HP: Tainted Desire

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CH 42: No Name [3]

{[Last Time in Tainted Desire]}

"What the hell-" she started between coughs, spraying my seed everywhere including her clothes. But I didn't need to answer her question, because her loud voice triggered another patrol. The door opened, intensifying the shock she felt from an already complicated moment. I decided to use the opportunity by pulling her on the bed. Then I removed her shoes and pulled the cover on just as the guard appeared in front of the cell.







"Is everything all right, sir?" the guard asked, looking around.

"Of course it is," I answered, even as I grabbed her shirt, starting to pull it up. "We were just starting the next part of our interrogation." She twisted her neck to look at me. There was a glare that supposed to intimidate me, but, unfortunately for her, her lips, stained and bruised, wasn't exactly the best prop to support, so she just ended up awakening my erection once more. "Play along," I whispered. "They need to see the evidence that you're naked underneath. Otherwise, they might suspect."

I did have other ways to convince the guard about her nakedness without removing her clothes, such as conjuring copies on the ground, but she failed to come up with one in her distracted state, reluctantly complying as I pulled her blouse off, then threw it on the middle of the room, in a very visible location. "I can see that the interrogation is going well, sir," the guard said, but kept his place after I subtly gestured him to stay. His presence would help me immensely for the next steps.

"Heir Malfoy," the guard said with his slimy voice. "It's the time for evening checklist sign up. Would you like to get out and do the check." His gaze fell on her. "I can take care of the prisoner while you're away."

She stiffened at his words, only to relax a bit when I patted her belly comfortingly under the sheets. It was good that she could find comfort under my touch even under this twisted situation. It made things much easier. "No need," I answered the guard. "I trust you can handle it." Of course, I didn't want to dismiss him, therefore removing the incentive of fear from Hermione's actions. "Why don't read through the list, so that I can confirm verbally."

He started going through the list, ensuring his forbidding presence as I continued to work on her clothes. "Hey," she exclaimed when my fingers found the zipper of her skirt, pulling it down hard, only to fell silent as I nodded towards the guard, reminding her about the 'risk' we were operating under.

"Is something wrong, sir?" he asked.

"Nope," I answered nonchalantly even as I forced her skirt down, which she accepted passively. It suffered the same trajectory with her blouse after removal, leaving her bra as the only piece of clothing she was wearing, her panties lost in the conflict which ended up in her capture. It was a good opportunity to tease her, so I brought my finger trailing up her leg, passing over the point where the edge of her panties supposed to be. "Naughty," I whispered into her ear. "Who would have guessed the resident bookworm of the Gryffindor tower walked around without panties."

Her blush deepened, though the presence of my hands, dancing over her skin, specifically on the area that was supposed to be covered by her panties, had an important role on her reaction as well. "I lost them," she murmured, but she hadn't sound too beat up about that fact.

"Interesting," I murmured even as one of my hands trailed her spine, climbing determinedly towards the hook of her bra. "I wonder what exactly you were doing that resulted in that interesting loss," I whispered, reminding her the moment she was masturbating in the middle of an abandoned park.

"Nothing," she murmured in a tone that would have failed to convince me even if I hadn't seen her sitting on a bench, her panties around her ankles as she searched for a climax.

"Very convincing," I murmured mockingly, but she didn't answer, as she had more important issues to attend, such as my arm, wrapping her waist to pull her tight against my body, which ended up with my shaft lodged comfortably between her cheeks. She struggled to get away, but her movements were so weak that even my limp hold was enough to hold her in place. Her struggles just ended up making me even hornier.

But it wasn't the only way her distraction had cost her. Distracted by my shaft, she failed to notice my fingers fiddling with her bra until it was too late, leaving her to watch in shock as her last piece of clothing followed the same path and fell to the ground, under the watchful eyes of the guard.

"Good," I whispered into her ear. "Now, trying to look like you're enjoying the moment," I said, even as I caressed her stomach gently, causing her to shiver helplessly.

"What are you talking about," she moaned in a way that tried to reflect anger, but betrayed by her body which enjoyed my treatment immensely.

"That was a good start," I murmured mockingly, even as my hand slowly moved upward, drawing closer to her breasts. "We need to convince them about what's going on under the covers, to prevent them from getting suspicious."

"I understand," she murmured, her words turning into a moan halfway, one that left her looking mortified afterward. "You see, I'm doing it," she whispered urgently, trying to pass her natural reaction as acting. "Just stay away from my…" she said, but failing to complete her words.

I had to struggle not to burst out laughing at her hilarious reaction. We were in the same bed, naked, and my cock was currently hiding between her cheeks snugly, and she felt to shy to name her privates. "Your what?" I asked, even as my hand reached her breasts, gently caressing their edges. "Your breasts," I murmured before shifting to their center, gently flicking her nipples. "Maybe you're feeling adverse to the possibility of me touching your beautiful nipples," I added, even as I flicked it once more, this time even harder.