merely 5 years old.

Adrien frowned as he read the 253rd book on Arithmancy he was able to get his hands on. As a Mathematician at heart, Adrien was not able to stay away from anything related to numbers or Mathematics.

Trying to keep him away from mathematics and books was like trying to take a phone away from a teenage girl.

Thus, as soon as Adrien could read, he immediately engrossed himself in all sorts of books, mostly ones on Arithmancy, Numerology, and Runes. He prioritized those subjects because he wanted to investigate the extent to which Mathematics could be applied to magic, and introduce some of the ideas he had ever since he read the Harry Potter series as a kid.

'These Arithmancers haven't got the faintest clue on how to apply Mathematical theories to magic. They are terribly short-sighted.'

Adrien thought, thoroughly irked at the foolishness of Arithmancers. He was completely flabbergasted at the level of Arithmancy the current wizarding world was at. Adrien felt that these Arithmancers were all complete jokes; they all ought to feel ashamed for calling themselves Arithamncers because what on earth have they been doing?!

Honestly, the only Arithmancer Adrien gave a pass was Bridget Wenlock, the witch who discovered the magical properties of the number seven. Her work was absolutely monumental for the field of Arithmancy and Numerology.

'Well, thank the heavens I'm here. I'll just fix everything and put an end to these atrocities.' Adrien thought, as he continued to read the book.

Five years had passed since he reincarnated into this world as Adrien Timothée Flamel, the only son of Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. Initially, Adrien was extremely unhappy about reincarnating out of the blue, but pushed it to the back of his mind once he realized he was now in the world of his favorite childhood series…. A world where the supernatural was natural.

Adrien was shocked and intrigued when he realized he was the son of the greatest alchemist in the Harry Potter series. He was shocked because he could not fathom how it was possible? The couple were way past the age where they should be having kids; they were in their 600's so what sorcery was this?

Adrien had the urge to ask Nicolas and Perenelle as soon as he could talk but stifled it with all his willpower, so as not to appear weird or strange…he was also scared he might give the old couple a heart attack.

After all, imagine your infant child asking you how he was born? Surely, you would pass out from shock…well, Adrien was sure he would at least.

Though, Adrien mused that it most definitely had something to do with the Philosopher's stone.


Mostly, for two reasons. Firstly, the stone was incredibly powerful and could be used to brew something as stupefying as the elixir of life; the mystical potion was literally a ticket to immortality. If the stone could do such a thing, what was stopping it from being able to help the old couple conceive a child?

Secondly, it was because Adrien noticed that he had strange and unusual powers, powers that were never seen in the actual plot of Harry Potter. Adrien discovered that he had astoundingly high vitality, his wounds healed very quickly, sometimes at a speed visible under the naked eye.

He also discovered that he had the ability to talk to all sorts of animals, be it birds, dogs or snakes. He had already made friends with all the birds currently living in the Flamel garden. Some of them were quite eccentric, something he found extremely amusing.

Lastly, Adrien discovered that his eyes were not normal. His vision was terrifyingly sharp, and he could make out a pin that was dropped 50 meters away from his position. Not only that, Adrien could see these iridescent dust like particles; they were everywhere and liked to surround him for some reason.

Adrien had tested what the dust-like particles were, and realized that they were magical energy particles. The energy directly responsible for anything related to magic in this mystical world. He had studied and interacted with the particles extensively in an attempt to understand how they worked.

Thus, Adrien felt pretty confident that these oddities were directly tied to the Philosopher's stone. It was the only plausible reason he could think of.

Asides from this, Adrien had mixed feelings about Nicolas and Perenelle being his new parents. To be honest, initially, Adrien was not happy about it whatsoever, he missed his old Maman and Papa dearly. They were probably grieving his death.

Though, after a while, Adrien slowly opened up to the new couple. They showered him with nothing but love and kindness, which somewhat warmed his pain-stricken heart. They even moved out of their old home and bought this manor just so they could raise him in a nicer place and give him a house as an inheritance upon their death.

Adrien knew it was not right to deny the old couple of a child's love after seeing how kind and peaceful they were. Thus, he started calling them 'Papa' and 'Maman' once he was 3 years old, much to their delight. He also wanted to take his first steps transitioning into his new life and accepting reality.

He could not go back to Earth, and was stuck here. There was no point sulking over it, he should probably spend that time adjusting to his new circumstances, which brings us to the present.

Adrien continued to read the book on Arithmancy for a few more minutes, until a soft and meek sounding voice interrupted him.

"Master Adrien, Master Nicolas is calling for you."

Adrien frowned slightly and turned to see just who had interrupted his study session. He looked down, towards the source of the meek voice and once he saw who it was, his gaze softened upon realizing that it was the House of Flamel's house elf, Filley.

Filley was a petite house elf, with slightly droopy ears, large eyes and slightly pointed nose. She was a little shy, but confident when required. She wore what looked like a white ragged garment.

"Oui, Je vois. Un moment s'il vous plaît." Adrien replied politely, dropping his book and getting off his chair.

(A/N: 'Oui, Je vois. Un moment s'il vous plaît' means 'Yes, I see. A moment please' in English)

'Lets see why Papa is calling for me.' Adrien thought as he walked out of his father's study, intrigued at his sudden summoning…

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