HP :Demon king in Hogwarts

Kyle travels through the world of Harry Potter, activating the Emo Chest system. A treasure chest can be obtained by making people's blood pressure soar. As a result, the first treasure chest was opened with a talent: the heart of black magic. No matter what kind of magic is used, it will evolve into black magic. At the age of five, he wandered around Knockturn Alley and was known as the blood demon. Entered Azkaban at the age of seven and three, and was regarded as the king by the dementors. Professor McGonagall: "The Transfiguration I taught you is to make a needle, not a dementor!" Professor Flitwick: "Just a simple levitation spell, and you knocked the castle up for me?" Professor Snape: "Listen, Dumbledore, this kid can't be left at Hogwarts anymore, he's the next Dark Lord." "Dumbledore? Are you listening? Come on, Dumbledore has a cerebral hemorrhage!" Kyle: "Dark Lord? No, please call me Satan!" "In the future, if Satan doesn't have me tattooed on his back, he will be ashamed to go out!" =============================================================================================================================================================================================== Just a translator and a reader

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Chapter 5: Malfoy is Stunned,Isn't this Spoiling the Child?(Edited)

"Kyle, is this your mending spell?"

Standing in the roaring wind, in the Hogwarts Express without a roof.

Little Hermione was slow to react.

Is this really a "mending spell" and not a "destructive spell?"

"Of course not, wasn't this a destructive spell intentionally used to show you how proficient I am in mending spells?"

Kyle maintained his "expert" persona.

Clearly wanting to shut down the talent display and show his true proficiency in mending spells, but people were obstructing him left and right.

This situation is ridiculous!

"Oh, so it really was a destructive spell..."

Little Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

If the real "mending spell" looked like this, then the magical world would truly be terrifying.

Saying "spiraling into the sky" and actually spiraling into the sky!

Who could endure that!

"But why haven't I seen it in the textbooks?"

"Textbooks?" Kyle showed a surprised expression.

"Could it be that someone actually studies the magic in textbooks?"

"Aren't you little wizards from wizarding families?"

Kyle summarized.

To earn emotional points...

One needs to possess qualities such as perseverance, unwavering determination, complete disregard for others, and a complete lack of bottom line.

Specific tactics will be subdivided into dozens of small subjects such as intimidation, kidnapping, crime, and so on. All in all , one has to master the supreme law of shamelessness,

"I...I'm not..."

Hermione was a bit confused.

What does this have to do with wizarding families?

"No wonder, if you were from wizarding families, you would have received pre-school education."

"Just like Muggles, I know about them."

"Muggles from ordinary families adopt a method called happy education, indulging children in various kinds of play, enjoying childhood."

"But Muggles from noble families would adopt elite education, hiring the best teachers for their children from an early age."

"Various courses are filled up."

"Wizarding families are the same..."

In one sentence, the few little wizards in the carriage were all baffled.

"Are you saying?"

Hermione's face was full of disbelief.

She had been an excellent student since she was young, and the thing she feared most was failing exams.

So she started reviewing various subjects before school started, and even memorized most of the textbooks.


"Yes, in fact, the textbooks at Hogwarts are specifically written for children from Muggle families."

"True wizards from wizarding families, they would have experienced various elite educations since childhood."

"It's not that difficult, do you know about Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley?"

"It's almost like memorizing half of the books from Flourish and Blotts."

"Those who are a little more capable would proficiently use advanced spells like Patronus Charm when they enroll."

Kyle said solemnly, not blinking his eyes.

Seriously, being reborn, when has this young master blinked his eyes when he speaks nonsense?

"Ron?" Harry Potter quickly looked at his new friend.

He knew that Ron was from a wizarding family.

But he found that Ron also looked confused.

"Wait, this isn't right, why am I...?"

Ron wanted to explain a few words.

But before he could finish speaking, he couldn't say anything.

At this moment, Ron thought of his family.

His several brothers.

Bill is the head boy!

Charlie is the Quidditch team captain!

Now Percy has become a prefect!

Fred and George, although notorious pranksters at school, have top-notch grades!

Alchemy has even gained recognition from many professors.

With this said, it suddenly became clear why they were so outstanding.

It turns out that children born into wizarding families would receive various preschool educations since childhood.

As for why he hadn't received this kind of education...

Since he was a child, Ron, who felt least valued at home, suddenly thought of his younger sister, Ginny Weasley, who was only a year younger than him!

Case solved!

It must be that Mum and Dad have always been busy educating Ginny and just abandoned him directly.

Malfoy is the same.

His two lackeys, Clark and Goyle, whose brains are not much better than a troll's, never mind!

Every time at the pure-blood family gatherings, those Hogwarts students would act all elite!

There's also Pansy, who boasts about learning this and that magic every time they meet...

Before, he thought she was bragging.

The more Malfoy thought about it, the colder he felt in his heart.

It seems that there were a few times when Father had...

Because of playing too much and not willing to study.

Damn it!

Why didn't I know to persevere a bit longer!

Allowing myself to indulge in playing just like this?

Isn't this spoiling the child?

For a moment, a cloud of gloom hung over the entire carriage.

[Ding! Detected a shock emotion!]

[Ding! Drawing a treasure chest for the host!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a golden treasure chest!]


[Ding! Detected a shock emotion!]

[Ding! Drawing a treasure chest for the host!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a golden treasure chest!]


[Ding! Detected a shock emotion!]

[Ding! Drawing a treasure chest for the host!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a golden treasure chest!]

Kyle quietly harvested three golden treasure chests!

"I think we should ask the older students about this!"

In the end, Hermione forced herself to calm down.

She must investigate this matter clearly.

She didn't want to end up at the bottom of the class right after entering Hogwarts!

"We can go find George and Fred, they must know what's going on here."

Ron suggested.

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go, I don't want to be the last in the grade."

Upon hearing Hermione and Ron's agreement, even Malfoy gritted his teeth and followed.