How I Conquered the World After Starting as an F-Tier Loser Book

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How I Conquered the World After Starting as an F-Tier Loser


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In a world governed by an unforgiving point system, where strength and status are determined by one's accumulated points, Alivium finds himself at the bottom of the hierarchy, an F-Tier loser with a point score of zero. In a society where improvement is the key to success, he faces an insurmountable challenge with no apparent way to enhance his standing. However, a twist of fate occurs when the deity overseeing this point-based world takes notice of him as an exception. Presented with an ultimatum – face immediate demise as the weakest or embark on a perilous journey to become the strongest by following divine missions – our protagonist chooses the latter, embracing the chance to overturn his fate. As he delves into the missions bestowed upon him, our protagonist discovers a darker path to power, gradually succumbing to the allure of villainy. With each mission completed, he inches closer to becoming a formidable force in the world, leaving behind his initial status as a powerless loser. Along the way, he encounters a diverse array of intriguing characters, particularly a group of girls drawn to his newfound strength. As his reputation as a rising force in the point-based society grows, so does the number of admirers and adversaries alike. The protagonist must navigate the complexities of his evolving relationships while grappling with the moral dilemmas of his chosen path.


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