2 Chapter 2 Dumbledore Is Great, But He Is My Headmaster!(Edited)

"Kyle Mephisto!"


A squad of Auror strike team members stood in front of Kyle, their leader, Pycor Flint, looking stern.


"Good morning, Mr. Flint!"


Kyle's face lit up with a bright smile, showing no sign of annoyance at being blocked by this squad of Aurors.


"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were waiting for me here. If I had known, I would have come earlier and brought breakfast for you all!"


Looking at the courteous Kyle in front of them, Pycor Flint didn't relax his guard. Instead, he gripped his wand tightly under his robe to ensure he could cast spells at a moment's notice.


The name "Blood Devil" was forged with the lives of over three hundred souls, including many skilled Dark Wizards.


"Don't be so nervous, I'm just a young wizard preparing to enroll in school."


"I'm not going to kill anyone. If you don't believe me, go ask around Knockturn Alley. Who doesn't know that I, Kyle, am a helpful and kind young wizard?"


Kyle sensed the nervousness of the Auror strike team in front of him and shrugged, smiling reassuringly.


"Besides, being nervous will affect your magic performance. What if you miss your target? There are so many young wizards and innocent parents here!"


This might be the first time the Auror strike team had been comforted like this before a mission!


Pycor's expression darkened even further.


He understood the implications behind Kyle's elegant words.


With so many innocent bystanders around, if they were to act, they couldn't bear the responsibility.


"I'm here to deliver a warning from Minister Fudge. Hogwarts is a great wizarding school."


"Headmaster Dumbledore is the greatest white wizard of this century. He won't tolerate any evil deeds in his school!"


Pycor said sternly, conveying the warning from the Ministry of Magic.


But he was interrupted by Kyle before he could finish his words.


"So what? My headmaster is the greatest white wizard of this century..."


"What does that have to do with Minister Fudge? He's my headmaster!"


Kyle reached into the pocket where he had cast a Concealment Charm and took out his acceptance letter, waving it.


"Or does Minister Fudge want to come back to Hogwarts to study again?"


Pycor opened his mouth, but he couldn't find anything to say.


Damn it!


Kyle made so much sense!


Kyle looked at Pycor's speechless expression, his smile becoming even brighter.


I love it when someone stand in my way but dare not lay a hand on me!


"If there's nothing else, I'll be going now."


"The train is about to depart, and I don't think Mr. Flint wants to see a headline in tomorrow's Daily Prophet about the Ministry of Magic preventing new students from entering Hogwarts, does he?"


"Please go ahead!"


Pycor almost squeezed out these words from between his teeth!


In fact, he also felt that it was foolish of Fudge to send him to deliver this message.


Would the infamous "Blood Devil" in Knockturn Alley fear a warning from a Minister of Magic?


Merlin , is this an Eastern tale or a Western one?


With a "farewell" from several Auror strike team members,


Kyle went up to the train and found an empty compartment to sit in.


"I didn't expect Dumbledore to actually let me enroll."


Murmuring to himself, Kyle couldn't help but chuckle.


"System, list my attributes!"


[Emotion Treasure Box System]


[Host: Kyle!]


[Race: Human (The Sixth?)]


[Age: Eleven!]


[Talents: Heart of Dark Magic, Affinity with Magical Creatures!]


[Spells: Curse Death (LVmax), Piercing Curse (LVmax), Soul-Sucking Curse (LVmax), etc...]


[Pets: Sun Sprite, Moon Sprite, Coiled Wing Bat...]




That's right, Kyle is a transmigrator who crossed over to this world five years ago.


How he crossed over doesn't matter.


What matters is what happened after he crossed over.


He found himself in Knockturn Alley, becoming an orphan at the age of six.


As for Knockturn Alley.


Everyone knows...


It's a place of slaughter, chaos, and lawlessness!


To survive, he had to take out a stolen wand!


Yes, Kyle is a good person.


Even though he kills, sets fires, and sometimes even robs.


But he's still a good person.


Just like those nightclub girls from his previous life.


Even though I smoked, drank, and partied in nightclubs, They were also a good girls.


Who dares to say otherwise...


Avada Kedavra, understand?


As for the system, it was activated as soon as Kyle crossed over.


Emotion Treasure Box System


As the name suggests,


As long as he triggers intense emotional fluctuations in others, he can generate a treasure box.


The greater the emotional fluctuation, the higher the level of the treasure box.


The quality of the treasure box can be divided into five levels: bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and supreme.


Inside, you can find all sorts of treasures, talents, spells, and even pets that may or may not exist in the magical world.


Honestly, this system is perfect for Knockturn Alley.


After all, what emotional fluctuation could be greater than death?


The talent Heart of Dark Magic was automatically integrated into Kyle after he collected countless talents related to dark magic in Knockturn Alley.


Simply put...


It's the darkening of a person's magic, greatly increasing magical power!


As for why he came to study...


According to Kyle's observation and speculation.


There's another hidden rule to this treasure box system.

 That is, if it's a character from the original plot, there's a greater chance of getting a higher-level treasure box.



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