HP: Loki The Guardian of Harry

When Loki fell from the bifrost. He was expecting death and abyss of Oblivion, not to become a spirit and then be ripped apart after that and be to forced into a 6 year old boy named Harry Potter. Now, with no body and physical appearance of Loki he will and must have to keep the boy alive, and if you want to live and survive you just have to become someone greater than anyone in the world. And last question why would he want to do that well you have to read the story for that...

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Chapter 26: Incapable huh!

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As Harry moved forward, wand in hand, Loki spoke, 'Don't panic, but the sounds ahead of you have just halted.'

'Silencing ward?'

'That is the most likely situation, but I cannot be sure.'

Harry began to sprint again, cursing as he laid eyes upon the corridor. Blood was sprayed over the wall and two bodies were strewn on the floor, one slumped against the wall.

The sound of yelling filled his ears, frequently interrupted by female screams, and then Maria's cries were muted. A window shattered and Harry swore once again. They were in the first door on his right.

A second later he had followed them in, already raising his wand. One man remained in the room but he was already halfway out of the window.

His progress was increased dramatically as Harry's silent banishing curse collided with his backside and sent him flying forwards.

He was already sprinting forward and leaping through as the man flew through the window at neck-breaking speeds.

Upon exiting, Harry was immediately scanning for there others. Three men were on the lawn, one of them levitating Maria as they moved for where Harry knew the ward line was.

One of them had began to turn as his friend had impacted the floor, but he was not fast enough. "Hasglacus," hissed Harry, and a spear of ice burst from his wand before impaling the man through the chest.

The others span, one barking for the other to keep going as he created a shield that blocked a blasting curse from Harry.

"Gelventus," Harry incanted, sending forth an icy wind that surged around the edges of the spell and obscured his opponent's vision for a few seconds, but that was all he needed. He dashed forward, sliding to the ground and taking advantage of the slight gap under the man's shield as he uttered a curse that was almost certainly a death sentence: "Infrigum Sanguo!"

A bolt of blue light moved forward, slower than the average spell, but far more deadly. With his vision obscured, the spell was just another ice chip spinning through the man's vision. This, however, was far more deadly.

A scream ripped from the man's throat as it connected with his ankle, and his shield shattered as he dropped his wand so that he could grasp at his wounded limb.

That would not save him. If he didn't amputate the foot, the curse would continue to spread through his body, turning his blood to ice.

That, however, was not on Harry's mind as he dashed forward, not daring use a spell in fear of hitting Maria, who the man was now holding on his back as a form of human shield.

She seemed to be knocked out, and hitting a victim of a stunning spell with any magic could possibly kill them or damage their brain if you weren't aware of the spell upon them.

As a test, Harry sent a spell veering wide of them. It hit an invisible wall a few dozen meters in front of them, turning it shimmering blue. The wards.

Magic poured into Harry legs and he surged forward even faster. If he allowed them to get to the wards, they would be gone.

Luckily, the man was slowed down by carrying someone, and Harry had momentarily enhanced himself to superhuman speeds. Unluckily, that might not be fast enough.

Harry sent a blasting curse that didn't harm living beings at the ground under him and he was sent soaring through the air, flipping over the man.

He barely had time to widen his eyes in horror – let alone raise his wand – before Harry slashed his own across his throat, spraying blood high into the air.

Anyone hope of living was absolutely obliterated as Harry drove his blood-stained wand through the man's left eye.

Maria, still unconscious followed the man to the floor, and Harry ran a diagnostic charm, sighing in relief when he noticed that she was a victim of a simple stunning spell. "Enervate," he muttered.

The girl blinked as she awoke, her blue eyes widening as she took in her surroundings.

Harry grinned. "Hey-"

He was cut off as a man's voice bellowed, "Scorcus!"

Not having the time to create a shield, Harry could only throw himself backwards onto the ground.

A flash of agony shot through him as the cutting curse bit through his robes and into the side of his neck even as he returned fire with an overpowered blasting charm into the man's throat.

Blood, both his and his opponents, sprayed over him, and he hissed in pain, pressing a hand to his neck as Loki began to heal it.

Neither of them had noticed the final man approach from beyond the wards. He must have been waiting outside to make sure that nothing went wrong. Well, he hadn't been very good at that.

An icy coldness washed away the pain as Loki numbed it, and Harry turned back to Maria, who was laying on the floor a few feet from him and staring at him in shock. He grinned. "Incapable, eh?"

She still did not respond as Harry rose to his knees, checking his wound and seeing that the minor cut had already been healed.

"I'm going to have to bloody carry you, am I?" he grumbled, seeing a brief flash of pain cross her face as she cast a glance down at her ankle.

And then she was staring at his face once again. He sighed. He didn't know whether or not her apparent obsession with him was a good thing.

Nonetheless, he got to his feet and moved over, scooping her up so that she was essentially sitting on his left arm and had his right arm free to blast any other attackers.

Maria still looked to be in shock, and he had began to wonder whether they had accidentally smashed her head on the window frame when they were kidnapping her.

Or it might have been the corpses strewn over her lawn and the fact both of them were covered in blood.

With a sigh, Harry began to carry back towards the house. And then something even more unexpected than the final attack happened. "You're Harry Potter," she said, speaking for the first time.


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