How My Life Was Ruined Book

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How My Life Was Ruined


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NOTICE! This book was contracted and will now be available exclusively on @Meganovel. Here's the link: https://www.meganovel.com/book_info/31000251121/Urban-Realistic/How-My-Life-Was-Ruined Synopsis: Kageyama Kage, a boy who wants to die but stuck in the vicious loop of living. A living, walking contradiction. He has a past, a dark history that is not to be revealed at any cost. Hiding or trying to hide his demons, he enrolls at Asuka High School in Tokyo where no student knows of his disturbing past. There he meets various people his age carrying similar darkness within their teenage bodies. Just what will happen when he comes across them and will there ever come a day when his past will be revealed? WARNING! MATURE CONTENT! I DON'T OWN THE COVER ART.


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