1 It's time for a story.....

I was on the rooftop.

The cold breeze ruffled my hair.

I looked down from the tall building.

"I will definitely die if I jump from here, won't I?"

There is no way I am going to survive this fall.

I slowly inched closer to the edge and stood there. My feet were not trembling. I was not feeling anything at all with the fact that I was about to die in a few minutes.

Hmm? Suicide?

No, no, no. Don't term what I am about to do with something as petty and cowardly as suicide.

What I am doing is a favor to this world by erasing a meaningless and worthless existence. I am removing a corrupt existence from this world. So, be thankful, you guys.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Let's go."

Then I let myself fall freely to the ground.

The resistance offered by the wind felt like a gentle pillow to me. It was a soothing feeling.

I was falling.

I have been falling into this deep abyss for who knows how long.

I have been falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling.

With no end in sight.

But now I was finally going to the bottom.

I was finally about to slam my body to the deepest level of the hole, on the concrete floor below.

I was feeling scared and anxious as I was just continuing to fall with no idea how deep the hole was. But, now, I was finally reaching the deepest level. There is a feeling of comfort now. I am already at the bottom and I won't go any deeper than this.

As I looked up, I could see another figure looking at me. She had a smile on her face, like a flower in full bloom. Like an innocent child.

Ah, you want to come with too, don't you?

My lips curled up into a smile.

I felt happy from the bottom of my heart.

Before long, with the innocent smile spread across her mouth, she plunged at me, stretching her hands. I too extended my hands to reach her.

This is how my life is going to end.

But before my life ends, I want to share s story with you.

The story of how my life was ruined.

It is in no way a tragedy.

This is a story filled with love and nothing more.

This love may be twisted but it is love nonetheless.

Now, everyone, it's time for a story.....

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