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HP: Ronan's Journey


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Ronan Johanson, a normal orphan living in Little Whinging when he realized that he had transmigrated, was pleased. With the knowledge of a 35-year-old stock broker, who hand transmigrated into 1991, he realized that he would be able to become a billionaire if he played his cards right. Transmigrated with the gift of photographic memory and minor telekinesis he thought that his life would be awesome. But when a squat little old woman, calling herself Professor Sporut comes knocking at his door, he realizes that his life is not going to be as easy as he thought it to be. __________________________________ Please note the following things:- >MC would be a villain. But, keep in mind that this is not the kind of novel where the MC acts like a psychopath from day one. He will walk on the path slowly. >MC won't remember the full extent of the story of movies. >For the first few chapters, the story would follow canon, but variation would start taking place soon when MC would enter the second year. >This is not a harem fic. I have not thought about the love interest, if anyone has any suggestions then feel free to comment. ____________________________________ The book will be updated every Monday to Friday.  To read chapter ahead of public release and to support me, consider becoming a patron on: patreon.com/Yash_Vardhan One can chat with me on my Discord: https://discord.gg/kb7jehGPFX


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