7 Ollivanders


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'Hermione Granger…' Gavin thought, surprised to see her here. He wasn't expecting to see a member of the famous trio so early. He knew for a fact that he wouldn't be meeting Harry and Ron since he was getting his stuff early and he disregarded Hermione because the books and movies never said when she went to Diagon Alley so it felt pretty coincidental meeting her here.

Hermione turned to see who had just entered the store. She suddenly froze, with her mouth slightly open when she saw the most handsome boy she had ever seen. His well-defined face and nose made her gulp mentally. She was especially stunned at how alluring his deep blue eyes and eyebrows were. Everything about his face was just…perfect.

The duo's staring contest was interrupted by an old man with white hair who suddenly said

"I suppose you're here for a wand too, young man."

Gavin snapped out of his thoughts and faced the old man.

"Yes, sorry about that."

"Ah, it's alright young man. Wait for a moment please, I'm still choosing a wand for Ms. Granger here."

Gavin nodded and walked over to Hermione and her parents.

"Hogwarts, right? Hi, I'm Gavin Everhart. Gav for short." he said with a faint smile, stretching his hands out for a handshake.

"H-Hello." Hermione said shyly, shaking his hands and staring blankly at his mesmerizing smile. She inwardly shivered once their hands touched. Gavin's skin was rather soft and his sweet lavender smell made her feel blissfully intoxicated.

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself, Hermione?" Mr. Granger suddenly said while chuckling.

"Y-Yes, sorry! I'm Hermione Granger and yes I'm here for Hogwarts." she added, stuttering.

"Pleasure to meet you, Hermione." Gavin responded with a soft smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Mr and Mrs Granger." he added as he stretched out his hand once more.

"Likewise, Gavin. Are you here by yourself?" Mrs Granger asked, shaking Gavin's hand first.

"Ah, I actually came with my older brother but he went off earlier to look for his friends." Gavin responded.

"I assume he goes to Hogwarts too?" Mr Granger asked, smiling as she shook Gavin's hands.

"Yeah, he'll be a 3rd year student this year."

Gavin and the Grangers continued to make small talk, chatting happily until Ollivander came with Hermione's wand. It was the same as it was in the series. 10 ¾ inches, Vine wood, Dragon heartstring core. Mr. and Mrs. Granger then told Gavin goodbye and were about to leave but Hermione stopped them and asked if she could stay and watch Gavin get his wand. They agreed and told her to meet up with them at the entrance to Diagon Alley.

"Another Everhart eh? You know… your grandfather and I were good friends back at Hogwarts. He was always bright, that lad. I even remember your father and brother's wands. Especially your brother, the wand that chose him was the only wand besides the elder wand that had Thestral hair as its core. 14 inches, Natural Black Yew, Unyieldingly sturdy. Your brother is a very interesting young man." Ollivander said, looking at Gavin and chuckling.

Gavin was inwardly surprised. 'Another wand besides the elder wand that had a thestral hair core? That's new. Well, me being in this world alongside my family has definitely produced a butterfly effect so I shouldn't be so surprised. I should probably just keep it in mind.'

"Elder wand? What's that?" Hermione asked, rather puzzled.

"The Elder wand is the most powerful wand in existence. It was said to have been made by Death himself. It's a fairly old tale, I can tell you more about it later." Gavin replied.

Hermione raised her eyebrows, intrigued at the story behind the wands. She made a mental note to remind Gavin to tell her the story later.

"Wand arm?" Ollivander asked Gavin.

Gavin nods and stretches out his left hand. In both his lives, Gavin was a southpaw. It was something he took pride in. It made him feel unique.

Ollivander then brought out a measuring tape seemingly out of nowhere and took measurements of Gavin's arm from his shoulder to his finger tips. Following that, Ollivander left and brought out a long wand from its box shortly after.

"Give it a wave." He said as he handed the wand to Gavin.

Gavin took the wand and waved it. The windows of the shop immediately shattered, sending glass shards flying everywhere. Hermione shrieked and ducked, attempting to protect herself from the glass shards. Bystanders outside the shop shouted and ran, thinking a fight had broken out.

Ollivander frowned deeply. "This is going to be troublesome…" He said as he sighed.

Gavin tried several wands in the shop but none worked. They kept producing strong reactions. One wand even set everything in the shop ablaze, much to Ollivanders dismay.

[I thought something like this would happen. No wand core could possibly be a match for you, considering you're my bond.] Aelia suddenly sounded inside Gavin's head for the first time since he left the island.

[So do I just go wandless?...By the way, where the hell have you been, you were ignoring my calls] Gavin replied annoyedly.

[No, there's a solution. I anticipated this so I took out one of my crown feathers for you to use as your wand core. Just ask the old man to make a wand for you…As for where I've been, I've been hanging out with your brother. Following you was boring so I just went to see what he was up to.] Aelia said.

Gavin's eyes widened when Aelia said she used her crown feather. It was basically her most precious feather, it signified her status as the griffin monarch. It had immense magical and healing properties. It could even bring someone back to life from the brink of death and increase their lifespan.

[Right, thanks I guess. Where is the feather?] Gavin replied.

[I teleported it to your pocket just now. Check it.]

[You can teleport stuff? You never mentioned it] Gavin asked, raising his eyebrows.

[You never asked.] Aelia replied curtly.

[*Cough*...true.] Gavin chuckled and said.

Gavin then felt a box inside his pockets. He took it out and presented it to Ollivander who was still deep in thought.

"Sir, is it possible for you to make a wand for me? I can cover any cost." Gavin asked politely.

Ollivander snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the black box being presented to him. He felt incredibly powerful magical fluctuations coming from within it. He took the box without looking at Gavin, and opened it. Inside, was a large golden and blue feather that was radiating immense heat.

Ollivander froze when he saw the feather. It was the most powerful magical item he had ever come across. He quickly closed the box and looked at Gavin deeply.

"Mr. Everhart, I can gladly make a wand for you using this feather. You don't even have to pay. All I ask is for you to tell me where you got it from. I've never seen a feather like this before, I want to know what kind of creature it was obtained from" Ollivander replied, rather curiously.

"It's a griffin feather sir. As for where I got it, it's a family heirloom." Gavin said.

"Interesting, a griffin eh?" Ollivander said, thinking about something.

"Griffins? Aren't they extinct? I read about them in a book called 'A History of Magic' by Bathilda Bagshot" Hermione asked, surprised upon hearing the feather was from a griffin.

"Yeah they are. Apparently, one of my ancestors obtained this feather a long time ago and kept it in the family vault. When I went there today, I felt unusually attracted to the object, almost like it was….calling me." Gavin said, continuing his bullshit.

[Merlin's beard…your bullshiting skills are godly.] Aelia laughed and said.

[I know right… It honestly just came out of my mouth] Gavin replied and chuckled telepathically.

"I'll have your new wand made in a month. This will probably be my greatest creation yet." Ollivander said with a serious expression on his face.

"Thanks, will it be owled?" Gavin asked.

"Yes it will, Mr. Everhart." Ollivander replied.

"Alright, thanks. I'm going to meet up with my brother Hermione, are you coming with me?" Gavin said as he walked towards the door of the shop.

"Yes, I'll come with you." Hermione thought for a minute before replying. Gavin was technically her first wizard friend and he was rather fun to be around. Not to mention the fact that she was also addicted to staring at his face. She simply had no reason to decline.

"Right, let's go then shall we?" Gavin remarked while opening the door for her to leave.

"Ladies first." He gestured to Hermione, rather charmingly.

'Always wanted to try that.' Gavin laughed as he thought inwardly.

Hermione blushed slightly and walked out of the door. Gavin then led her towards the broom store, which was where Cass was, according to Aelia. They talked about random things on the way, from books to magic and magical creatures. Gavin had a lot of fun talking to her. He couldn't believe he was talking to Hermione Granger in the flesh. He enjoyed discussing magical theories with her. Gavin liked talking to intellectual people in general, so it wasn't surprising to him that he enjoyed their conversation. It was why he was so eager to be friends with her to begin with.

Soon, the duo reached the North Side of Diagon Alley. Aelia had told Gavin earlier that Cass was currently at Quality Quidditch Supplies with his friends, so Gavin was heading there.

'It's pretty crowded over here, I wonder why.' Gavin thought as he weaseled his way through the horde of wizards and witches with Hermione and neared the store.

Once they reached the store, they found the source of the commotion. A lot of wizards were gathered around the store, chatting and pointing at the broom displayed behind the glass. Gavin was about to ask what exactly was causing the commotion was when he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Gav! Over here!."

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