4 king harry

<p>harry gets sick of it all the summer after fourth year having just been entered into a deadly tournament against his will with one of his so called friends (ron) ditching him and calling him a liar only just barely apologizing after the first task not to mention the majority of the school turning on him facing three insanely dangerous tasks and then being portkeyed away to be used in a ritual to revive voldemort watching Cedric be killed in front of him not to mention tortured and finally sent back to durzkaban with no help or contact not even from sirius hes tiered of the blatant disregard for his wellbeing from those who pretend to care so he goes to Gringotts (missing the dementors) he getts help from the goblins who suggest to him mAking an island (someone of his power is needed)<br/>- medical issues are taken care of <br/>-binds and blocks on his magic and mind are discovered and removed <br/>-he doesn't go back to hogwarts for 5th year<br/><br/>(suggestions: town/city should be as close to nature as possible (maybe tree homes)and the design plan should utilize arithromancy and ruins (arithromancy, grouping, dividing and such can be done in 3s and 7s maximum number of floors number of main roads etc) (ruins can be carved into the seeds to grow with the trees/plants or in the shape of the buildings even the road layout etc))</p>

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