18 Chapter 18

Chapter 18: There Are People In Both Black And White Paths, Wizengamot

Cole smiled and said nothing. Of course, he approved of John's and the others' actions.

Everything in the wizard team belongs to him. Although he is nominally an Auror, Fudge is a person greedy for money.

Actually, it's normal for Shacklebolt to have opinions. What no one knows is that most Death Eaters are pure-blooded. How many pure-bloods are there in the wizarding world in England?

It's not just those big families that come out, but they are all from pure-blood families.

Now that Voldemort has fallen, the Ministry of Magic is eyeing these people, hoping to take a bite out of them.

That's why Shacklebolt is obsessed with capturing these Death Eaters alive.

Just catch him and bring him to trial, the pure-blood family will have leverage. There are no Death Eaters in the Shacklebolt family, and he's not afraid of others using this against him.

But with the appearance of John and others, not only was the power of the Auror Office divided, but he was also unable to get any benefits.

Shacklebolt was at a huge loss.

"It is our duty, the Black family, to maintain the stability of the magical world."

Before Kingsley could say anything, Cole shouted out his slogan.

Lucius was so embarrassed next to him that his toes were digging into the ground, and he had to maintain his aristocratic demeanor and try his best to hold back his laughter.

"Mr. Black is really a good man."

Cole was also shameless and said directly: "Of course, in the entire English magical community, who doesn't know that I, Cole, am a kind person and like to worry about magic the most?"

"I'm afraid Mr. Kingsley doesn't have enough Aurors. I still have a few people from the Black family who can be used. Mr. Kingsley, please don't be shy. It's your duty to do so."

Kingsley's smile froze on his face, and he sighed in his heart, these members of the Black family are really shameless, and they still want to rob someone at this time.

"Hey, who called me? Mr. Cole, sorry, a colleague called me. Let's talk some other time."

Kingsley pretended someone was calling him, quickly said goodbye to Cole, threw the wizard robe, and ran away, hurrying, fearing that Cole would leave him behind.

Hahaha, Cole didn't say anything, they are all people, how could anyone not know.

"Cole, you really..."

Lucius sighed helplessly, the Black family really had a different heir.

It seems that Sirius's entrance into Gryffindor is no longer a priority in the Black family.

After all, after thousands of years, a member of the Black family finally appeared who played tricks on his brain and was shameless.

"Lucius, you don't know what he wants to say, do you? He just wants my team of wizards to come back, and I won't agree to that."

Cole rolled his eyes at Lucius. This guy likes to pretend to be confused while pretending to understand.

"How is that possible? Cole, we can be at ease when you do things, we just need to be careful not to let anyone get caught."

Lucius put away his smile and whispered cautiously.

Cole nodded. Actually, this matter was very simple. He accepted the commission from the pure-blood family and in exchange for part of the benefits, promised to clean up the escaped Death Eaters for them.

The Black family is responsible for cleaning up the Death Eaters from pure-blood families, thus avoiding the possibility of them being blackmailed by Fudge and Ministry of Magic executives.

They were even more afraid that people from the Ministry of Magic would learn some secrets from those people through Legilimency and from their family members.

After all, the Ministry of Magic has a bigger appetite than the things handed over to the Black family.

Moreover, Cole couldn't understand why these pure-bloods weren't afraid of fattening the Black family, but they were afraid of fattening the Ministry of Magic.

But Cole wasn't interested in their things either. Isn't it good to develop his own family peacefully? Secrets, which pure-blood family doesn't have secrets.

I even heard that John and others had become Aurors, but they were the ones who took the initiative to contact Cole.

How could Cole refuse if he could make money? Isn't it wonderful to earn extra money by wearing the Auror's garb?

Of course, what Cole said just now was not a joke, he was just testing the Aurors. Only when there are people in both the black and white circles can the Black family be more stable.

"By the way, how about that thing I mentioned to you before?"

Lucius straightened his crooked bow tie before he spoke.

"Don't worry, there are no more problems. The heir of the Black family would have taken a seat in the Wizengamot. It was just that Sirius was not interested before."

Cole nodded, he was talking about becoming a member of the Wizengamot.

The Wizengamot, the highest court, supreme court, and parliamentary organization in the magical world.

Although it belongs to the Legal Department of the Ministry of Magic, it was established earlier than the Ministry of Magic, and its judicial power is higher than that of the Legal Department.

It consists of about fifty members. During the trial, they all wear purple wizard robes with a delicate W embroidered on the left chest.

Initially, the members of the Wizengamot were all pure-bloods, or powerful and high-status wizards.

Later, the Ministry of Magic was established, many senior officials of the Ministry of Magic also joined, and mixed-race wizards began to appear among the members of the organization.

However, the Ministry of Magic also agreed that the heirs of pure-blood families would naturally have a place in the Wizengamot.

As the Supreme Court, Cole would not miss this opportunity.

Sirius, a prodigal son, even refused to join the Wizengamot when he came of age, giving up the Black family's position in the court.

You must know that Dumbledore is the chief warlock of the Wizengamot. Could it be that Sirius thought that with this backer, he wouldn't have to go in himself?

How foolish. Outsiders are always unreliable. Only the power you have is your own.

Cole nodded and said, "That's good. I've been really busy lately, but I need to rest for a while. Mira is pregnant, and I need to take care of her."

Cole still values his unborn child.

What's going on in a big family with only one Black? How can the bloodline continue?

Fortunately, Mira appeared, otherwise Cole would really not be able to find a suitable person to continue his bloodline.

According to the tradition of the Black family, he was going to marry his cousin.

Cole is so disgusted, look at these idiots among close relatives, Lyra is crazy, Sirius and Regulus are also paranoid.

Fortunately, there's nothing seriously wrong with me.

Arriving in the world of Harry Potter, Cole really couldn't find a wizard suitable for marriage. Of course, it wasn't that he was prejudiced against half-blood wizards.

But there are too few wizards in England. If the base isn't enough, where will the beauties come from? Still, the charming and enchanting Mira.

As for the future genius wizard Hermione, the eccentric Luna, Fleur with Veela blood...

These are too young and not good enough. Cole can only lament that he should leave them to his son.

Yes, Cole thought he had no chance, but his son still has a chance. For the Black family to flourish, his son must also contribute!

Cole was still happily thinking about his daughter-in-law at this time, completely forgetting whether Mira wanted it or not.

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