4 Chapter 4: Nigerundayo

Next time I woke up was to the sound of rain and distant thunder. It was night it seems and I was all alone in the infirmary. I look around to see if MaPom was there to hound over me but it seems all clear.

'Well time to get up'. With that I get up from the bed and start looking around. It was a bit hard considering I wasn't fully cured but I still managed to drag my body over to the cupboard and began rummaging around through it. 'Well it looks fairly normal for a wizarding inventory. Come on my brain where is the interesting stuff at?'

Seeing as I probably wasn't gonna solve any mysteries by staying there, I walk out of the door and began wandering the castle. 'Maybe it's past curfew time, I don't see anybody around. Great! That means I'm free to explore the castle. But if I just wander aimlessly then I will surely get lost in here. What to do.....I know, I'm gonna use the oldest trick in the book to explore a maze. 'stick to the right side'. Sometimes my genius scares me'

So I begin walking by sticking to the right side of the castle and very soon I arrive at my first obatacle- The stairs. I began descending down while just hoping my brain does not pull up some IT kind of shit on me 'cause the castle looks spooky as hell without any light. 'Wait I should have my wand with me' with that thought I began searching myself for my wand but soon realize that the hospital gown I'm wearing does not have any place for a wand. 'then where the heck is that useless branch? I'm pretty sure it was not on the bedside table. Eh*shrugs* who cares, only weak people need a wand anyways.' With that thought I continue on my journey towards what I assume are the dungeons.

At the end of the staircase I continue moving on the right side and soon came upon a door that just screams DO NOT ENTER in capital words. 'aha perfect place to do something fun. Here I come, sorry for the intrusion' *bang* and bang my head on the door. 'who the heck locks the doors in a dream, this dream contains way too many details. Okay focus focus, you can do this' *deep breath* 'alohomora' *click* *exhales* 'that must be the most satisfying sound I've heard all night. I knew wands were only for the weaklings'. While boasting about my heaven-defying talent I get inside the now opened room and look around.

'Hmm considering that my vision is kinda limited since my only source of light is the full moon shining in the sky, I can safely say that this is room where Snape brews his potions.' I conclude in my mind by looking at the various potion tubes and still simmering cauldrons.

'Now a sane person would decide to turn around and leave. *shrugs* never said I'm sane.' I look at the various potion labels but aside from a few common ones I don't recognize most of them. I look at the potions still in the cauldrons and I'm pretty sure I don't want to dip my finger in there.

'Well let's see if I have talent in brewing potions' I find one of the potions book lying around and flip through it till I see something interesting 'this is it -babbling beverage. Seems fun'

I roll up my sleeves and get to work, it should take around 30min to brew this potion. I follow the recipe in the book bit by bit and soon finish my potion. 'ok not soon, it took me 45 min but what do you expect from a total noob?' now I did make one mistake, I forgot to close the door behind me. So when Snape returns from his rounds and sees his room open, he bursts in with a wand at ready.

Snape-"What do you think you are doing?"

I turn around scared at the sudden voice

Ansh-"Ahhhhhhhhhhh." And throw the nearest weapon at him, which in my case turned out to be the potion vial in my hand.

Maybe he was taken aback by my MANLY scream but he was stunned for a second and this resulted in him being splashed by my potion.

'Okay. No problem. I know the crazy bat looks like he'll suck all your blood right now but this is my dream, no way will this vampire-wannabe do anything to me.'

Snape-"Looks like burning your room on the first day was not enough for you and now you even dare to outright break the curfew, intrude in my potions room, use my ingredients and throw a potion at me'' snarls out Snape.

'You know the thing I said about him not doing anything to me since this is my dream. Yeahhh not gonna bet on that right now 'cause he looks ready to kill me. And I just remembered I did get burned in my room earlier so….'

Ansh-"*sighs* Looks like I will have to use my secret technique"

Snape-"Oh and pray tell what that is?"

Ansh-"Witness the Joestar family's secret technique, WHAT IS THAT!!?" I point my finger behind him and scream with all my might.

Snape turns around and even before he has fully turned around a red beam leaves his wand.

'Got to say, the man's been in some real battles. His skills show that'.

But when Snape finds nothing there he is confused for all but a second as he immediately turns towards me but finds air in my place.

"Nigerundayo!!" I scream as I run for all I'm worth. As I turn a corner I see a flash of red buzz past me, I turn my head for a moment and make up my mind right there, I will end this dream and not perform another magic if need be but I am NOT letting him catch me. The man is out for murder tonight.

Snape-"Run you brat. Let us see how far you are able to go"*maniac laughter*

I run and run while dodging streaks of spells left and right. The only reason I am in single piece is because its pitch black here and I turn at every corner I find.

'Geez the man can sure hold a grudge. I just poured a little potion on him, no need to hunt me like this for a slight mistake. Wait could it be due to that damn potion. Fudge me!'

As I continue running I see a cat in my way and jump over it at the last moment, but it wasn't agile enough to dodge Snape's spell and got petrified. I continue running till I got to the staircase and ascended to the upper floor. I turn around a corner and wait a moment to catch my breath.

'Looks like he isn't following me now. But he sure as hell won't leave me that's for sure. Now I need to bunker down somewhere for tonight, where he won't find me. Room of requirement?....nah, I don't think I would be able to find it in this darkness. Hmm.... Meh I'll just go to the infirmary and rest, and if he comes for me, I'll deal with him then.'

With that thought I began walking towards the infirmary and soon reach it. Once there I look around for my wand but just as I thought it's not here.

'Where did that damn branch go? *sigh* nevermind I'll make do without it.' I just lie down on the bed and fall asleep thinking about what I'll do tomorrow if this dream continues.

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