1 Chapter 1: The Heroic Spirit Simulator

Chapter 1: The Heroic Spirit Simulator

2004, Fusang, Fuyuki City.

At the entrance of Homurahara Academy.

"Mr. Fujimaru, please wait."

Fujimaru Masahiko stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around, only to see his schoolmate, Emiya Shirou, running towards him.

"Emiya-kun, what's the matter?"

Looking at the red-haired youth in front of him, Fujimaru Masahiko showed a slightly puzzled expression.

After all, having only recently transferred to the high school division of Suigunyuan Academy, he wasn't particularly close to Emiya Shirou.

But Emiya Shirou was known as a famously good-natured person.

Although they were not in the same class, they had some interactions at school.

But it was limited to just greetings.

Therefore, Fujimaru Masahiko was genuinely curious about why Emiya Shirou was calling out to him.

Not to mention, Emiya Shirou was going to be a Master in the upcoming Fifth Holy Grail War!

That's right.

Fujimaru Masahiko was a transmigrator.

This year marked the tenth year since he had transmigrated.

As for his identity, he was the last scion of a declining magical family.

And he was actually a distant relative of the Tohsaka family.

Because the first time he opened his eyes in this world, Fujimaru Masahiko was in the Edelfelt family of Finland.

According to what he knew,

In the 1930s of the last century, a pair of Edelfelt twin sisters participated in the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City, Japan.

Fujimaru Masahiko's grandmother was the elder sister of the Edelfelt twins.

After learning that this world was the Type-Moon universe, the young Fujimaru Masahiko cried and begged to go to Fuyuki.

With no great magical talent and not valued in the Edelfelt family, Fujimaru Masahiko, seeing the Fifth Holy Grail War approaching, decided to go all out and came to settle in Fuyuki alone.

Fortunately, there was the lady crane operator sister, Luviagelita.

Who occasionally sneaked some money to Fujimaru Masahiko.

Plus, now living in the Tohsaka family's western-style house, he saved a considerable amount of rent.

This allowed Fujimaru Masahiko to comfortably enter a state of moderate prosperity.


"Um... that... uh..."

Watching Emiya Shirou struggle to speak, Fujimaru Masahiko tilted his head: "Emiya-kun, if you have something to say, just say it."

Emiya Shirou took a deep breath, as if mustering a lot of courage: "Mr. Fujimaru, I want to ask you an inconsequential question, it's okay not to answer."

"Sure, ask away."

"Are you and Tohsaka very close? I mean... I just saw you, in the stairwell corridor, with Tohsaka..."

Emiya Shirou looked incredulous.

After all, Tohsaka Rin was a prominent figure in the school, usually only conversing with the equally legendary Matou Sakura.

"Yeah." Fujimaru Masahiko nodded straightforwardly: "I live with her."

"What?" Emiya Shirou's pupils dilated slowly: "You, and Tohsaka, live, live..."

"Yes, I lived at her house for a while when I was a child, is there a problem?"

"You, you guys..."

"We're distant relatives."

"Oh!" Emiya Shirou seemed to relax.

However, the next second, Fujimaru Masahiko said with a smile: "But I remember the laws here in Fusang are the same as in Finland, right?"

"What, what law?"

"Cousins, second cousins, etc., can register for marriage."


Emiya Shirou's expression froze again.

Fujimaru Masahiko laughed and stepped forward to pat Emiya Shirou's shoulder: "Just kidding, but speaking of which, Emiya, you asking this is..."

"Nothing!!" Emiya Shirou quickly waved his hands: "They were curious and insisted I ask you."

Fujimaru Masahiko shrugged indifferently: "Emiya, I'm not lecturing you, but you really should change your too-nice nature, you need to learn to say no to some people."

"I'm not..." Emiya Shirou pursed his lips: "I just thought..."

Thought of becoming a partner of justice?

Fujimaru Masahiko shook his head and turned around: "Anyway, see you tomorrow, Emiya."

"See you tomorrow."

Returning to the Tohsaka family's western-style house, he took out the keys to open the door.

The Tohsaka family didn't have any servants, so all the cooking and housework had to be done by Tohsaka Rin herself.

After Fujimaru Masahiko arrived, although he didn't pay rent, he still had to do his share of the work.

Dropping his schoolbag, Fujimaru Masahiko went to the kitchen to cook.

It must be mentioned here that the first meal he had with Tohsaka Rin after coming to Fuyuki was the most comforting meal Fujimaru Masahiko had in ten years.

In Finland, rye bread, oatmeal porridge, cheese...

Fujimaru Masahiko was almost sick of it.

It's not that Finnish food was bad, just that he wasn't used to it.

So, coming to Fuyuki and eating the dishes fried by Tohsaka Rin, he was genuinely moved.

The young lady who excels at Chinese cuisine is amazing!

It was about the time Fujimaru Masahiko estimated.


A noise came from the front door, followed by footsteps.

"Welcome home, Rin, you first..."

Tohsaka Rin, looking furious, came straight to Fujimaru Masahiko.

Blinking innocently, Fujimaru Masahiko asked, "What's wrong?"

"What do you think is wrong! What did you tell that Emiya guy?" Tohsaka Rin's face flushed mid-sentence, but she tried to maintain a 'I'm here to settle the score' demeanor: "What about the laws in Fusang and Finland being the same, cousins, second cousins..."

Her voice got quieter as she went on.

Seeming to feel her momentum waning, the young lady puffed up her cheeks, huffed, and turned her head away: "Do you know this could cause you trouble?"

Fujimaru Masahiko's smile faded, and he casually tossed the spatula into the frying pan, coolly saying:

"Trouble? That's perfect, at seventeen, I'm just afraid the campus isn't violent enough."

Tohsaka Rin's expression froze, remembering Fujimaru Masahiko's face when he first visited her home's basement and saw the equipment she used for physical training.

Turning back around, Tohsaka Rin weakly said: "You, you better not mess around, you're a magus..."

She stopped mid-sentence, finally noticing the smile in Fujimaru Masahiko's eyes, and stomped her foot in frustration before storming out.

"Alright, go wash your hands and get ready for dinner," Fujimaru Masahiko called out to Tohsaka Rin's retreating figure with a smile.

"I'm not hungry, I'm full of anger."

"Is that so? Well, that's perfect, I put less rice, so I won't make any for you."

Tohsaka Rin suddenly turned around and headed straight for the rice cooker in the kitchen, lifting the lid to see the rice enough for two people, showing a defeated expression.

Tohsaka Rin wanted to explode, but Fujimaru Masahiko walked over, ready to take the rice paddle: "Alright, I'll do it, you go wash your hands."

"I won't!" Tohsaka Rin took the paddle herself, seemingly turning her frustration into appetite, and managed to scoop out two bowls' worth of rice with one bowl.

When the two finally sat down to eat, Tohsaka Rin was still not in a good mood.

But in the end, it was better than living alone.

Having another person around made life more colorful.

Not to mention, this person, like her, was a heretic hidden in the world, with whom she could share many things she couldn't tell her friends.

"Did I tell you before?"

"What?" Fujimaru Masahiko looked up.

"The Holy Grail War, I'm going to participate."

"I know."

"So, during this time, stay in your room at night, no matter what noises you hear, don't come out."

Fujimaru Masahiko poked his rice with his chopsticks and nodded: "Understood."

The Holy Grail War, huh.

Too bad, his magical talent wasn't that great.

But the next second.

"Ding dong!"

"The Heroic Spirit Simulator is loading."

With a sound in his mind, Fujimaru Masahiko's eyelids twitched.

Having read countless novels in his previous life, he naturally knew what this meant.

But the Heroic Spirit Simulator...

Heroic Spirits, Fujimaru Masahiko knew.

This was a unique concept in the Type-Moon universe, referring to heroes who, after death, became objects of legend and faith.

Typically, Heroic Spirits were summoned by the world as a force to protect humanity.

And the Servants summoned by Masters in the Holy Grail War also belonged to this category.

"Heroic Spirit Simulator loaded successfully, would you like to start the simulation now?"

After pondering for a moment, Fujimaru Masahiko didn't rush to start.

After finishing his meal and locking himself in his room, Fujimaru Masahiko took a deep breath and chose 'Yes'.

[The Heroic Spirit Simulator has been activated.]

[Please select three talents for this simulation.]

In his mind, ten glowing orbs of different colors surrounded Fujimaru Masahiko.

He couldn't see what specific talents were in the orbs.

It was completely random.

Fujimaru Masahiko smirked and randomly chose three.

In the next instant.

The three orbs instantly merged into Fujimaru Masahiko's body.

[Fairy's Blessing: You are favored by natural spirits, raised by fairies, and blessed with their boon. You can share mana with the natural world, and although you cannot store magical energy within yourself, you can absorb it endlessly from the outside.]

[Born with a Jade Token: You are a natural-born knight. When you were born, you held a colorful, translucent spirit jade in your heart, which has the chance to transform into a weapon unique to you as a knight.]

[Survival of the Fittest: In the first ten years of your life, you will instinctively use everything at your disposal to survive.]

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