How To Summon A Human

Author: KJ1415
Fantasy Romance
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What is How To Summon A Human

Read ‘How To Summon A Human’ Online for Free, written by the author KJ1415, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: 2,400 years ago a war raged on between the Human and Demon race with neither side ever gaining any ground on the other.T...


2,400 years ago a war raged on between the Human and Demon race with neither side ever gaining any ground on the other. The war ended with the sacrifice of the Demon King of Slaughter and the Extinction of the Human race. 2,400 years later Demon kind knew peace and prosperity, however tensions were high with the Demon Kings Throne empty since the Great War, Demon Territories similar to Human nations fought over who should claim the throne. In one of the Thirteen Territories, a young female Demon known as Ardere was in her first year at one of the most prestigious schools in the Demon realm. The Demon school Inferis was a school famous for the quality of Demons they produced by the end of their learning period. Arderes dream was to one day boost her family rank, however she was always a weaker Demon having little mana and weak magic. Ardere had worked hard to get into Inferis and would soon discover what it takes to surpass those who held the ranks above her. Everything was supposed to change when she Summoned her Magic Beast. A companion composed of the very Mana she was surrounded by who she would form a Pact with and would assist her in her time at school. Ardere had info from a reliable source that she was going to summon something great, but when it came her turn to call forth the mana to summon a Magic Beast instead by the end of the ritual a person laid in its place.

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i just love it, when there is not suddenly a system out of nowhere or when the mc is suddenly op. this is my second novel like like that, that i read and i can't get enough, but sadly i only found this two. i hope you keep writting! merry christmas! [img=update]


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