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Chapter 12: Gayness overload Part 2

[Part 02: Nobody gives a flying fuck!!!]


"Edward, please do be polite to our guest! We rarely have any guests nowadays!" the man who brought me tea says, and I must say he has something quite calming about himself.

He gives off these vibes that just make you calm down by being around him, a bit like that after orgasm feeling one has, but in a less sexual way. Well, unless you are gay, in that case he is going to be the most distracting dude around, because he is, well, fabulous.

After he sits down, we small-talk a bit about himself, his family, and I come to the fucking conclusion that they're indeed the Cullen's from Twilight!

('Which is insane because if they exist in this world, who else is existing in this world?!')

'I need to compile a list of people of interest!' I make a mental note.

"And who would be on that list?" Gayward breaks me out of my musings.

"Is this your go-to stick to mind-rape people, or are you just dumb enough to not have figured out how to shut your ability off?!" I question the lord of edgy gayness.

"So, Severus, I hope it's okay if I use your first name," he says.

"No worries, Carlisle." I reply.

"Edward is unable to stop his ability! And no one amongst us can teach him." Carlisle explains.

"Haha, or he just pretends to be unable!" I counter.

"I really cannot control how my power works!" he says, and I decide to check if he is telling the truth!

(Legilimens) I cast the spell mutely.

'How is this fuckhead hiding his thoughts from me?! Maybe what he does can help me in understanding my own powers better!' Edward thinks.

"Ahh, so you are an idiot who is unable to control his own power!" I exclaim, amused at the gaylord's difficulties.

"What are you doing in the States?! I know you wanted to take over some criminals' turf, but why?" Carlisle asks me, trying to hinder me from taunting the stupid shit that is Gayward.

"Mhh," I pause, contemplating how much to reveal. "I am trying to use my talents to build myself an empire," I say, deciding to come clean, well, as clean as I possibly can.

"So you are one of that kind?!" Carlisle says, lamenting.

"That kind?!" I question.

"The power-hungry kind!" he says.

"Nah, I am not! Well, not completely, but I have to be one!" I reply.

"And why is that?!" Carlisle asks me.

"Is this an interrogation?!" I question the man.

"No, it is not, but I want to understand who you are!" he replies.

"Sure, this might sound far-fetched to you, but this world is at the cusp of a war, or rather!" I try to explain.

"How so?!" He asks, his curiosity piqued.

And then I go on to explain to him about the whole Moldy-Gandalf crap that is going to happen in the not-so-distant future, and what this will mean for the rest of the world!

"Wait!!! So witches and Wizards are a thing?!" Emmett asks me incredulously.

"Dude, you are an immortal blood-drinking human leech! And you deny the existence of magic?!" I say to the man.

"Touché!" he says while scratching his head.

"So, are all wizards so fast and strong?!" Emmett asks me.

"No, they are not! Our friend here is a special case," Carlisle says, making us focus on him.

"How do you know?!" I question, or rather demand to know.

"I have been alive for a very long time, and over the years, I have come in contact with your people. Sometimes peacefully, and other times not so! But never have I encountered one that can keep up with a Vampire physically!" He answers.

"And why did you not deem it necessary to inform us?" Edward asks the man, which is also something I am curious about.

"Our differing ways of life will make it impossible to ever meet one another under normal circumstances!" he replies.

"Oh?!" Gayward says, apparently having read the man's thoughts.

"Please explain, Carlisle!" I demand.

"We are vegetarians, and such will never pop up in your people's radar as a threat! And you and your people keep yourself secluded from the rest of the world! After that whole witch hunt debacle," he says, and I remember the man being old enough to probably having been around since then.

('I nearly forgot about them being vegetarians!')

"Severus, you may not know this, but this entire situation in the magical World is not going to be all that much of a problem in the bigger scheme of things," Carlisle tells me.

"How do you know that?! Why don't you understand how risky the situation is?!" I ask him, wanting to know why he is not freaking out after I tell him about a possible war.


"This world of ours is run, or rather ruled, by a certain order. A total of five groups oversee everything supernatural! Your ICW is a part of those five, as well as our Volturi, but they're not alone. There's also the Godfather, the Church, and finally the humans. All other smaller groups are either affiliated or part of these five groups," Carlisle dropped a major bomb of information.

"Wait, so there are multiple governments?!" Emmett asks, curious about the inner workings of this world.

"Technically, they're not multiple governments, but individual organizations, that together are the Government!" Carlisle answers offhandedly.

"Can you give me an explanation about them, well, except for the ICW, please?!" I inquire.

"What is the ICW?!" Emmett asks.

"International Confederation of Warlocks/Wizards! They're still debating about the later part of the name to this day. The global government of Witches and Wizards!" I answer his question, and focus back on Carlisle.

"Sure, it is no hidden information! Whenever you step up high enough in your individual society, you're bound to get some information anyway," he says with a gracious smile before continuing. "The Church is just the representative of all religious groups around the globe, and they hate everything supernatural with a burning passion. Historically, humans were always the weakest group and more often than not the victims. As such, the religious groups came up with training the priests. They are religious enforcers, something like the hunters, but way more uncompromising in their approach. I have also heard that in recent times, humanity has started to use science to counter their physical weakness and fight against the supernatural without the church's help. But I don't know about their results," he narrates while leaning back into his chair.

"What about the Godfather?! The name sounds awesome!" I exclaim.

"The Godfather is, well, complicated. After all, no one knows who he or she is that is named as such. But we all know not to piss this group off! The Godfather represents a collective of people, outcasts from all other groups, working together. Usually, they're happy with staying away from trouble and do what they do in the dark, but if you piss them off, they come at you in full force!" he answers my question.

'Damn! I have probably stepped on someone's tail by now, and if I do not slow down, I will attract the attention of one or more of these groups!' I contemplate, annoyed.

"Haha, the idiot has dug himself his grave!" Gayward says, full of Schadenfreude.

"Can you maybe tell me a bit more about the different factions?" I implore from the century-old vampire, while also ignoring the pedophile.

('He is at least around 90 years older than the girl he is going to fall in love with!')

*Teeth Grinding noise* 

"Sure, I don't mind sharing what I know, but I want you to teach Edward in exchange," he makes a counter offer.


'He may be gay, but I don't think he'll come after my ass if I just teach him for a bit,' I contemplate.

"Hey! I keep on telling you that I am not gay," Gayward complains.

"I can teach him, but I want Emmett or somebody else to be present. I don't feel good or secure enough to be alone with a gay vampire who is insecure enough to not out himself," I make a counter offer to Carlisle.

"Sure, I'll organize for someone to be there. I would not want my son to court you, no offense," Carlisle replies drily.

"None Taken! I would not want that either!" I reply in an equally dry tone.

"I am not gay, Carlisle," Gayward pleads to his step-father.

"Gayward, I believed you saw us as family, but you're still not comfortable enough to out yourself to us?" Emmett says with mock hurt feelings.

"Who are you calling Gayward?! You damn brute?" Gayward replies, more angry about the naming than the implication about his sexuality.

'I knew it!' I confirm mentally.

"You know nothing, you little shit!" Gayward turns to me angrily.

"Edward, you're older. Behave yourself," Carlisle chides the mentally challenged vampire.

*Teeth grinding*

"Stop with the narrations!" He threatens me.

"Okay, chill dude. Carlisle, can you please uphold your part now?" I focus back on Carlisle.

"Okay, us Vampires have the smallest number, but each one of us is a veritable fighting force! And it is the easiest for us to expand our numbers, but, well, because of the immortality part, we usually don't turn people randomly! Too many Vampires ruin the ecosystem, and all other groups band together to hunt us down," he says while looking me in the eyes, and I can see there's an untold history hidden there.

"Okay, what about the churches? Aren't they still mortal? How come they are a separated group from the muggles?" I ask him.

"Well, this is a bit complicated! Originally, the church was part of the Muggle community as you call it! But some centuries ago, the church found a method, or rather a way to create controllable werewolves! Ones that are insanely strong and can control their transformation. They call themselves Priests, but we call them true wolves," he says, and I control myself not to give away my shock.

"What is the difference between them and the other werewolves? Well, besides the transformation part?" I ask.

"For one, they're as strong as us Vampires, and they also live much longer than normal Humans! The oldest Priest I am aware of is around 600 years old, and the idiot still looks as if he's in his early twenties. Next is that apparently whatever method they're using has a low chance of success as they've barely enough of them to protect themselves, otherwise, they'd be coming after all of us," Carlisle says with quite some controlled disgust in his voice.

"What about the Godfather's group?" I change the topic.

('I do not want them to draw any lines between the priests and myself.')

"Well, they're what you'd expect them to be! A criminal group doing about anything for money, but if you manage to actually join them you have their protection and connections to some real influential people. They work for whoever pays, and take in whoever has the skills and is desperate enough. Those who join them usually are marginalized in their society! Like the savage Werewolves looking for money from your society, or criminals from the muggle world, or even some Dwarves, Goblins, and other ragtag individuals," Carlisle narrates.

"Sounds ominous," I reply.

"Nah, nine times out of ten, people who say they belong to the group are lying, but if you are unlucky enough to encounter an actual member! You better retreat, they're some of the hardest to fight people on the planet, and completely insane," Carlisle says while unconsciously touching and massaging his left shoulder.


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