Horror Game: All My Organs Have Their Own Consciousness Book

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Horror Game: All My Organs Have Their Own Consciousness

Mutating from Myself

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Waking up from sleep, the whole world restarted. The global horror game server came online, and was projected onto reality. Countless Terror Creatures came out from the dark side of the world, invading the lives of humans. The only fate of those who were unable to complete the game’s missions was death, while those who succeed will have their lives extended. In this life-costing game, Maron accidentally found out that his organs had their own consciousness.  [The Horror Game had now begun, your eyes felt very uneasy, the intense sense of danger caused it to awaken future-vision.] [Because your right hand was unable to defeat the Envoy of Death, it felt very embarrassed, causing it to unlock its genetic code and obtain the strength to move even mountains.] [After training, your heart has activated the Endless Engine, its roaring thump shook the void, the demonic ghosts don’t dare to come near you. It also provides infinite stamina for the host.] [Your mouth has awakened the attributes of the Gluttonous Beast, it would devour anything. It has swallowed the demonic ghosts, gaining the ability of Ghost Puzzle.] [Your body has been possessed by a ghost, all of your organs joined forces to beat down on the ghost, the ghost had become your puzzle piece.]