5 Chapter 5: you're are too unlucky

Chapter 5: you're are too unlucky

[You charge out alone from the camp of King Liao Dekuan's, swiftly advancing through the wilderness.]

[The armor manifested by your magical power shines brilliantly under the moonlight, deeply imprinting the scene in Guinevere's heart.]

[You encounter the vanguard troops of the despicable King Vortigern, with your long sword you break through the armies, and your fame rises slightly once again.]

[You meet King Vortigern.]

[The first thing Vortigern says upon seeing you is: "you're are too unlucky"]

Hearing this, Fujimaru face involuntarily twitches.

He was also panicked the first time he looked at his character panel!

Luck E.

How could he not panic!

Although he considers himself a Saber, not a Lancer, it's still quite frightening.

[You quickly adjust your mood, point your sword at King Vortigern, and tell him: "Luck is but an ephemeral thing, let's see the truth under our hands!"]

[King Vortigern just sighs and shakes his head slightly, you take this opportunity to scrutinize his temperament.]

[To your surprise, most of the aura emitted by King Vortigern is open and honest, although he carries the sin of arrogance, it is definitely not punishable by death.]

[You make your move against King Vortigern, and you are defeated.]

[For the first time in your life, you release your Noble Phantasm, but you still lose. Although you had anticipated that King Vortigern was very powerful, you did not expect the gap to be so large.]

[King Vortigern says a second sentence to you: "you're are too unlucky"]

[You want to curse, but you decide to hold it in your heart.]

[King Vortigern does not kill you, on the contrary, he appreciates you and is willing to talk and recruit you.]

[With your reputation, praised as the Knight of Holy Light, will you admit your defeat? Will you betray your knightly vows?]

[I have drifted through half my life, only regretting not having met a wise ruler. If you do not abandon me, I am willing to acknowledge you as my foster father, let's talk about living first. You say this to yourself...]

"When did I ever say that, do not tarnish my reputation at will!!"

Fujimaru vehemently criticizes the simulation panel, then looks at King Vortigern and says, "Your Majesty, please speak frankly."

Defeat must be acknowledged, but to betray his knightly vows, if he really did that, Fujimaru would not need to continue the simulation.

Vortigern looks at the young knight before him with a slight shock in his heart.

Who is he?

The White Dragon of Britain!

The mysterious incarnation of the British Isles.

In the current trend where mysteries are fading, he is definitely an invincible existence.

Yet it is he who, when facing the light cannon of this young knight, was also injured.

At that moment, he was very proud!

But now, coming back to his senses, he suddenly realizes that it must have been some kind of combat technique of the opponent that interfered with his 'qi'.

"You are not my foolish brother, that is, the son of King Uther, right?"

Fujimaru nods seriously.

He is also puzzled, where did the rumor come from that he is King Uther's illegitimate son?

It's completely unfounded!

He has never been to Camelot.

He has not pulled the sword from the stone, not to mention pulling it, he hasn't even seen it.

"Let me ask you another question, have you sworn allegiance to the son of the Red Dragon?"


Fujimaru shakes his head.

This time even Vortigern shows a surprised expression.

Vortigern ponders for a moment and then skips the question.

"This is a secret, but... you are qualified to know, although you will find out after you go to Camelot, I can remind you in advance, so you can make your choice again."

"The land we live on is now at a critical juncture of life and death, because Britain is very special, it is a node that can decide whether the mysteries fade or not."

[King Vortigern tells you the true nature of the Age of Gods fading.]

[King Vortigern reveals to you the true identity of Prince Arthur as the Red Dragon of Britain.]

[King Vortigern tells you his stance and Prince Arthur's stance.]

"Now do you still think that the rumor about you being the son of King Uther is just casually spread? Even your identity needs to be confirmed by me to be known."

Listening to King Vortigern's question.

Fujimaru thinks of someone.

Vortigern immediately says, "There is only one person, no, not a person, it is a cunning fox, you know, the former royal advisor of the English court, Merlin."

Vortigern laughs mockingly: "I thought of it, heh, to attract both my attention and that of the mad woman, to create an opportunity for growth for that pitiful homunculus."

Fujimaru becomes more confused as he listens.

"Back to the question I asked, you do not serve Arthur, so whom do you wield your sword for?"

Fujimaru says solemnly, "I have sworn to protect Princess Guinevere in this life, I am her guardian knight."

"Guinevere..." Vortigern mutters the name, then says, "The daughter of the short-sighted King Liao Dekuan, heh, yes, she is the most suitable choice for that mad woman."

Fujimaru frowns, not knowing what Vortigern has come to understand.

"Before your oath, besides King Liao Dekuan, did you meet someone else, a woman?"

Fujimaru eyes light up: "I did, she was cloaked in a black robe."

"Then there is no mistake, she is Arthur's sister, and the true heir to this island! Her name is Morgan le Fay Pendragon."


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