HOTD: Aerion Targaryen

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Chapter 4

Time passed forward to 113 AC

A sudden electronic Ding echoed, startling a lean, slightly muscular teenager with striking purple eyes and a mane of sliver-white hair. His attractive features held an air of innocence.

"Ah, Another reward I see," Aerion mused, his casual tone shifting as he commanded, "Accept."

A glowing orb with a tiny golden particle materialized before him for a second before it was absorbed into his body.

Immediately following that, a searing pain shot through Aerion's mind, bringing him to his knees. His face twisted in torment as he clutched his head, enduring the excruciating pain for over a quarter of an hour before it finally ebbed away, leaving him gasping for breath.

Aerion sat back taking a breather, this wasn't exactly the first time he gained a Memory Orb, the last time it was the Memory Orb of an evil Martial artist.

As Aerion collected himself, his usual laid-back expression morphed into one of grave resolve. Having lived in this world for twelve years, receiving enigmatic rewards each year, today's gift had profoundly shifted his outlook.

The Memory Orb held the memories of a man named Rakesh from a world far more technologically advanced than Aerion's current one. In Rakesh's reality, nations were led by elected officials, not monarchs, and ideologies clashed in a society molded by innovation. Aerion was unsure if Rakesh was a past life or just another random reward.

However deep in those memories beyond the knowledge of science and other technology, the true value was a vague information that seems to be gleaned about his own reality from Rakesh's and the cryptic voice that granted him these rewards.

Rakesh's memories revealed that he existed in a parallel dimension, mirroring a TV series called "House of the Dragon" that Rakesh had watched long ago. While the memories didn't provide a detailed plot as it was amongst the millions of tv series and shows the other party had watched, they did offer an outline of this world's past and future, especially the future.

Furthermore, Aerion realized that his existence in this world was an anomaly, and the future of his house was far from peaceful. He understood that he could no longer afford to be passive if he wished to save his elder sister and shield his house from the impending events.

Concerning the electronic voice, Aerion drew insights from Rakesh's memories, recognizing it as a system, a shared advantage for those who had been reincarnated or transmigrated into a different world. Although Aerion's own status as a reborn individual or a transmigrator remained unclear, he took comfort in his existence and the Targaryen heritage he represented now.

Over a decade, the electronic voice or system regularly granted him rewards. However, Aerion chose not to use most of the rewards and knowledge accompanying it as he was well aware of his identity.

His adopted mother had tried to shield him from the truth of his illegitimate birth, but he became aware of his real roots at a very young age in a very cruel way as well. Despite being given the title of prince and the Targaryen name, he was still considered a bastard by many nobles, and he had grown accustomed to their contempt. He had no desire to seek glory or stand out as he knew the condition for all him to be legitimated was.

He knew he had no right to the throne, he knew the chances of him riding a dragon was slim and above all he knew no matter what these noble lords show on the outside inside they all despised him.

Yet, as he began to see the world from a new angle, Aerion realized he could no longer disregard these rewards and simply let time pass so that he can just leave king'slanding.

He foresaw future family disputes and the consequential aftermath that would lead to the extinction of the Targaryen Dragons, essentially leaving the family of dragon riders without any dragons.

Recognizing that only the powerful could survive the upcoming conflicts or bring about positive changes for his family, he turned his attention to the blue transparent panel before him that he had always ignored.

[Aerion Targaryen]

Talents: Sword Heart (Gold), Eagle Eye (Silver)

Bloodline: Ancient Valyrian Dragon King (10%), Asgardian (15%)

Skills: Vitality Breath Art (Elementary), Blood Sword Art (Intermediate), Alchemy (Intermediate)

Abilities: Asgardian Physique (Silver), Fire Divinity (Iron), Dragon Might (Gold), Fire Resistance (Silver), Poison Resistance (Gold)

Relics: Space Ring (Silver), Blood Iron Sword (Black Gold), Book (Bronze).

The system panel exclusively displays abilities, skills, items, and talents provided directly by the system, or those influenced by the rewards bestowed upon him.

Upon his birth into this world, Aerion was gifted with a mystical object—a cryptic blank book that existed within his mental realm. Unfamiliar with its potential and underestimating its seemingly ordinary nature, he neglected its possibilities.

As he celebrated his first birthday, Aerion was endowed with the Bloodline of a species known as the Protoss, specifically, the Asgardians. His lineage, however, did not belong to the uppermost ranks, representing merely the bloodline of an ordinary Asgardian civilian.

Nevertheless, his 15% bloodline integration held substantial importance in this world, propelling him to be superior in terms of physique and charm.

The assimilation of this bloodline bestowed upon him physical augmentations, making him thrice as powerful as a similarly aged and well-trained peer. Furthermore, it triggered a metamorphosis within his Targaryen lineage, intensifying it from 5% to a direct 10%. This awakening also ignited a dormant Fire Divinity within him, although he had yet to master it. In addition, he acquired a newfound resistance to normal and small dragon fire, making him virtually immune to its harmful effects.

Transitioning into his sixth year, Aerion was granted his first Memory Orb, it belongs to a guy called bloodmist an evil Martial artist master who was good at swords and Alchemy..

He used blood of his victims and deep knowledge of herbs, minerals, and other natural substances, to make potions to assist in his cultivation of Martial arts.

Along with his Blood Sword Art, a technique originating from a malevolent lineage renowned for absorbing the lifeblood of its victims to fortify the wielder and their blade. Utilizing his talent in Sword Heart, Aerion managed to progress the art to an intermediary level without falling prey to its corrupting influence.