3 Chapter 3: Guinevere's Guardian Knight

Chapter 3: Guinevere's Guardian Knight

Upon hearing Guinevere's question, Fujimaru displayed a reminiscent expression. When he returned here two years ago, Fujimaru had fallen into a long period of confusion. He once believed that being able to see what he called 'aura' meant that the side he deemed just was indeed just. Wielding his sword as its name suggested, he punished the guilty, believing the direction of his sword's tip revealed revelations. However, after his last encounter with the 'sin' of that knight general, he suddenly realized he had no idea what he was fighting for.

"I had almost forgotten this title," Fujimaru said, staring at the sword in his hand. "If there isn't a second Holy Knight, then it must be me. Hello, I am Austin." Guinevere received a positive response and turned to look at her father, who smiled at her indulgently before stepping forward. Alongside him was a person clad in a black robe, holding a staff, and shrouded in darkness.

"Of course, there won't be a second Holy Knight. Your fame and appearance have spread across the nations. Even the king who pulled the sword from the stone is questioned because of your existence. After all, you never attempted to pull the sword from the stone. In the two years of your absence, your reputation has only grown, with more people believing you are the true king capable of pulling the sword from the stone."

"Sorry for my rudeness upon seeing you. You may call me King Lancelot." England was now engulfed in total chaos, with several claimants to the throne. The man before him, King Lancelot, was one of them. But for Fujimaru, the identity of the other party was irrelevant. He would not pledge allegiance to any of them.

Fujimaru Masahiko nodded, "King Lancelot, hello. May I know why you have come to see me? How did you enter this place?" Upon hearing Fujimaru's question, King Lancelot and the person in the black robe exchanged glances, revealing a hint of joy: "Are we the first to arrive here?"

"Yes." Fujimaru nodded, his confusion growing. From King Lancelot's words, it seemed others would come seeking him as well.

"Are you aware that the sacred sword in the stone, symbolizing the throne, has been pulled out? The chosen king has already been born." King Arthur has already pulled the sword from the stone? Fujimaru shook his head, indicating his ignorance. He had been living in seclusion here.

"That is the illegitimate son of King Uther and the wife of the Duke of Cornwall, Igraine, Arthur, who has now returned to the country. The former national advisor, Merlin, has announced that a ceremony will be held next month to declare the legitimacy of Prince Arthur."

Looking into King Lancelot's eyes, Fujimaru pondered, "So, you've received an invitation to attend?" King Lancelot nodded: "All the nobles on the island, including all the kings, have been invited."

"I see. But what does this have to do with you seeking me out? Do you want me to pledge loyalty to you?"

"No, no, no." King Lancelot tried to convey his goodwill as much as possible: "It's not about pledging loyalty to me. I came to invite you to join us on our journey to the Holy City of Camelot. If you're willing, I hope you can also try to pull out that sword."

Fujimaru Masahiko frowned, sensing the sin of greed. "What if I fail?"

"I sincerely invite you to become the guardian knight of my daughter, Princess Guinevere. You only need to ensure her safety, and nothing else will trouble you," King Lancelot earnestly proposed.

"Sorry, my mother doesn't allow me to leave this place." At that moment, the silent person in the black robe spoke up. "If your mother agrees, would you follow her?" The moment the person spoke, Fujimaru was startled. The one shrouded in the black robe was a woman.

Fujimaru Masahiko remained silent, simply watching. The woman then called out towards the lake, "Is it possible?" Her voice seemed to carry a penetrating power, imbued with a special ether. Fujimaru's gaze instantly locked onto the black-robed woman, sensing the power of an elf within her.

The next second, a misty voice came from the lake: "Austin, you've grown up. You can make your own decisions now. If you wish to go, then go." The black-robed woman turned her gaze back to Fujimaru. In that moment, through the reflection of the lake light, Fujimaru caught a glimpse of the woman's face. Saber's face! No, it was Morgan Le Fay!

"I understand, Mother." After a moment of contemplation, Fujimaru gripped his sword hilt again and looked at Guinevere: "From today onwards, the sword in my hand will protect only you, Your Highness." After hearing Fujimaru's knightly oath, the black-robed woman remained silent for a few breaths before leading the way: "Let's go." Fujimaru followed behind Guinevere. The girl slowed her pace so they could walk side by side, admiring Fujimaru's sword with a look of adoration.

Seemingly aware of Fujimaru's gaze, Guinevere turned to him and revealed a heartfelt smile: "Thank you, my knight." Fujimaru then solemnly performed the knight's salute.


**[Becoming Princess Guinevere's sole guardian knight gave you a new reason to wield your sword: to protect, solely one person, bringing you a long-lost sense of relaxation.]**

**[Following King Lancelot, you left the place where you had lived since childhood, feeling that this departure was truly final.]**

**[Arriving in the wilderness, you and Guinevere rode together. The faint scent of the girl's body made you look forward to future life, yet you failed to notice the admiration in the girl's eyes throughout the journey.]**

Name: Austin

Gender: Male

Strength: B; 

Durability: B; 

Agility: B; 

Magic: A+; 

Luck: E

Noble Phantasm: Sword of Revelation

**Mana Emission' : A (Allows for the enhancement of one's weapon and body through magic.)**

**Magic Resistance: A (Blessed by Lady of the Lake, you possess the ability to resist magic.)**

**Riding: B (The ability to handle any form of ride, from ancient to modern transportation, with ease.)**


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